27 March 2017 Update 27.03.2017 (

A bug where the required vehicle limits were not working correctly in Enduring Confrontation mode has been fixed.
A visual bug when wing damage after the wing had been ripped off was displayed incorrectly has been fixed.
Client stability has been improved.


23 March 2017 Update 23.03.2017 (

Fixed a bug with the Launcher, where in some instances the game would not start. 

22 March 2017 Update 22.03.2017 (

Changes in “Assault” Co-Op mode: Performance (optimisation) during the new “Assault” missions has been improved. 50% of repair costs for AB will pay for respawn in the vehicle. Shells/Ammunition will be free. Unlimited respawns, but after respawn, the slot with the vehicle will be blocked for 5 minutes on timer. (...)

16 March 2017 War Thunder Update 1.67 "Assault" - changelog

Dear friends! It's time for a new major update for War Thunder! A full list of new features and changes is available in the changelog on the update page. 

9 March 2017 Update 09.03.2017 (Server Update)

Slope effect values for AP/APC/APCBC on oblique impact angles (20-45 degrees) have been corrected. Effective armor thickness for these angles of impact has been increased; A bug when an APHE round’s fuse didn’t detonate after penetrating the driver’s hatch on T-34 tanks has been fixed.

3 March 2017 Update 03.03.2017 (

A rare bug where aircraft ammo belts would be replaced with standard ammo belts following the end of a battle has been fixed.; A rare bug where a vehicle that was chosen from the tech tree would not appear in the desired new crew slot has been fixed. (...)

2 March 2017 Update 02.03.2017 (Server Update)

ISU-122S - a bug, when the SPG with only one remaining crew member was not counted as destroyed has been fixed. Leopard I/Leopard A1A1 - sights magnification has been fixed. Now it’s x8 and x16 when zoomed.

1 March 2017 Update 01.03.2017 (

A bug related to the lighting of grass has been fixed.; A bug, which would result in an incorrect explosion noise occurring when artillery struck houses, has been fixed.; A bug, where the control settings assigned to the F11 key were not applied, has been fixed.; Client stability has been improved.


27 February 2017 Update 27.02.2017 (Server Update)

“Keen vision” skill parameters have been updated.

22 February 2017 Update 22.02.2017 (

New rewards for upcoming events and specials have been introduced. Client stability has been improved.