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Following the Roadmap: Sons of Attila Roadmap implementations and some Postponements

Hey everyone! In today’s major update “Sons of Attila”, we introduced a number of Roadmap features that were previously promised. Since there’s a vast amount, we thought it would be a good idea to compile and round-up each change from the changelog into one article, so that you can clearly see what has been added. We’ve also added tables of summarized and detailed information about parameter changes and in addition to this, some postponements that we need to make. So, let’s dive into the details!

Implemented in Sons of Attila

We’ve made several changes to the research and purchase cost of aircraft and modifications at all ranks, and have condensed and reworked a large portion of research trees in the form of rearrangements and groupings of vehicles! Because there are a lot, we’ve created several tables that contain a summary and specifics of each vehicle in the game. One addition that we did not originally mention in the Roadmap is helicopter research and purchase cost, which have also seen some revisions.

We’d like to thank you for testing these changes on our open dev servers and leaving a vast amount of feedback on our forums.

  • The cost of researching and purchasing aircraft, especially in ranks V-VII has been reduced. The following parameters are being reduced specifically: the RP cost of aircraft, the total RP cost of modifications, the SL cost of aircraft, the SL cost of crewing the aircraft, the price of purchasing an expert crew, and the total SL cost of purchasing modifications.
  • The research trees for vehicles have been condensed and reworked. A large number of vehicles have been grouped together; the RP required for researching vehicles in groups has been halved (except for the first one), some trees have been significantly reworked regarding vehicle placement. These changes have also affected some of the economic parameters of vehicles that’ve changed.
  • The progression for Bluewater ships has been revised: Rank VI has been added to research trees, and the positions of a large number of naval vessels at ranks I-V have been changed. At the same time, the progression parameters for naval vessels of ranks II-V of both Bluewater and Coastal fleets have been revised: the vessel RP cost, modification RP cost, the SL cost of the vessel, the SL cost of crewing the vessel, the price of purchasing an expert crew, and the total SL cost of purchasing modifications.
  • The economic parameters of helicopters have been revised: firstly, the purchase price of helicopters and the purchase price of modifications has been revised, with the latter being significantly reduced for most helicopters. In addition to this, other economic parameters have also been revised to ensure similar helicopter progression across all nations in the game.

Dynamic repair costs have been added — what does this mean? In short, the shorter the lifetime of a vehicle, the lower the repair cost. Let’s say your vehicle was destroyed within the first minute of a match — your repair cost will not be the maximum amount for the vehicle that you were using, but will instead be a fraction of the max repair cost, calculated per minute. The details of Repair cost depending on lifetime can be found on each vehicle’s stat card.

  • Dynamic repair costs have been enabled for low lifetime in matches: the shorter the lifetime of the vehicle, the lower the repair cost. The repair cost cannot exceed the maximum repair cost displayed on a vehicle’s stat card, which is a fixed repair cost that the vehicle had before the dynamic repair cost mechanic was introduced. If you exit a vehicle by yourself in a match, then the maximum repair cost for that vehicle will be applied, regardless of the time spent in battle with that vehicle.
  • Information about the repair cost of a vehicle depending on its lifespan has been added to the vehicle’s stat card.

The ability to destroy 3D decorations that are placed on enemy vehicles has been added! This also means that you’ll be able to shoot off bushes that are on enemy vehicles, which we know has been a long-requested feature. The "Favored Killer" mechanic has also been added, which will help significantly reduce the chance of ghost shells with a high ping, as well as the ability to accept an apology in return after a team kill incident occurs.

  • 3D decorations on vehicles can now be hit and destroyed by enemy fire. Fire from allies can only damage decorators in modes with team damage enabled.
  • The “Favored Killer” mechanic has been added: in the case of a small difference in time within the player's ping, between receiving damage blocking their shot on the server and the player's own shot, it will consider that the player managed to shoot.
  • The ability to accept apologies in return after a team kill incident occurs when the responsible player offered apologies has been added. Accepting apologies can be done easily, and when accepting an apology, all allies are notified in the in-game chat. The player will not be kicked from the match for the forgiven team kill.

With this update, we’ve improved a bunch of maps as previously mentioned here. These changes were based on your feedback — thank you very much for leaving it. In addition, the asset collision of ground force maps has also seen a massive rework, which overall will make maps feel better to play on.

  • Map corrections have been made based on your feedback during the Roadmap for the following maps: Poland, Karelia, American Desert, 38th Parallel, Normandy, Jungle, Middle East.
  • The collision of assets on maps has been improved.

Postponing some features

We’d also like to let you know about some postponements to some features that we mentioned in our initial Roadmap. All 4 of these Roadmap features have been postponed to the Fourth update of the year (October-November 2023). Thank you for your patience while you wait for these changes.

  • Night battles can be selected by the player for matchmaking.
  • Skill bonuses in RP.
  • Improved target hit alert in aircraft battles — we’d like to talk about some of the details regarding this point. We have some plans for this mechanic that are radically different from our original announcement and we would like to get your feedback on it — soon we’ll release an article on it.
  • Keeping progress of the daily login reward in the PC version by collecting daily rewards in WT mobile.

That’s all for now

Once again, thank you for the feedback that you left during our open dev servers related to the economy changes as well as your patience waiting for these Roadmap changes. We fully appreciate the time you took to test and leave these comments on our forum. Please continue to leave your feedback and comments: be it either on our official forums, social media, on Steam, Reddit, as well as other platforms that we read.

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