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Following the Roadmap: Additions in the First Major Update of 2024
War Thunder’s first major update of 2024, Alpha Strike, has been released and with it a fistful of Roadmap features from the Spring to Summer 2024 Roadmap!
The War Thunder Roadmap for Spring to Summer 2024
Hey everyone! We’ve finished processing your feedback and are ready to present the next Roadmap!
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  • 30 January 2024
Following the Roadmap: WT Mobile Login Streak & Keeping you updated with our plans
In this Roadmap article, we’ll be talking about one of the Roadmap additions to the Air Superiority major update, as well as talking about some of the plans we have for the future.
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  • 13 December 2023
Following the Roadmap: Skill Bonuses in RP & Selectable Night Battles!
We’re continuing to follow the Roadmap that we released in June. Skill bonuses in RP have arrived in the “Kings of Battle” major update, and optional night battles and their rewards will be enabled soon in a future small update, which we’ll announce. Today, we’d like to explain the details surrounding these two mechanics. We fully appreciate the patience that you’ve had while waiting for these as well as the feedback you left. Let’s dive into the details.
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  • 1 November 2023
Following the Roadmap: We’d like to hear your feedback on our proposed Aircraft Destruction Mechanics & Night Battles design
In today’s article, we’ll be discussing two mechanics that we’d like your feedback on: improved aircraft target hit alerts and night battles. Our proposed designs are not final, as we’re explaining them to you so that we can get your feedback to make adjustments if necessary. Let’s dive into the details!
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  • 17 October 2023
Following the Roadmap: Sons of Attila Roadmap implementations and some Postponements
Hey everyone! In today’s major update “Sons of Attila”, we introduced a number of Roadmap features that were previously promised. Since there’s a vast amount, we thought it would be a good idea to compile and round-up each change from the changelog into one article, so that you can clearly see what has been added. We’ve also added tables of summarized and detailed information about parameter changes and in addition to this, some postponements that we need to make. So, let’s dive into the details!
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  • 19 September 2023
Following the Roadmap: Reducing Research/Purchase Cost of Aircraft, map changes & more
We’re continuing to move along with our Roadmap that we released back in June. In today’s news article, we’re going to be talking about the reduction of the research and purchase cost of aircraft, as well as the changes to numerous maps thanks to your feedback. These changes will come to the game in the upcoming major update — thank you very much for leaving feedback across all War Thunder platforms, which in turn helps to make the game better!
Following the Roadmap: grouping vehicles, rank changes, and improvements to premium vehicles
We’re continuing to move along with our Roadmap that we released back in June. First and foremost, we’d like to start off by saying thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we progress through it. Recently, after releasing other roadmap changes, we’ve noticed your anticipation and enthusiasm about progression changes and today we’re pleased to announce that we’re ready to talk about these changes with you.
Following the Roadmap: research helicopters with ground vehicles, marking spawn campers and more
We are continuing to improve War Thunder in a variety of ways based on your feedback, and have been making our way down the Roadmap. This time, we are introducing a number of new features that will improve clarity at spawn points while also deterring spawn campers, players who fall while capturing points will be rewarded if their allies finish the job, and helicopters can now be researched by playing ground vehicles - you can unlock them without leaving PvP battles!
Following the Roadmap: refining landscape
This is one more step along the War Thunder roadmap and a lot of important steps across many locations of the game. Today, we are going to tell you about the improvements to locations within the game based on your feedback. Fixes of overshots, imbalanced positions, vulnerable respawn zones and other improvements which we promised in our big roadmap that we released in June.
Following the Roadmap: Battle Pass available in Simulator Battles
We are continuing to tell you about the improvements that we are implementing based on the Roadmap we released in June. In this news, we’ll be talking about the changes that will allow Battle Pass tasks to be completed in Simulator Battles (SB). 
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  • 26 July 2023
Following the Roadmap: Compensation of Battle Expenses, Free Backups and More!
We continue to implement improvements listed in our War Thunder Changes Roadmap. This time, a multitude of various changes awaits you: improvement to premium accounts, free repairs when destroyed by friendly fire, a more detailed rewards log after the battle, free backups for premium vehicles, mission points for helping teammates and improved mechanics of duplicate fire control mode. Let’s break them down!
Following the Roadmap: maps for aircraft, flares and repair
We continue to let you know about the improvements we are implementing based on the War Thunder updates roadmap. Today, we are going to talk about improving the map rotation for air battles as well as increasing the availability of flares and the ability to extinguish fires and repair vehicles.
Following the Roadmap: Updated Economy
We continue to move forward with the plans listed in our roadmap, and the next big news after the La Royale major update is the updated economу that the majority of the community voted for.
Economy Revision - Our Plan in Detail
First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude for your patience during the past few weeks as we diligently worked on outlining the roadmap for the highly anticipated revision of the War Thunder economy.
War Thunder Changes Roadmap
After your feedback and suggestions, we would like to show you the development roadmap of War Thunder for the next few months.