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Results of polling on the new points in the Road Map

Last week we showed you proposed changes and additions in the mechanics of armored vehicles - and invited you to vote for each of them separately. A total of 52,325 players took part in the survey - thank you very much for your interest! After studying the voting results, we made a number of decisions about the further development of War Thunder, and now we will tell you about them.

The overwhelming majority of those surveyed were in favor of introducing new modules and mechanics for healing crews in ground vehicles. Based on this, we will begin implementing these changes. Please note that the crew healing logic is planned to be introduced in the second major update of this year or even earlier, if possible. Adding new modules will be impossible for all vehicles in the game at once and will happen gradually. With each major update, some vehicles will be improved and receive new modules, starting with the most ‘empty’ models. Any new vehicle models will already be added to the game with the additional modules.


As for the introduction of the stun mechanic, more were against introducing this mechanic than were in favor, so we will postpone its development for now. Perhaps we will discuss this further in the future after implementation of the announced changes. It is possible that the implementation of new modules and their effects will make the problem of ineffective hits unimportant.

When voting on new fire sources, both those for and against the introduction of this mechanic were almost equally divided: the difference was about 2%. Based on this, we decided not to add this mechanic in the proposed form, when any penetration in the fighting compartment leads to one fire or another that leaves the ignition source tied to various types of vehicle modules. However, some of the modules planned for addition to equipment can be (and are in reality) real sources of fire - for example, a battery or a hydraulic drive system - so they can cause a fire when hit as currently happens when the engine or fuel tanks are damaged.

We hope you'll enjoy these changes in future updates to the game. And we will continue to move further along the Roadmap, adding new mechanics and, if necessary, conducting similar surveys. See you in War Thunder!

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