WW2 Chronicles vehicles: The PV-2 Harpoon

The PV-2 Harpoon is no PT boat, as the name would usually suggest, but a significantly redesigned Lockheed Ventura - a very popular and well known twin engined medium bomber used in a massive numbers towards the end of the World War 2.


21 April 2017

Answers from developers

It's time for another part of Questions and Answers!


19 April 2017

Answers from developers

It's time for another part of Questions and Answers!


23 March 2017

New location for naval battles - Andaman Sea

Dear players, we are happy to introduce to you a new location for naval battles - “Andaman Sea bay”. The location was inspired by the area surrounding the Phang Nga Bay in Thailand.


17 March 2017

Type 60 ATM: Death on a Wire

The Type 60 ATM  is to become a Japanese carrier of guided anti-tank missiles. This APC, armed with some of the slowest ammunition in the game, is to appear in update 1.67. If you’ve always wanted to “unleash“ a predatory anti-tank missile, this tank is just the ticket!


15 March 2017

Sturmpanzer II: Tiny Annihilator

Low-tier German SPG Sturmpanzer II uses the mightiest HE charges in War Thunder so far.


14 March 2017

Exhaust Flames

Flames from the exhausts of aircraft engines – a small change that makes a big impression in War Thunder!


14 March 2017

War Thunder 1.67: Further development for Simulator Battles

Very soon Simulator Battles will be a more transparent and simple mode, where apart from the usual choice of battle server the player will be able to independently choose an interesting battle.


13 March 2017

Update 1.67 "Assault" digest

Check out vehicles and locations that we prepared for Update 1.67 "Assault"!


11 March 2017

IS-6: the Soviet Hammer

The powerful engine roars while the warm, yet wet Spring soil trembles under the massive tracks of a giant. We are proud to introduce the mighty IS-6 heavy tank!


7 March 2017

29-K: Reach the Sky

High-caliber anti-aircraft artillery first appeared in War Thunder in the form of the German self-propelled 8.8 cm Flak 37 auf Sd.Kfz.9, and now the USSR also has its own medium-altitude anti-aircraft gun - the 29-K!


7 March 2017

New Co-op missions - Assault!

“Assault” that’s the name of the new game mode, Co-op mission in the skies and on the ground against superior enemy numbers - you may participate on your own or bring a squad of friends. “Assault” mode missions will be available for all the vehicles of all ranks and nations.


6 March 2017