Squadrons are in-game associations of War Thunder players united under the same squadron name and tag. Similar to clans and guilds in other online games or MMOs, squadrons offer co-operative gameplay to teamplay oriented players, e.g. in the form of training, random games in squads, squadron battles and tournaments.

Inside and outside of a battle, squadron members are brothers in arms, that share victory and defeat with each other. As War Thunder is a team-play focused game, getting organized with old and new friends and learning how to efficiently play with each other will make a huge difference on the battlefield.

We have created this guide to quickly summarize and explain the most important features and actions a player can do regarding squadrons. Click on any of the following items to directly jump to the respective topic.

Squadrons in War Thunder

1. Joining a Squadron
2. Creating a Squadron

2.1 Training Squadrons
2.2 Regular Squadrons

3. Managing a Squadron

3.1 Recruiting Members
3.2 Squadron Member Grades
3.3 Upgrading Training Squadrons

4. Squadron Battles

5. Squadron Rules

1. Joining a Squadron 

Joining a squadron in War Thunder is easy, if you know who you want to join. If you are looking for a new squadron, try out the squadron section on our forums - a great number of player squadrons is presenting themselves there. Among our community are squadrons for just about any gaming style and preferences, so we are sure you’ll find the right place!

To join a squadron in-game, click on the ‘Squadrons’ button in War Thunder’s main menu and, under the tab of the same name, find the squadron you want to apply for in the list. To send an application for membership, click on the ‘Apply for Membership’ button with the squadron highlighted that you wish to join.

Click on the "Apply for Membership" button to send a request to any squadron open to new members.

Your application will then be visible to any responsible person in the squadron you applied for and can be accepted or rejected. Please note that you can only apply for membership for one squadron at a time. If you change your mind about an application, click on ‘My Squadron’ and click on the ‘X’ besides the name of the squadron you have applied for.

It is also possible that a squadron is closed for new applications. If that is the case, you need to contact an official of that squadron before you will be able to submit your application.

Review your application in the 'My Squadrons' tab. Hit the 'X' button to withdraw your application.

2. Creating a Squadron 

There are currently two types of squadrons in War Thunder that can be created by players: Training Squadrons and Squadrons. In general, Training Squadrons are entry-level squadrons with limited functionality and member size created for Silver Lions , while regular Squadrons offer full functionality and are established with Golden Eagles . Features available to all squadrons are:

  • A private, squadron-wide chat that can be used for quick communication between all members.
  • The possibility to qualify for special squadron tournaments to compete for valuable prizes, e.g. Thunder League (as applicable).
  • The ability to join Squadron Battles with the prospect of winning Golden Eagles for members. Details in 4. "Squadron Battles".

If you want to create either of the two squadrons, click 'Squadrons' on the game's main menu, then select the 'My Squadrons' tab and click 'Create a Squadron'. Please note that you cannot create a new squadron while being a member of an existing one - leave your old squadron first.

Before creating your squadron, make sure to read 5. "Squadron Rules" first.

To start the process of creating a squadron, click on 'Create a Squadron' in the 'My Squadron' tab.

2.1 Training Squadrons 

The entry-level Training Squadron can be created for 1.000.000 Silver Lions  after selecting the respective tab in the squadron creation menu.  They function like regular squadrons in every regard but the following:

  • They can only have a maximum of 10 members and 20 pending applications. This limit can be gradually increased for Golden Eagles .
  • They can only have a name, tag and motto. Detailed descriptions and announcements are unavailable.
  • They can only select asteriks (*) as tag borders, which are unique to this kind of squadrons.
  • They can only have a Commander, officers and members. The 'Deputy' grade, detailed in point 3.2 "Squadron Member Grades"is unavailable.

Training Squadrons can be upgraded regarding their maximum member size as well as transformed into a regular squadron at any time, as explained in point 3.3 "Upgrading Training Squadrons". To create one, simply click on the "Create a Squadron" button after entering all necessary information.

Select "Training Squadron" and then click "Create a Squadron" to create a Training Squadron for 1.000.000 .

2.2 Regular Squadrons 

To create a regular Squadron with all features enabled right from the beginning, keep the default tab selected and click 'Create a Squadron' after entering all necessary details. In contrary to a Training Squadron, regular Squadrons have:

  • A member limit of 128, the maximum number possible.
  • The ability to provide a detailed description visible to all players and to inform their members through announcements.
  • The ability to select a variety of different layout styles for their tag.
  • The ability to nominate a right-hand to the Commander, the 'Deputy'. More details under 3.2 "Squadron Member Grades".

Creating a regular Squadron costs 2500 Golden Eagles .

To create a regular squadron, simply click 'Create a Sqadron' in the squadron creation window with the default tab active.

3. Managing a Squadron 

After your new squadron has been successfully created, you will automatically become the highest member of the squadron’s leadership - the ‘Commander’. All squadron management in War Thunder is done through the ‘My Squadron’ tab of the ‘Squadrons’ window, through which you have previously created your squadron.

Here, you will be able to see an overview over your squadrons members as well as their performance in battle. At the same time, you can use this window to define your squadrons recruitment policy and update the details of your squadron, like name and tag.

After creating your Squadron (in this example, a regular one), you are automatically promoted to 'Commander'.

3.1 Recruiting Members 

By default, your new squadron is now open for applications by other players, which means that any player in War Thunder can click on ‘Apply for Membership’ and send an application for you to accept or decline. This is symbolized by an open padlock icon next to the squadron name. Open membership applications can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Membership Applications’ button, that is showing up below the Squadron Statistics as soon as at least one is present. You can then chose whether to accept or decline applicants. If you close your applications, symbolized through a closed padlock icon, applying for membership in your squadron is not possible.

Additionally, you have the ability to define certain minimum requirements for any potential applicants. If you do so, any application that does not fit the minimum requirements as defined by you (e.g. a minimum rank unlocked in any Air or Ground Force or a certain number of battles played in a specific mode), the application will automatically be declined. You can also select to automatically accept all applicants fulfilling your requirements.

New members joining your squadron will receive the grade of ‘Private’ by default, which bears no management privileges. But as all members, Privates are able to use the squadron chat as a quick and easy way of communicating with others.

You can define the minimum requirements that any aspiring member
has to fulfill and select to auto accept fitting applicants automatically.
Unless you chose to automatically accept applicants fulfilling
the requirements set by you, all applications can be reviewed.

3.2 Squadron Member Grades 

As you recruit more and more members to your squadron, you may want to promote individuals to higher ranks within your squadron's leadership, to help you manage your members. Currently, there are four different member grades available for regular squadrons, which are in descending order: Commander, Deputy, Officer and Private. Training Squadrons only have three: Commander, Officer and Private. 

A regular squadron of four members with all available member grades visible.

The 'Commander' is the highest member of any squadron and has access to all management functions. All newly created squadrons can only have one Commander, which - by default - is the person that originally created it. The Commander cannot leave his squadron unless a 'Deputy' is present.

A single 'Deputy' can be appointed by a Commander of a regular squadron as a second hand in leadership. He, as well, has access to all management functions, but can neither disband the squadron nor change his own grade. Should the acting Commander leave the squadron, the Deputy will automatically assume power as the next Commander.

'Officers' are assistants to the Commander and Deputy. They can accept and dismiss members, blacklist users from applying and moderate the squadron's chat. There is no limit in the amount of officers in a squadron.

Regular members of a squadron are labelled as 'Private'.


  • Can use the chat


  • Can use the chat
  • Can moderate the chat
  • Can blacklist players
  • Can handle applications
  • Can dismiss players


  • Can use the chat
  • Can moderate the chat
  • Can blacklist players
  • Can handle applications
  • Can dismiss players
  • Can set the recruitment policy
  • Can promote and demote
  • Can edit the squadron details


  • Can use the chat
  • Can moderate the chat
  • Can blacklist players
  • Can handle applications
  • Can dismiss players
  • Can set the recruitment policy
  • Can promote and demote
  • Can edit the squadron details
  • Can disband the squadron

An overview over the member grades available to squadrons. Please note that Training Squadrons cannot have a Deputy.

3.3 Upgrading Training Squadrons 

Training Squadrons can be upgraded to regular Squadrons at any time for a sum of Golden Eagles , which depends on the maximum members allowed in your squadron. The default Training Squadron with a maximum of 10 members costs as much as creating a regular Squadron directly.

You can upgrade your Training Squadron by clicking the 'Upgrade Squadron' button.

After clicking the 'Upgrade Squadron' button, you are able to update your Squadron tag and border style and define a Squadron description as well as a first announcement for members, both features which were previously unavailable.

As Commander of a Training Squadron, you can also chose to increase the maximum number of members allowed in your squadron gradually for a sum of Golden Eagles  in the 'Edit Squadron' menu. Doing so will decrease the cost should you decide to upgrade your Training Squadron to a regular one.

You can upgrade your Training Squadron for a sum of Golden Eagles
by clicking on the 'Upgrade Squadron' button in 'My Squadrons'.
Gradually increasing the maximum membership limit will decrease
the cost in Eagles of a later upgrade to a regular Squadron.

4. Squadron Battles 

A feature that is currently under further development in War Thunder are ‘Squadron Battles’, in which two squadrons can meet (for now) in 8 vs. 8 battles in the air and on the ground. Right now the Squadron Battles are available in Arcade and Realistic battles modes. We are working on extending the functionality of Squadron Battles extensively by e.g. including a League system and other new and exciting features. Any progress will be published on our Developer’s Blog - so make sure to check it out regularly!

For Squadron Battle matchmaking, we employ a special rating system based on the Elo-System involving ‘personal’ and ‘squadron’ ratings:

Players have their own ‘Personal Rating’, showing their individual performance in squadron battles. Not actively participating in squadron battles reduces the personal rating after one week by 10%, after two weeks by 20% and from the third week onwards by 50% per week until it reaches 0 again.

The ‘Squadron Rating’ is determined mostly through the personal rating of its 20 best members, but every other member’s personal rating is also counted by up to 15%, depending on how close they are to those of the top 20.

Two squadrons are then matched with each other based on their individual squadron rating. Winning a squadron battle against a higher or similarly rated opponent increases the personal rating of all participants, while losing a squadron battle decreases it.

Every month, the three highest rated squadrons in Arcade and Realistic Battles are rewarded, depending on their rank, with 10.000, 5.000 or 2.500 Golden Eagles  split between the 20 highest rated members of the squadron.

The Squadrons overview shows position and statistics of all Squadrons in War Thunder.

5. Squadron Rules 

Before creating a Squadron, please make sure that you have read and agreed to the following ruleset:

1. Prohibited content

  • It is forbidden to use the name of the game both in the Squadron name and also it must not be used in tags, logos and other graphics as well as text elements. This also relates to Gaijin references as a whole;
  • Visual or textual material related to pornography, anything containing a clear reference to pornography, erotic images (including hand-drawn, anime, hentai, etc.);
  • Visual or textual material containing obscene language or obscene elements, as well as violating moral and ethical standards;
  • Items that violate the rules of conduct on the web server or the Agreement;
  • Violence or elements associated with violence;
  • Propaganda or discrimination at all levels, including but not limited to political, religious, national, racial, ethnic, sexual, etc.;
  • Any references or images of narcotic, psychotropic substances and their use;
  • Graphic and text elements that infringe copyright laws.
  • The names, logos, slogans and other attributes of organizations recognized by the domestic or international legislation and the courts as a criminal, terrorist or extremist. In particular, organizations, units and military units that was part of the SA, SS, and SD of Nazi Germany.
  • Names, graphic images, including hand-drawn cartoons related to war criminals, extremists and terrorist organizations recognized by Russian or international laws and courts as criminal;
  • Graphic elements containing swastikas or other signs and symbols prohibited by international and Russian laws;
  • Anything that contains information that can lead to a false perception of the squadron or group associated with the administration of the project;
  • The administration of the project, reserves the right to decide on the punishment of a person, as well as a gaming community, even if their actions are not formally covered by the existing prohibitions;
  • The names of the squadrons, both complete and abbreviated (tags) as well as slogans and descriptions of the squadrons that explicitly or implicitly refer to any of the above guidelines are also prohibited.
  • Names, Abbreviations, logos and images not mentioned above are also subject to Scrutinisation and removal by the Admin and Staff of the Project.

2. Punishment

  • Any complete and/or abbreviated names of the Squadrons (tags) or team, as well as slogans, descriptions and logos regiments that violate the above rules need to be changed (in line with the rules) for 48 hours after the warning, otherwise Squadron will be removed, especially in the case of complaints from interested parties or owners.
  • Project administration is not responsible for the creation of squadrons with similar tags, titles and logos. No administrative action in respect of such squadrons will be taken.
  • In the most obvious and severe cases, as a preventive measure, the group will be disbanded and permanent blocking of access to the Game Accounts of all or some of its members will be instigated. The Level of action will be decided by the Staff and Administration of the project. In these cases, any Currency (both in game and real) that has been spent on the formation of the group, will be void and non redeemable by any means.

3. Other

  • The administration is not responsible for the creation of squadrons with similar tags, names and logos. No administrative action will be taken in regards to these squadrons.
  • The administration will not interfere with the distribution of competences within a squadron, including the transfer of command or squadron rights, the granting and withdrawal of rights nor also the addition and exclusion to the squadron roster.
  • The administration is not responsible for the actions of the commander of the squadron, deputy commander of the squadron, the squadron’s officers which could result in the loss of control of the squadron, or the dissolution of the squadron.

4. Editing and updating rules

  • The administration reserves the right to update and change the rules without prior and subsequent notification. These Regulations shall come into force at the time of publication.
  • Golden Eagles spent on Squadron creation will not be refunded, same applies if the Squadron has been disbanded by its Commander


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