17 October 2017 Update 17.10.2017 (Server Update)

Update for Battle Ratings and Economy + additional changes and bug fixes

16 October 2017 Update 16.10.2017 (

A bug which caused the wrong positioning of some aircraft in the hangar and on the runway has been fixed

13 October 2017 Update 13.10.2017 (Server Update)

Changes in the mission "operation Essen" (RB mission for beginners)

12 October 2017 Update 12.10.2017 (Server Update)

A bug with the armour-piercing effect of the 30mm armour-piercing incendiary shells for the AAA Falcon cannons where the penetration of armour specified in the parameters did not occur has been fixed.(...)

12 October 2017 Update 12.10.2017 (

Bug correction for the Sd.Kfz.234/2, Sd.Kfz.234/4 and B5N2, client stability has been improved.

4 October 2017 Update 04.10.2017 (

A bug which would portray ground vehicles as being destroyed during replays after losing 2 crew members, has been fixed.(...)

3 October 2017 Update 03.10.2017 (Server Update)

PvE-mission “Assault. Tank Arcade”:Additional rock cover for players has been added in the location “Sinai”. 
The starting waves of enemy AI at BR 8.0 and higher no longer contain light AI ground vehicles. (...)

3 October 2017 Update 03.10.2017 (

Client stability has been improved

29 September 2017 Update 29.09.2017 (

Client stability has been improved; MBT-70 / Kpz-70 - a bug where a detonation of the 20mm cannon ammo rack destroyed the tank has been fixed; (...)

28 September 2017 Update 28.09.2017 (Server Update) - map rotation

Arcade, Realistic and Simulator map rotation update