Oculus Rift in War Thunder

One of the major focuses since the very beginning of War Thunder has been player immersion. Detailed aircraft, cockpits with instrumentation as well as stunning visuals. All of this now comes even more to live, thanks to recent developments in Virtual Reality technology.


5 May 2016

Victory Day Tournaments

To celebrate Victory Day, from May the 6th to May the 9th we will be introducing open tournaments with equal terms for all the participants, where you can win Premium vehicles, Golden Eagles and more!


5 May 2016

Event Series: Chronicles of World War II - Day 25 (FAQ added)

This year, in the popular event series 'Chronicles of World War II', players will face new challenges and will also be able to win some superb rare and valuable prizes.

5 May 2016

Map Review: White Rock Fortress

The riverside White Rock Fortress challenges players to a balancing act between long-rage engagements and close quarters combat. Tactics decide who will take the ruins - let's have a look!


4 May 2016

Clearance Sale: 50% off assorted packs!

Don’t miss your chance to buy packs at 50% discount during the celebration of Victory Day before they are removed from the store!


3 May 2016

War Thunder Competitions - April winners

After reviewing the entries of our last month's Community competitions, we are now happy to announce the winners that are sharing a total prize fund of 25 000 Golden Eagles! Interested in joining in yourself? Find out more here!


3 May 2016

Like the LIVE!

As the month draws to a close, another batch of Community publications has been selected from the War Thunder Live site. Now, presenting to you, some of the interesting content for the month!


30 April 2016

Capture yourself a Churchill - with Warbonds!

The Warbond Shop in May again presents a selection of five Premium vehicles to choose from, including the legendary Churchill infantry tank captured by the Germans, as well as new 3D decorators, boosters, decals and more! Check it out!


30 April 2016

Vehicle Collision Physics in game - An explanation

Vehicles collision in the game environment is a common topic among players, Anton (Gaijin CEO and War Thunder Lead Developer) took some time out to try and explain exactly how our game interprets real world physics virtually.

29 April 2016

Thunder Show: Courtesy

It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week and don't forget, you can also send us your own video!


29 April 2016

All previous tasks "Chronicles of World War II" - in our in-game shop!

From the 29th of April 15:00 GMT to the 2nd of May 07:00 GMT, all previous tasks for the “Chronicles of WW II” will be available in the in-game shop!


29 April 2016

World War, Battle Ratings & more, Pt. II

In the previous devblog, we talked about battle ratings. We now have an announcement - a new mode, which is eagerly awaited by many of our players.


28 April 2016

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