Preliminary research and purchase changes for ground vehicles rank 3-5

As we promised previously, we are reducing the RP requirements as well as the prices in SL for vehicles, modifications, repairs and ammo in ground vehicles of ranks 3-5!


21 November 2017

LeO 451 Early: Catch Me If You Can!

The LeO 451 is a French medium bomber, developed in the mid 1930s as part of a plan to increase the numbers of strategic bombers within the ranks of the newly formed Armée de l'air. Let’s take a closer look at what this very capable little French bomber has to offer.


21 November 2017

Thunder Show: Up the ante

It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week.


17 November 2017

Make your vehicle more authentic!

Make your vehicle more authentic! We regularly introduce new decals you may unlock and/or purchase.


17 November 2017

A-35B: The American Legionnaire

The American Vultee A-35B dive bomber didn't really catch on in its homeland, but it received a warm welcome in the air force of Free France!


17 November 2017

Naval pre-beta testing schedule

We would like to invite closed beta test participants to the latest naval combat session!

17 November 2017

The Shooting Range Ep. 70

You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and aspiring Captains in War Thunder.

16 November 2017

War Thunder Live Digest

The authors of user content don’t care what the weather is outside and even what month it is. But we we care about it! Because every month, WT Live is quite rich for new content. This time we have selected the most interesting for you as usual and will start with the coolest novelties.


16 November 2017

Bonus Golden Eagles when using Razer zGold!

Get bonus Golden Eagles when paying with Razer zGold!


16 November 2017

Weekend tournaments, 18th - 19th November

Check out new tournaments this weekend on the TSS portal!

16 November 2017

Invite a friend - get a reward!

Going to battle alone is dangerous, especially on the fierce battlefields of War Thunder. Playing together as a team is the key to victory.


15 November 2017

Win the Warthog - Thrustmaster Facebook contest

Together with our partners over at we are happy to announce a Facebook contest! The main prize is a HOTAS WARTHOG™ replica joystick pack. Participation is really simple!

14 November 2017