War Thunder background

Squadrons are in-game associations of War Thunder players united under the same squadron name and tag. Similar to clans and guilds in other online games or MMOs, squadrons offer co-operative gameplay to teamplay oriented players, e.g. in the form of training, random games in squads, squadron battles and tournaments.

Inside and outside of a battle, squadron members are brothers in arms, that share victory and defeat with each other. As War Thunder is a team-play focused game, getting organized with old and new friends and learning how to efficiently play with each other will make a huge difference on the battlefield.

War Thunder community - Squadrons

Creating a Squadron

There are currently two types of squadrons in War Thunder that can be created by players: Training Squadrons and Squadrons. In general, Training Squadrons are entry-level squadrons with limited functionality and member size created for 1.000.000 Silver Lions, while regular Squadrons offer full functionality and are established with 2500 Golden Eagles.


Joining a Squadron

Joining a squadron in War Thunder is easy, if you know who you want to join. If you are looking for a new squadron, try out the squadron section on our forums - a great number of player squadrons is presenting themselves there. Among our community are squadrons for just about any gaming style and preferences, so we are sure you’ll find the right place!

To join a squadron in-game, click on the ‘Squadrons’ button in War Thunder’s main menu and, under the tab of the same name, find the squadron you want to apply for in the list. To send an application for membership, click on the ‘Apply for Membership’ button with the squadron highlighted that you wish to join.

Managing a Squadron

After your new squadron has been successfully created, you will automatically become the highest member of the squadron’s leadership - the ‘Commander’. All squadron management in War Thunder is done through the ‘My Squadron’ tab of the ‘Squadrons’ window, through which you have previously created your squadron. You can have up to 128 members in a squadron.

  • There can be only one commander.
  • The commander may appoint a deputy, but not more than one.
  • The deputy has all the powers of the commander, but cannot disband the squadron, remove the commander or change the commander's rank.
  • When the Commander leaves the squadron, the Deputy becomes the new commander.
  • A commander cannot leave the squadron unless a deputy is appointed.

Players with the rank "Private" don't have access to squadron management area.


  • Can use the chat
  • Can moderate the chat
  • Can blacklist players
  • Can handle applications
  • Can dismiss players
  • Can set the recruitment policy
  • Can promote and demote
  • Can edit the squadron details
  • Can disband the squadron


  • Can use the chat
  • Can moderate the chat
  • Can blacklist players
  • Can handle applications
  • Can dismiss players
  • Can set the recruitment policy
  • Can promote and demote
  • Can edit the squadron details


  • Can use the chat
  • Can moderate the chat
  • Can blacklist players
  • Can handle applications
  • Can dismiss players


  • Can use the chat

Squadron statistics

Each squadron in War Thunder has its own statistics. The overall regimental statistics are collected from four basic parameters: the number of air vehicles destroyed, the number of ground vehicles destroyed, the number of deaths in battles and the total time spent in the game. Based on this data, your regiment will be located on the leaderboard. Squadron statistics show the status of the past two weeks.

Training squadron :

  • In the Training squadron, only the roles of the commander, officers and privates are available; the role of the deputy is not available. The commander cannot transfer their role to anyone or leave the training squadron, and instead, can only disband it, or update it to a regular squadron with golden eagles.
  • The training squadron has a composition limited to ten participants and twenty recruits awaiting consideration of applications.
  • The training squadron has no description - only the name, tag and motto.
  • The tag of the training squadron does not have the ability to change the style of the decorator.
  • The training squadron can be upgraded to a regular squadron for golden eagles. A training squadron can be created for 1,000,000 Silver Lions.

Squadron Rules

Before creating a Squadron, please make sure that you have read and agreed to the following ruleset:

1. Prohibited content

  • It is forbidden to use the name of the game both in the Squadron name and also it must not be used in tags, logos and other graphics as well as text elements. This also relates to Gaijin references as a whole;
  • Visual or textual material related to pornography, anything containing a clear reference to pornography, erotic images (including hand-drawn, anime, hentai, etc.);
  • Visual or textual material containing obscene language or obscene elements, as well as violating moral and ethical standards;
  • Items that violate the rules of conduct on the web server or the Agreement;
  • Violence or elements associated with violence;
  • Propaganda or discrimination at all levels, including but not limited to political, religious, national, racial, ethnic, sexual, etc.;
  • Any references or images of narcotic, psychotropic substances and their use;
  • Graphic and text elements that infringe copyright laws.
  • The names, logos, slogans and other attributes of organizations recognized by the domestic or international legislation and the courts as a criminal, terrorist or extremist. In particular, organizations, units and military units that was part of the SA, SS, and SD of Nazi Germany.
  • Names, graphic images, including hand-drawn cartoons related to war criminals, extremists and terrorist organizations recognized by Russian or international laws and courts as criminal;
  • Graphic elements containing swastikas or other signs and symbols prohibited by international and Russian laws;
  • Anything that contains information that can lead to a false perception of the squadron or group associated with the administration of the project;
  • The administration of the project, reserves the right to decide on the punishment of a person, as well as a gaming community, even if their actions are not formally covered by the existing prohibitions;
  • The names of the squadrons, both complete and abbreviated (tags) as well as slogans and descriptions of the squadrons that explicitly or implicitly refer to any of the above guidelines are also prohibited.
  • Names, Abbreviations, logos and images not mentioned above are also subject to scrutinisation and removal by the Admin and Staff of the Project.

2. Punishment

  • Any complete and/or abbreviated names of the Squadrons (tags) or team, as well as slogans, descriptions and logos regiments that violate the above rules need to be changed (in line with the rules) for 48 hours after the warning, otherwise Squadron will be removed, especially in the case of complaints from interested parties or owners.
  • Project administration is not responsible for the creation of squadrons with similar tags, titles and logos. No administrative action in respect of such squadrons will be taken.
  • In the most obvious and severe cases, as a preventive measure, the group will be disbanded and permanent blocking of access to the Game Accounts of all or some of its members will be instigated. The Level of action will be decided by the Staff and Administration of the project. In these cases, any Currency (both in game and real) that has been spent on the formation of the group, will be void and non redeemable by any means.

3. Other

  • The administration is not responsible for the creation of squadrons with similar tags, names and logos. No administrative action will be taken in regards to these squadrons.
  • The administration will not interfere with the distribution of competences within a squadron, including the transfer of command or squadron rights, the granting and withdrawal of rights nor also the addition and exclusion to the squadron roster.
  • The administration is not responsible for the actions of the commander of the squadron, deputy commander of the squadron, the squadron’s officers which could result in the loss of control of the squadron, or the dissolution of the squadron.

4. Editing and updating rules

  • The administration reserves the right to update and change the rules without prior and subsequent notification. These Regulations shall come into force at the time of publication.
  • Golden Eagles spent on Squadron creation will not be refunded, same applies if the Squadron has been disbanded by its Commander