14 March 2018 Major Update 1.77 "Advancing Storm" - changelog

Advancing Storm” has brought us a new version of the Dagor engine - 5.0 and with it improved graphics, detailed landscapes and weather effects. Locations are more beautiful and realistic, the sounds are more impressive and we have added two dozen new vehicles including five tanks at the 6th rank: Т-64B, M1 Abrams, Challenger, Leopard 2K and AMX-30 Brenus.

20 March 2018 Update 20.03.2018 ((

SB bombers reward modification, flight models improvement, client stability.

19 March 2018 Update 19.03.2018 (

A bug which would result in no fragmentation damage from bombs has been fixed (...)

16 March 2018 Update 16.03.2018 (

Performance on MacOS has been improved.(...)

6 March 2018 Update 06.03.2018 (

Client stability has been improved; Respawn zone protection mechanics have been updated: in ground RB enemy markers (for the enemies near the spawn zones) are now displayed on the minimap

1 March 2018 Update 01.03.2018 (

BR changes for the following vehicles: AMX-30 (1972), AMX-30B2, Centurion Mk.3, FV4202, P-47D-25 (...)

22 February 2018 Update 22.02.2018 (

A bug which caused vehicles in the hangar to look like they were damaged has been fixed (source).;A bug where the nickname of squad members was marked blue has been fixed.(...)

15 February 2018 Update 15.02.2018 (

Client stability has been improved.

12 February 2018 Update 12.02.2018 (

Players that use an aircraft In tank AB will no longer see enemy player nicknames (those who are using ground vehicles). A bug where players using ground vehicles in AB were not seeing the nicknames of players using aircraft were not displayed has been corrected.(...)

9 February 2018 Update 09.02.2018 (

A bug where the battle activity score was occasionally not being displayed whilst being located near the enemy has been fixed; A bug where sound could be occasionally disabled if a player has spent considerable time in the game has been fixed (...)