A-35B – The American Legionnaire

The American Vultee A-35B dive bomber didn't really catch on in its homeland, but it received a warm welcome in the air force of Free France!


17 November 2017

M.S.410: The Duelist

The MS.410 is a further development of the Morane-Saulnier MS.406 fighter, developed in France in March 1940. Let’s take a closer look at one of the aircraft available to pilots in the lower ranks of the French aviation tree in update 1.73 “Vive la France”.


14 November 2017

NC.223.3: let nobody leave unsatisfied!

The French bomber NC.223.3 is a seriously refined version of another starter-level bomber, the F.222. Four engines, an incredibly huge bomb load and cannon turrets!


7 November 2017

Dewoitine D.501: Lost But Not Forgotten

At the time of their introduction to service, aircraft of the D.500 series were among the most advanced in the world. Meet one of the versions of the series, the Dewoitine D.501!


3 November 2017

Begleitpanzer 57: Bofors/Marder united at last!

What happens if you install a rapid-firing ship cannon and guided rockets on a light tracked chassis? Meet the Begleitpanzer 57, a light top-tier tank in the German branch of War Thunder!


30 October 2017

The MB.157 fighter and a new pilot model for the French Air Force

We are pleased to present the French MB.157 fighter, the most advanced aircraft among the Marcel-Bloch series. In addition, meet a new French pilot model in War Thunder!


26 October 2017

Farman F.222.2: Big! Heavy! Yours!

The Farman F.222 is an early 1930s French high-winged heavy bomber, powered by four engines set up in an unconventional push-pull configuration.


25 October 2017

French aircraft cockpits

Today, we can finally present to you some of the cockpits for the new French aircraft announced in our development diary!


24 October 2017

Arsenal VG.33: Air Diver

The Arsenal VG.33C-1 is another light fighter aircraft design, developed to quickly bolster the numbers of fighters available to the French Air Force in preparation for the expected Invasion of France in the 1940s. 


20 October 2017

Caudron CR.714: Racing Breed

The Caudron CR.714 is a lightweight, pre-WW2 fighter aircraft, developed to be mass produced quickly and at low cost, in hopes of increasing the number of aircraft available to the French Air Force.


19 October 2017

Potez P.631: Attacker’s Apprentice

The Potez P.630 and P.631 are sibling heavy fighter designs, developed in the mid 1930s for the French military. At the outbreak of WW2, this aircraft, along with several others, formed the backbone of the French air force at the time.


17 October 2017

Answers from developers!

It's time for another round of Questions and Answers!


12 October 2017