Spawn Points mode test for Simulator Battles

Spawn Points mode test for Simulator Battles

10 January 2018

A trip to Saumur and how we created French armour

In this video we will tell you how our team travelled to Saumur tank museum in France and what the most important components of the high quality vehicle models are.


27 December 2017

AMX-30 Mod. 1972: Next Generation

We are pleased to present the 1972 model of the AMX-30, with which truly modern French tanks begin.


18 December 2017

ARL-44 - A Battleship in Disguise

The ARL-44 is a post-war heavy tank project, purely intended for French engineers to refresh their knowledge on tank development after the end of the occupation period.


18 December 2017

FCM 36 - Wait Until You See The Whites of Their Eyes!

Coming with update 1.75 “La Résistance”, tankers will have the chance to pit the FCM 36 in the virtual battlefields of War Thunder!


14 December 2017

GMC CCKW 353: A deuce-and-a-half. And a gun.

A legendary GMC truck chassis equipped with an automatic 40mm caliber Bofors cannon is a French recipe for a powerful, adaptable anti-aircraft gun—and it will roll into War Thunder accompanied by some all new French tanks in War Thunder update 1.75!


13 December 2017

New opportunities for light vehicles!

Thin armour, weaker guns and a limited crew is no longer an excuse! The most vulnerable vehicles will now have much more opportunity to turn the tide of battle or gain more rewards!


13 December 2017

Arsenal VB.10-02: Professional Striker

At Rank IV, the VB.10-02 is one of the most destructive and heavily armed fighters you can pilot, and became part of France’s aviation tree in War Thunder update 1.73, "Vive la France".


12 December 2017

M4A4 (SA50) - The Desert Warrior

The M4A4 (SA50), also known as the M-50 Super Sherman, will comes to War Thunder as part of the French ground forces research tree coming with War Thunder update 1.75!


11 December 2017

Lorraine 40t: Sports Heavy

The Lorraine 40t is a French, experimental tank with an auto-loading cannon and a classic French tank design feature: the oscillating turret. How will it fare against German Tigers and Soviet IS tanks? Let’s find out!


8 December 2017

SOMUA S.35 - Shield of The Republic

Today we’re excited to present to you yet another familiar face when it comes to French tank designs, one of the best medium tank of the 1930s, the SOMUA S.35 medium tank!


7 December 2017

SAu 40 - The Ugly Duckling

The SAu 40 is a prototype French SPG, constructed at the dawn of the Second World War with the intent to equip light mechanized divisions of the French army. Although it’s unclear whether the vehicle has taken part in active combat during the Invasion of France in 1940, War Thunder tankers will see the SAu 40 on the battlefields of War Thunder in the upcoming 1.75 update!


6 December 2017