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Thunder CUP 2024 Results and Updating the Esport II Trophy!
The most prestigious tournament of the year — Thunder CUP 2024, has come to an end! Those of you who have watched the live streams on Twitch have received unique camouflages, the profile picture and the decal through Twitch Drops and were the first to witness who won in the tournament!
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  • 8 March 2024
Defender of the Fatherland Tournaments, a Decal & Decoration and Vehicles for Golden Eagles!
We’ve prepared some Defender of the Fatherland activities including several tournaments, a decal and decoration that can be obtained by playing Soviet vehicles, as well as 4 returning Soviet premiums for Golden Eagles.
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  • 22 February 2024
Watch Thunder CUP 2024 and Receive Unique Prizes from Twitch Drops!
Last year after long training and qualifying matches, 8 of the strongest teams earned the right to participate in the most prestigious tournament — Thunder CUP 2024! However, only one team will become the champion in 5x5 RB battles, but which one will it be? Cheer for your favorite team and receive prizes throughout the event!
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  • 13 February 2024
Results of the Anniversary Tournaments dedicated to 11 Years of War Thunder, plus the “Esport II” Trophy!
The series of tournaments dedicated to 11 years of War Thunder has come to an end. Those of you who have watched the live streams on Twitch have received unique camouflages and a decorator through Twitch Drops and were the first to witness who won in the tournaments!
  • 24 November 2023
Introducing the top teams from the Grand Final Season I
This weekend, the final matches of the Grand Final Season I Tournament will take place, streamed across our four multilingual twitch streams. The prize for the teams competing for victory includes; 2100 GJN, unique skins and vehicle coupons.
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  • 30 June 2023
Rankings Challenge: 2023 Grand Finals and Twitch Drops
The first season of the Ranking Challenge is over — congratulations to all the participants! Over 70,000 competitors from around the world took part in aircraft and ground vehicle battles and received unique titles, sports camouflages, and other prizes. Final tournaments of the season are up next! The best of the best will challenge each other for the season champion status and will be able to receive camouflages, vehicle coupons, and Golden Eagles and will also split the $3000 prize pool! Also, to commemorate the release of La Royale major update and make watching eSports events even more pleasant, we are offering Drops for the Twitch viewers! Let’s break it down.
Air Superiority Tournament and Twitch Drops
We invite the best pilots of modern aircraft to the Air Superiority Tournament, where jet fighters will fight in the skies in 4v4 battles. The winners will receive valuable prizes, and viewers of the Finals will get Twitch Drops!
Rankings Challenge: Season 1
The first season of Rankings Challenge begins! In its debut you’ll earn unique camouflages and titles, and the best of the best will enter the finals with a prize pool of over $3000! Can you play War Thunder well? Then the prize can be yours!