Here we present the original soundtrack for all our fans, split into Air Forces and Ground Forces albums. Now you can purchase 50 inspiring melodies that you can hear both in battles and in the hangar, in iTunes, Amazon and YouTube Music.

When creating the soundtrack for War Thunder, we wanted to stay true to the WWII-period, but at the same time to create music filled with action, which is appropriate for epic breath-taking air and ground battles. In collaboration with Strategic Music studio we have recorded over 80 minutes of the live-performed orchestral soundtrack, which you can purchase by following links below.

Music Produced by Gaijin Entertainment
Music Supervisor:
Pavel Stebakov
Music composed, recorded and mixed by Strategic Music
Executive producer:
Dmitry Kuzmenko

Original music by:
Georgy Zheryakov
Alexander Chorni
Zahar Antonov

Additional music by:
Dmitry Kuzmenko
Ekaterina Kuzmenko

Original Score recorded and mixed by:
Georgy Zheryakov
Dmitry Kuzmenko

Performed by Baltic Symphony Orchestra and Choir by:
Valentin Bogdanov
Mikhail Leontiev

Orchestra Contractor:
Evgeny Shchegolev
Assistant Contractor:
Nadezhda Kharitonova


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