USS Somers (DD-381): Strength in Numbers
USS Somers is the lead ship of her class of five destroyers, which featured more efficient boilers and increased firepower over the preceding Porter-class. Soon, War Thunder captains will have the chance to take command over another new destroyer coming to the American naval tree with the upcoming update 1.87!

20 February 2019

New Location: Alaska
We continue to expand the number of locations represented in War Thunder with every update, and update 1.87 won’t be an exception to that. Today, we’re happy to present to our players a new location for ground battles, set in beautiful rural Alaska!

20 February 2019

Leningrad: From The Ashes
The Leningrad is the lead ship of her class of three Soviet destroyers built for the Baltic Fleet during the 1930s, now available to all players as one of the main prizes in the ongoing naval marathon event!

19 February 2019

PBM-3 Mariner: The Eye in the Sky
The PBM Mariner is an American flying boat, developed by the Martin company in the late 1930s as a replacement for older flying boats in service with the USN at the time. The PBM-3, representative of the mid series of the Mariner, will be available to War Thunder pilots as one of the main prizes in the naval marathon event!

19 February 2019

Sea Hawk FGA.6: Jet Vulture
The Sea Hawk is the first jet-powered aircraft developed by the well-known Hawker company during the 1940s, which saw extensive service with several nation’s naval aviation. In the upcoming update 1.87, we’re planning to introduce one of the last modifications of the Sea Hawk to War Thunder. Pilots, meet the Sea Hawk FGA.6!

18 February 2019

Challenger 2 and rank VII armored vehicles
Developed in the mid ‘80s as a successor to the Challenger 1, the Challenger 2 entered service in the early ‘90s and continues to serve with the British Army today. In the upcoming update 1.87, War Thunder tankers may look forward to the opportunity of commanding the most modern MBT fielded by the British Army!

15 February 2019

Improved Calculation of Armour Penetration in the game
We are constantly improving the armour penetration system in War Thunder, and right now, we can highlight two phases that have been expressed in its development, each of which is fair and correct in its own way.

30 January 2019

OTO R3 T106: Double Barrel Mayhem
The OTO R3 T106 is an Italian wheeled combat vehicle, built on the basis of an armored car, previously developed by the OTO Melara company in the 1980s. Although only built in limited numbers, this won’t stop the T106 from becoming available to many War Thunder tankers in the Italian Ground Forces tree!

27 December 2018

Reggiane Re.2001 CN: The Black Falcon
The Reggiane Re.2001 is a direct evolution of the unsuccessful Re.2000 that preceded it. With the introduction of three models of the Re.2001 in update 1.85 “Supersonic”, we would like to take a closer look today at the most powerful version available to Italian pilots - the Re.2001 CN!

26 December 2018

Modular Airfields in Enduring Confrontation
New modular airfields were added for Enduring confrontation air missions in the 1.85 Supersonic update. Let’s take a closer look at this interesting new mechanic.

26 December 2018

Italian Ground Vehicles Research Tree
Italian aircraft proved themselves a worthy opponent in air battles and now they join the ground battles in War Thunder! We are happy to introduce the initial Italian ground forces research tree.

16 December 2018

Development Video
HMS Dido: The Peacemaker
HMS Dido is the lead ship of her class of light cruisers, built for the Royal Navy in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Having seen extensive service in the Mediterranean and Atlantic, HMS Dido is now headed for the naval battles of War Thunder and will become available to seasoned captains in the upcoming major update 1.85!

14 December 2018



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