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Playing War Thunder alone is fun, but having people to squad up with and work in a team is even better! This is why War Thunder has a special invitation (referral) system, which allows you to easily invite a friend to the game, granting rewards both to the invited player and you! As your invited friend enables two-step authentication and progresses through the game, you will be awarded with Silver Lions and, most importantly, Golden Eagles, the premium currency of War Thunder!

Referral system FAQ

  • How can I invite a friend through the referral system?

    To make use of the War Thunder referral system, just click on ‘Invite Friend’ in the game’s main menu. This will open the following window:

    Here you are presented with your personal referral link, which is also automatically copied to your clipboard, meaning that you can easily paste it anywhere, e.g. by using the CTRL + V keys if you are on a Windows PC.

    Share this link on your social networks or send it to your friends! You can also use a button in this window to automatically generate an email with your referral link, which you can then send through your favorite email program.

    Your friend will have to use this link to register, and after registration they need to enable two-step authentication.

  • Does purchasing premium vehicles or squadron vehicles count as unlocking a rank?

    Purchasing premium or squadron vehicles doesn't mean you'll unlock the rank they're in. You'll still need to purchase the remaining vehicles required for the corresponding rank. Purchasing helicopters does not affect progress in the referral system either.

  • Are there any limitations to how many people I can invite?

    No! You can invite as many people as you want, and you will receive rewards for each and every one of them.

What rewards can I get for inviting friends?

For each invited player you will receive:

70 000 Silver Lions
70 000 Silver Lions as soon as your friend reaches rank III in aviation/army or rank III in the fleet trees!
100 Golden Eagles, 300 000 Silver Lions
100 Golden Eagles and 300 000 Silver Lions as soon as your friend reaches rank IV in aviation/army or rank IV in the fleet trees!
2500 Golden Eagles
2500 Golden Eagles as soon as your friend unlock rank VII in aviation/army!
Crew Slot
Get a unique Crew Slot for all nations when ten friends unlock Rank III

The player invited by you will receive 50 Golden Eagles just for registering the game through your link and enabling two-step authentication.

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