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WAR THUNDER PRESENTS Update “Viking Fury”!

A brand new Swedish Ground tech tree with over thirty vehicles, other nations have received over twenty new machines including: the legendary AH-64 Apache and Ka-52 helicopters, the stunning Lightning F.6 and J35D Draken jet fighters or the mighty HMS London (69) and USS Portland (CA-33). Two new locations inspired by Scandinavian landscapes, new onboard aviation systems, upgrades for the graphical engine, and that's not all! We have managed to add new game improvements and fix countless bugs, many of them reported by you - our fantastic players! All of this awaits you in the new major update "Viking Fury"!

We are proud to launch brand new ground forces tech tree - Swedish Ground Forces. Do not miss the details on how to participate in CBT!

Swedish Ground Forces

Ground Forces


  • Strv m/40L
  • Lago I
  • Strv m/42 EH
  • Delat Torn
  • Strv 74
  • Strv 81
  • Strv 101
  • Strv 103A
  • Strv 103С
  • Strv 121
  • Strv 122
  • Pvlvv fm/42
  • Lvtdgb m/40
  • L-62 ANTI II
  • Lvkv 42
  • VEAK 40
  • Lvkv 90C
  • Lvrbv 701
  • fm/43-44



Great Britain


  • Centauro MGS



  • AMX-32
  • M3A3
  • Crusader Mk.II
  • M4A3 (105)

New aircraft


  • F-4EJ


  • Ju 188 A-2

Great Britain



  • F-100A


  • Mörkö-Morane (Premium)
  • J35D Draken
  • J-32 Lansen (received detailed cockpit).

New onboard aviation systems

New mechanics for pilots: Ground Target Search Radar, flares and Automatic Correction for Target Marker (ballistic calculator). All the described mechanics are being implemented for those vehicles which they were actually used in real life by taking into account the peculiarities of each particular system.



Great Britain

Naval Fleet


  • USS Portland (CA-33)


  • Köln F220
  • Leipzig

Great Britain


  • IJN Mikuma (Premium)
  • Ikazuchi


  • Sverdlov
  • Project 41 “Neustrashimy” (Premium)


New locations and missions

  • New location “Sweden” for ground vehicles and missions have been added.
  • New aircraft location “Denmark” has been added.
  • Test Flight has been added for Swedish aircraft in the location “Denmark”.

Location and mission updates

  • Airfield models have been changed in combined ground battles. Now the airfield model for a runway length of 1200 metres will be used for low rank battles, 1700 metres for medium ranks, and 3200 metres for high ranks respectively.
  • In combined ground battles the location of airfields has been brought to a single standard. Now for low and medium rank battles, airfields are located 7000 metres away from the centre of the location and for high rank battles the distance has been increased to 12,000 metres (previously airfields were mainly located at distances of 6000-9000 metres).
  • Self-destructible AI targets over time have been disabled for Ground Strike missions listed below. New type of targets added: AI ground attackers, which spawn for both teams and attack ground targets. The number of AI vehicles for these missions has been increased, mission points now count both heavy targets (bunkers and tanks) and light targets (artillery, trucks, AA guns):
    • Ground Strike ”Oahu" 
    • Ground Strike ”Berlin" 
    • Ground Strike ”Britain" 
    • Ground Strike ”Guam" 
    • Ground Strike ”Korsun" 
  • The airfield length has been changed to 1700 metres for the listed missions (above).
  • For the listed missions (above) the vehicle counters have been disabled. They basically duplicated the score displayed at the top of the screen but it occasionally didn't reflect the actual number of vehicles required for victory when for example the bombers had destroyed several bomb zones whilst the number of victory points decreased.
  • For the listed missions (above) when an opponent’s aircraft has been destroyed the victory points for the team were deducted (shooting down aircraft didn’t affect the points previously). The same mechanism will be used in the “Airfield Domination” missions and has proved itself useful.  
  • The lack of invulnerability in the respawn area with the respawn for ground vehicles in the locations “Hürtgen Forest” and “Maginot Line” has been fixed.

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

  • T-72A - hull upper front plate parts converted into volumetric armour.
  • T-80B - hull upper front plate parts converted into volumetric armour.
  • T-54 (1947), T-54 (1949), T-54 (1951) - the gun mantlet is now volumetric armour.
  • Type 59, Type 69, ZTZ59D1 -   the gun mantlet is now volumetric armour.
  • T-34, all versions with 76mm and 57mm guns - mantlet and hull upper front plate are now volumetric armour.
  • Infrared spotlights have been added for the Kpz-70, MBT-70, Leopard 1 and M48AC2.
  • B1 bis, B1 ter, S35 - The fire rate of the 4.7 cm cannons has been changed from 8 to 15 shots per minute.
  • Optical target trackers on AA vehicles are now much more precise.
  • The maximum range of the Stormer HVM has been fixed. The maximum range of 7km which was previously on the vehicle card can not be reached and the missiles were detonated at a distance of about 5km.
  • Behind-armour effect of the sub-calibre and fin stabilized shells has been changed. Now, when the armour is penetrated with a huge potential of residual penetration (powerful shell against weak zone on the vehicle), the behind-armour effect is higher. On the contrary, when the shell residual potential is low, behind armour debris acts from 15% to 20% weaker than before.

Aircraft and helicopter model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

  • For most “air-to-air” missiles the launch range has been changed to real values at low altitudes - reduced by about 25-30%. The reduction at mid and high altitudes is insignificant.  
  • IR seekers of “air-to-air” missiles now can handle multiple targets inside the seeker FoV in a proper way: missiles no longer turn away from targets.
  • “Igla”, “Stinger” and “Mistral” missiles - corrected flight performance and seeker parameters: engine thrust has been increased, lateral acceleration has been decreased.
  • “Firestreak” missile has been tuned according to sources: lateral acceleration and seeker gimbal angles have been increased, pure pursuit guidance method is used instead of proportional navigation.
  • The flight performance of the R-60M missile has been configured according to sources: now it matches the flight performance of R-60 missile.
  • Cloud cover now reduces the target lock-on range for IR and laser homing sensors, as well as the optical equipment of helicopters and missile-equipped AA vehicles.
  • Speed and flight time of all air-launched ATGM’s has been configured according to reference. Maximal launch range now depends on launcher and target altitude. The Maximum launch distance of “Vikhr” at ground level has been decreased from 10 km to 8.6 km. For other ATGM’s, the change in maximum launch distance is insufficient.
  • F-4M FGR-2 - radar warning receiver and “air-to-air” missiles launch zone computer has been added to radar. Ballistic computer for bombs, rockets and cannons has been added.
  • F-4C - the modular set has received RWR (radar warning system).
  • MiG-21F-13, MiG-21MF and MiG-21SMT - “air-to-air” missiles launch zone computer has been added to radar rangefinder and radar, respectively.
  • MiG-21MF and MiG-21SMT - Ballistic computer for rockets and cannons has been added.
  • F-4C - “air-to-air” missiles launch zone computer has been added to radar. 
  • T-2 - “air-to-air” missiles launch zone computer has been added to radar. Ballistic computer for bombs, rockets and cannons has been added.
  • AH-1F and AH-1Z received autosight for rockets.  The AH-1Z now features autosight for cannons and automatic aiming in cannon turret on a chosen target.
  • The Tiger UHT has received an automatic sight for rockets and cannons
  • Mi-28N received SPO-150 “Pastel” instead of SPO-15 “Bereza” radar warning receiver. The amount of ammunition for the 2A42 cannon has been adjusted to 250 shots.
  • Mi-24, Mi-35M, Mi-28N and Ka-50 helicopters received automatic sight for rockets and cannons. The Mi-28N and Ka-50 helicopters received automatic aiming of cannon turrets on a chosen target.
  • AH-1S helicopter received automatic sight for rockets.
  • A-129A received an automatic sight for rockets and cannons, as well as automatic aiming of turret at a chosen target.
  • Tiger HAP and Tiger HAD received an automatic sight for rockets and cannons, as well as automatic aiming of turret at a chosen target.
  • Aircraft cannons GSh-30, NR-30, N-37 — Recoil when firing has been decreased.
  • The type of shell for the 30mm cannon of the Tiger HAP and HAD has been changed from HEF-I to SAPHEI. The ballistic range has been increased. Kinetic piercing has been added. Now the shell retains its effectiveness when shooting at targets at a distance of up to 3 km.
  • The incorrect displayed localization for the RP-3 missiles for some aircraft has been fixed.
  • Pyorremyrsky - The belt setup and ammunition for the 12.7 mm LKk/42 machine gun have been changed.
  • J20 - Weaponry composition for the Akan m/40 machine guns has been changed.
  • J11 - Weaponry composition for the Akan m/40 machine guns has been changed.

Flight Model changes

  • All helicopters - unrecoverable roll when maximum allowed speed is exceeded in arcade mode has been removed..
  • LaGG-3 -11/23/34/35/66 series - a bug has been fixed with an incorrect display of flight time depending on the amount of fuel selected.
  • Bombs from 100 to 3,000 pounds (USA, Britain) - bugs have been fixed leading to incorrect parasitic drag.
  • FFAR, Mighty Mouse - drag of suspended blocks has been corrected.
  • Halifax B Mk.III - name and model of engines in the "X-ray" mode in the hangar have been fixed.
  • A21A-3 - bug has been fixed with incorrect fuel tank filling.
  • A21RB - Ksp m/22 unit’s affect to flight characteristics has been fixed.
  • B5N2, B7A2, D4Y1, D4Y2, D4Y3 Ko, P1Y1 - flight model has been completely updated. The wings, fuselage, fins and elevators and propeller blades have been recounted and refined.  Behavior of the aircraft with the release of flaps and landing gear has been specified. Adjusted fuel distribution in tanks. Moments of inertia have been updated.
  • B7A2 - a bug leading to underestimated speed characteristics has been fixed; speed set to passport data (increased).
  • Lynx AH.Mk.1, G-LYNX, Scout AH.Mk.1, Wasp HAS.Mk.1 - bug with incorrect instrument panel illumination has been fixed.
  • G5N1 - flight model of the aircraft has been completely updated. The wings, fuselage, fins and elevator and propeller blades have been recounted and refined. Adjusted fuel distribution in tanks. Moments of inertia have been updated.
  • SB 2 (entire series) - a bug has been fixed leading to a stall in the case of a failure of one of the engines at speeds exceeding the values ​​specified in the operator’s manual. This effect will now appear at speeds of about 135 km/h or lower.
  • DB-3a - Issue with the animation of the landing gear has been fixed.
  • F-86F-40, F-86F-40 JASDF - The efficiency of the rudder at high speeds has been reduced. The maximum overload has been reduced to safer values (destruction because of overload has become less common).

Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

Naval weaponry:

  • Shells with radio fuse have been added for following cannons:
    1. 102-mm/45 Mark XVI cannon
    2. 114-mm/45 Mark IV cannon
    3. 114-mm/45 Mark V cannon
    4. 120-mm/45 Mk.XII cannon
    5. 152-mm/50 BL Mark XXIII cannon
    6. 152-mm/50 QF Mark N5 cannon
  • USS Phelps (DD-360) - main calibre guns have been adjusted in accordance with their settings.
  • 94 ft PT-811 - a historically correct torpedo model has been installed.
  • IJN Sendai - a historically correct torpedo model has been installed.
  • Isuzu - type of torpedoes combined with bomb mortar preset has been fixed.
  • Type 1934A (1940) - type of torpedoes combined with bomb mortar preset has been fixed. Torpedoes G7e changed to G7a.
  • Type 1936B - type of torpedoes combined with bomb mortar preset has been fixed.
  • Kirov - 100mm utility gun rate of fire has been fixed for  first-stage stowage shells.
  • 94 ft PT-811 - overheating time for automatic guns has been fixed.
  • Tribal (F75) - main calibre guidance has been fixed.
  • Haida (G63) - main calibre guidance has been fixed.
  • 165 ft PC-451, 165 ft PC-466 Carmi - main calibre (76 mm) rate of fire increased to 20 rounds per minute, first-stage shells have been added.
  • AF D1, AF D3 - rate of fire of the main calibre guns has been increased to 15 rounds per minute, shells of the first stage have been added, firing position armour has been fixed.
  • Mogami class - the traverse angles of 127mm guns have been reduced to historically correct values.
  • HMS Leander, HMS Arethusa - 102mm guns have been fixed, guidance angles, rate of fire and ammunition have been corrected.
  • Battle (D14) - single-gun main calibre turret has been fixed from 20 to 15 rounds per minute, first-stage shells removed from the bow turrets.
  • USS Pensacola - 203mm/55(8") main calibre gun Mk.14 rate of fire has been increased to 3.5 rounds per minute.
  • Type 1924 Jaguar - elevation angles on 105 mm turrets increased to 50 degrees. The traverse limit of the aft turret has been expanded to 360 degrees. Added dead zone for bow turret with deck superstructure sector.
  • HMS Tiger - first stage armour storage has been removed, the fire rate is now constant. The main calibre training angle increased to 360 degree. 
  • Syonan - main calibre 120mm/45 type 3 guns have been changed to 120mm/45 type 10, featuring better fire rate and aiming time.
  • 152 mm CPC (Common Pointed Ballistic) shell  - the type of shell has been changed to semi-armour piercing instead of semi-arour piercing with ballistic cap. 
  • 152 mm CPBC (Common Pointed Ballistic Capped) shell - Armour penetration has been slightly increased.

Naval modifications and crew skills:

  • Type 1924 Jaguar — modification order has been changed.
  • Isuzu — excessive Auxiliary Armament Targeting modification has been removed. 
  • 165 ft PC-466 Carmi —armament unlocked with the  modifications “Bomb mortar” and “Depth charges” has been changed

Naval characteristics, physics and damage model:

  • Shell storage damage model has been changed:
    • Shell storage has been divided into shell and fuse chambers, first stage shell stowage, auxiliary guns shell storage and depth charge/bomb storage.  
    • Shell magazines explode when destroyed, causing the destruction of the naval vessel. All shells that are stored separately have ~11% chance of detonation from instant strong explosion damage. 
    • First stage shell stowage and fuse storages may ignite causing damage to their turret, and may initiate a fire in the whole vessel.  
    • Auxiliary guns shell storage and depth charge/bomb storage may ignite causing severe damage to surrounding compartments and modules, but this fire is not lethal to the naval vessel. 
    • First stage stowage shells can not destroy the vessel when damaged, but disable their turret. 
  • Crew compartments have been fixed or redistributed  for all cruisers. Bugs with crew compartments beyond the armour or fuel tanks have been fixed. Thus, the survivability of cruisers has increased slightly. 
  • Optimization of the geometric grid in damage models for the entire fleet, this will allow better calculation time for shells.
  • Balanced time of repairing modules in Realistic battles mode.
  • MBK-161 (1944), USS Atlanta (CL-51), IJN Mogami, Kirov — main calibre turret armour has been fixed.
  • Syonan — hull damage model has been fixed.
  • HMNZS Leander — armour for ammo magazines, tiller room and barbets has been fixed. 
  • IJN Suzuya - transmission damage model has been fixed.
  • IJN Kuma - armoured deck position has been fixed.
  • AF D1, AF D3 - Crew survivability has been improved.
  • HMS Belfast - armouring on the deck, barbets, and traverses has been fixed. Added longitudinal armoured bulkheads in the main calibre shell storage has been corrected. Main calibre shells and charges position has been corrected. The first stage ammunition stowage for the main calibre guns has been removed due to the direct supply of shells from the storage to the turret. 4-inch guns shell storage has been added.
  • HMS Arethusa - shell storage armouring and position has been fixed.
  • USS Brooklyn, USS Helena -armouring has been fixed.
  • IJN Furutaka - armouring, fuel tanks, elevators and shell storages have been fixed.
  • Admiral Hipper, Prinz Eugen - clarified transverse bulkheads, 20mm longitudinal internal armour.
  • Kanonenboot K-2 - armour corrected - holes fixed.
  • Type 1936A (Mob) - changed the size of the fuel tanks and elevator in the bow. Added elevators at the stern.
  • MGB-61, HMS Arethusa, HMS Dido, Fairmile C (332), SGB (S304) - the armour on the secondary weapons have been separated.
  • HMS Dido - changed the thickness of the armoured belt, traverses, the shape of the armoured deck, added missing elements. Ammunition magazine volumes have been clarified.
  • Pr. 7U, Pr. 7U Stroyny, Tashkent (leader) - physical parameters have been changed to correct the maximum roll.
  • Pr. 159, Pr. 35 - the beam width at elevation has been increased in the FOOT H radar.
  • HMZNS Leander - removed first stage shells for the main guns.

Naval Visual models and visual parts:

  • MPK Pr.122a, MPK-163 — Mismatch of the magazine ammunition with the description in the vehicle card has been fixed.
  • IJN Kiyoshimo — A bug with the displaying in the X-Ray view of the 25mm turrets has been fixed.
  • Z20 Karl Galster — The X-Ray model of the torpedo unit has been fixed.
  • IJN Sendai — The placing of the display in the X-Ray view bomb model has been fixed.
  • Isuzu — The X-Ray view  model of the torpedoes has been fixed.
  • IJN Suzuya, IJN Mogami — The model of the aircraft has been changed.
  • USS Phelps — The X-Ray view of the stern main calibre turret has been fixed.
  • SGB (S304) - fixed x-ray model of the 40mm turret.
  • HMS Hawkins (D86) - fixed model of the destroyed condition of turrets. Adjusted scale.
  • HMS Dido - changed the appearance of the ammunition magazines in x-ray.
  • Pr. 7U, Pr. 7U Stroyny, Tashkent (leader) - the initial position of the camera has been changed.
  • IJN Yuudachi - fixed an error on the  display of shadows on module additions.
  • HMS Tiger - redesigned x-ray model.
  • IJN Kako - changed x-ray model of boilers, the number and position of elevators, the shape and location of fuel tanks, as well as ammunition magazines.


  • Battle (D37) — Torpedo lead marker for the stern torpedo launcher has been fixed.
  • HMS Dido — A bug in the damage indication in the HUD panel where other elements of the ship were rotating around the bow main calibre turrets as well has been fixed. 
  • Class K (F37) — The X-Ray model of the stern anti-aircraft system has been fixed.
  • Fairmile C (332) — The X-Ray of the guns and units on the main calibre turrets has been fixed.


  • Kanonenboot K-2 - respawn location has been moved to the destroyer respawn location.

Economy and research

  • A bug where the classes of aircraft didn’t match the specified tags of the vehicle has been fixed. Because of this, the aircraft had an incorrect reloading time, the respawn scores were calculated incorrectly and other related parameters as well. At the same time, the vehicle cards have been corrected with the right tags and specification of the aircraft. Respawn points for the specified aircraft have not been changed.
    • Changed to attackers: 
      • P.108A series 2
      • XA-38
      • Tandem MAI
    • Changed to bombers: 
      • B18A
      • B18B
      • B17A
      • B17B
      • B3C
    • Changed to fighters: 
      • Firebrand TF.Mk.IV
      • Firefly F.Mk.I
      • Firefly FR.Mk.V
      • Tempest Mk.V (Vickers P)
      • Hurricane Mk.IV
      • Mosquito FB.Mk.XVIII
      • Beaufighter Mk.VIc
      • Beaufighter Mk.21
      • Beaufighter Mk.X
      • He 219A-7
      • Firecrest
      • Me 410 (all models)
      • Ki-102 Otsu
    • Changed to “light bomber”:
      • OS2U-1
      • OS2U-3
      • F1M2
  • Classes for the following ground vehicles have been corrected: 
    • IT-1
    • Ho-Ni I
    • AML-90
  • New class for Naval; “Frigate” has been added. It is divided into the corresponding groups “Frigate” and “Gunboat”.  These ships will able to respawn in the missions only on the respawn points for destroyers or larger ships:
    • Pr. 159
    • Pr. 35
    • Chikugo
    • Isuzu
    • Syonan
    • Köln F220
    • Ikazuchi
    • Groza
    • Kanonenboot K-2
    • River class (K-246)
  • Swedish aviation has become available to everyone for research. Adjusted the requirements for opening ranks.
  • ZTZ96 - Battle rating in all game modes has been changed from 9.7 to 9.3.
  • The relationships between the following units in ground forces research trees have been added:
    • Begleitpanzer 57 - > TAM
    • Conqueror - > Warrior
    • Striker - > Rooikat Mk.1D


  • Test Drives for Chinese and Swedish ground vehicles have been added.
  • Achievements for Chinese and Swedish aircraft have been added.


  • New orders and medals for Sweden have been added.
  • New titles for receiving Swedish awards (orders and medals) have been added.


  •  A Multifunction control menu has been added for all vehicles in the game. By default the menu call is assigned to the “Y” button and can be re-assigned in the control settings in the “general” section. In this menu it is possible to control different systems of any vehicles under the player’s control (radar, weaponry, mechanization, AI commands etc.). The Menu has been activated temporarily only for PC version of the game. In future it will also be available on consoles. 

Game mechanics

  • The mechanics of the respawn zones protection has been changed for ground battles: 
    • Entering the zone of where a player's ground vehicle was destroyed at the expiration of the timer has been disabled. At the same time in this zone enemy ground vehicles for the defending side will still be highlighted on the map. Players of the attacking side entering such a zone will also be highlighted on the map (the zone).
    • Crew lock when leaving the mission ahead of time in which the enemy is at your respawn zone has been disabled. It is important to remember that leaving the vehicle by using “Leave the vehicle” button the slot of the vehicle will still be blocked until the end of the mission (but for not more than 9 minutes) as it was previously. 
  • In naval battles the highlighting of the respawn zone for the enemy has been added for players of the attacking side by entering such a zone. Previously this zone was not highlighted or even displayed for them.
  • The number of victory points received for damage or destruction of AI controlled vehicles whilst playing helicopters has been reduced by 2.5 times (now it is on the level of ground vehicles).
  • The difficulty settings for tank and naval missions in the test drive / sail in ground vehicles and naval vessels have been implemented in accordance with the difficulty settings that are used in Random Battles (previously, for all, the settings of air battles were used).
  • In ground forces and naval Realistic battles for aircraft, automatic engine start and automatic control of flaps and landing gear (similar to aviation RBs) has been added.
  • In ground vehicle realistic battles, the cost of spawning a helicopter has been changed:
    • without ATGM: 280-350 SP (depending on the BR);
    • with ATGM: 480-600 SP (depending on the BR).
  • On most ground vehicles when using the camera from tank gunner sight, the reduction of the sight and the main gun axes has been implemented. Depending on the ballistics of guns and battle ranges the following values of reduction of the sight have been added:
    • 400m for anti-tank cannons with a calibre of less than 45mm plus 75mm for short-barreled cannons which are typical for vehicles of rank I.
    • 800m for anti-tank cannons with a calibre of 50mm or higher.
    • 1200m for cannons with shells in addition to various versions of the L7,CN-105-F1, L74 and 120 mm L1A2 cannons.
    On most main battle tanks equipped with laser rangefinder, gun targeting will be corrected when measuring the range that can not be less than 200m. Gun targeting isn’t implemented for self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, ground vehicles where the main type of armament is ATGM’s and vehicles with symmetrical placing of cannons (for example M50 Ontos).
  • In naval battles, the player’s destroyed vehicles will remain until the end of the session.
  • New mechanics for survivability in naval battles. In cases where the number of combat crew is reduced below the limit (5% more than the minimum crew), it is no longer possible to allocate crew to the battle for survivability (i.e. to pump water, shore up holes, put out fires, and repair.However, the vessel will remain under the control of the player and may continue to fire weapons until completely flooded.

Examples of bugs corrected by player reports

We want to thank you for correctly creating bug reports! Below you will find some of the bug fixes that were possible with your help. You as usual, continue to assist us to make War Thunder better!


  • Incorrect offset when dropping suspended bombs from the A-4B skyhawk has been fixed.
  • In the [Domination] mission “Andaman Sea” the size of capture point “C” has been corrected and now matches the one outlined by buoys.
  • Anti-aircraft guns in the location “Middle East” no longer appear on the runway and are now positioned according to the standing order.
  • The respawn direction for aircraft on one of the airfields in the location “Middle East” has been fixed.
  • A “chink” in the frontal armour of the main calibre turrets of the K-2 and the Pr.123 has been fixed.
  • The missing section of armour on the turret top of the  Merkava Mk2B has been added.
  • Presence of the take off position with the flaps for the Chinese DB-3A has been fixed.
  • The installation of decorations for the T-80U has been simplified (some additional elements no longer interfere with the installation).
  • The lack of the armour on the M3 GMC doors has been fixed.
  • HMS Belfast has been deprived of the first order ammo racks for the main calibre canons because in reality it didn’t have such storage.
  • A gap in the armour of the turret on the Valentine has been fixed.
  • On all early T-34 tanks, the inclination of the lower frontal part of the hull has been changed from 53 to 60 degrees.
    • T-34 (Prototype)
    • T-34 (1940)
    • T-34 (1941)
    • T-34 (1st Gv.T.Br.)
    • T-34 (1942)
    • T-34E STZ
    • T-34E
    • T-34-57 (1943)
    • T-34-57
    • T 34 747 (Germany)
    • T-34 (1943) (China)


  • The visual effects for engine fires, general fires, ammunition fires, have been updated and improved on all armored vehicles and naval vessels. Sparks and refractions on high temperature air have been added to all the main effects of fire. Added an animation of the glow from the fire. The fire system in vessel sections has been improved, the fire now occurs precisely in the section that has been damaged. Particle lighting has also been improved.
  • Fixed an issue with flickering effects.


  • New sound events for all cannons on ground vehicles except a few rapid-fire guns have been created.
  • New sound events for explosion sounds have been created.
  • The sound events of the firing of the naval cannons have been reworked.
  • The system of the formation and management of the sound events of the firing of the ground and naval vehicle cannons has been reworked.
  • A system to simulate speed of sound propagation in the environment has been added (this system is optional and can be activated through settings, it is disabled by default).
  • Another iteration of the sound project resources optimization has been done.
  • Experimental option to switch Fmod sound engine to the synchronous operation mode has been added (all calculations will take place in the current game cycle without delaying the next ones). It is recommended to use it only if the sound in the game is unstable (fps may drop by 2-10%). You can enable it in the config.blk file by adding the line “fmodSynchronousMode:b = yes” (without quotes) to the sound{} block.
  • Unique music theme has been added to the Swedish hangar.
  • Sound events for the rain for ground and naval vehicles which are taking into account the distance to the surface of the vehicle and the position of the camera (from the 3rd person view mode or from the gunner) have been created (previously there was one common sound event for both types of vehicles).
  • Sound events for the crew dialogues for Swedish aircraft and ground vehicles have been updated.
  • Sound events for overflights of enemy/allied aircraft have been changed for in-line and jet engines.
  • Sound events of piston engines now feature sound layers of the pistons in accordance with the engine’s type (inline, radial, radial in nacelle for bomber, inline in nacelle for bomber)
  • The rotor blade sound asset has been changed for maneuvers with overloads.
  • For some sound events in ground vehicle engines a new sound layer of the operating pistons for the V12 petrol, V8 petrol, V12 diesel, in-line 6 cylinder and radial 9 cylinder engines has been added.


  • Automatic locking of the vertical guidance of cannons whilst holding the brake has been added. Also during the time of the command “short stop” this lock significantly reduces the swinging of the gun barrel after a stop on most tanks in the game.
  • The ability to select the shooting mode (from one cannon or from all the cannons of the same turret) has been added. Can be activated in the control settings.


  • The possibility to select the color scheme for the thermal imaging camera has been added to the ground vehicles. There are 3 different colors available: black, green and red.


  • EAC has been switched on for aircraft SB missions.
  • New missions and vehicles have been added to the rotation of in regular battles.
  • Ground SB - Setup 12_2 has been removed from the rotation. Setups will be changed now in the following order: 8_2, 10_2, 8_2_2, 9_2.

Changes specific to the PlayStation®4 platform.

  • HDR is now supported
  • New In-Game Store added
  • Tilt correction for DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller motion sensors is now enabled by default
    • (Options -> Controller Settings -> Align motion sensor with gravity)
  • Added shortcut to reset DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller motion sensors neutral orientation
    • (Controls -> Common -> Reset motion sensor orientation)

The War Thunder Team