War Thunder background
VTT DCA: French Meat Chopper!
Meet an anti-aircraft platform that features four 12.7 mm machine guns on a light APC chassis which is going to be a very welcomed addition to the lower ranks of the French ground tree!
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  • 27 February 2024
Wessex HU.5: Her Majesty’s Helicopter
In this blog we’ll be taking a look at a familiar helicopter silhouette with a distinctly British twist. Meet the Wessex HU.5, which will soon be coming to the game in the next War Thunder major update. This important domestic rotary-winged icon will soon reinforce the British helicopter tree! 
  • 39
  • 26 February 2024
Pre-Order: Centauro RGO and Strv 121B Christian II
Today we’re announcing two vehicles that can be pre-ordered before the next major update: the Centauro RGO wheeled light tank that’s in service with the Royal Guard of Oman, and the Swedish Strv 121B prototype that has its own name, Christian II.
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  • 22 February 2024
Sword of Justice: Jaguar IS
Today we’re going to be talking about the main reward for the next event called Sword of Justice: meet the Indian Jaguar IS fighter-bomber!
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  • 22 February 2024
Testing out the Severe Damage mechanic
Today we’ll be taking a look at the Severe Damage mechanic which was first announced last year.
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  • 20 February 2024
The War Thunder Roadmap for Spring to Summer 2024
Hey everyone! We’ve finished processing your feedback and are ready to present the next Roadmap!
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  • 30 January 2024
Call of the Dragon: Object 292
We’re taking a look at the main reward of the Call of the Dragon event, which is the Object 292, an experimental Soviet MBT based on the T-80 series tank that features a 152 mm smoothbore gun!
Introducing War Thunder’s New Event Cycle
We’ve got some news to share with you. From now on, we’ll be using a brand-new event cycle where events will start almost consecutively and will (wherever possible) be tied to real-life events.
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  • 23 January 2024
Battle Pass Vehicles: M551(76)
Today we’re showing you the rather interesting M551(76), an American light tank coming to the game in the upcoming Battle Pass season called “Airborne General”!
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  • 19 January 2024
Battle Pass Vehicles: IL-8
We present to you the experimental IL-8 which is an improved variant of the famous IL-2 attack aircraft. What’s the difference? It has an increased bomb load and signature survivability that’s common to the IL series of aircraft. This new aircraft is available in the new season of the upcoming Battle Pass!
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  • 18 January 2024
Discussing reports related to the Challenger 2 MBT
Hey everyone, thanks for your patience while waiting for this post. Today we’d like to discuss bug reports relating to the Challenger 2 series of tanks, what we’ve already fixed thanks to your reports, and what we’re planning to do in the near future. Let’s dive in and take a look at these reports.
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  • 17 January 2024
Battle Pass Vehicles: Le Triomphant
Today we’re going to be talking about the main naval prize of the upcoming Battle Pass season: the French premium Destroyer Le Triomphant, coming in as one of the fastest Bluewater Fleet ships in the entire game!
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  • 17 January 2024
Hull Armor of the M1 Abrams
We’ve seen a lot of topics regarding the armor of the Abrams series of tanks, more specifically the presence of DU (depleted uranium) armor, and so we’d like to share our data on the subject.
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  • 22 December 2023
Answering your concerns regarding spall liners, MBTs and Aircraft
Hello everyone. We’ve noticed that many of you had questions regarding spall liners on tanks and armor in general. To avoid any misunderstandings, we’d like to briefly answer some of these elements below.
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  • 21 December 2023
Collecting Your Ideas for the 2024 Roadmap
As previously announced, today we’re inviting you to help us create an interesting list of features and improvements for War Thunder that you’d like to see.
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  • 20 December 2023
Detailed information surrounding Spall Liners in War Thunder
In War Thunder, we try to add as much detail as possible to various types of combat vehicles. Spall liner is a new armored vehicle protection feature that we introduced in the Air Superiority update, which we know is widely discussed on all platforms. We’d like to explain in detail how this mechanic works, and what its capabilities and limitations are. 
  • 23
  • 20 December 2023
Premium Battleships Courbet and Leonardo da Vinci
Today we’re going to be talking about and showcasing two brand-new Premium Battleships that have been added to the Air Superiority major update — the French Courbet and the Italian Leonardo da Vinci.
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  • 19 December 2023
Su-27: Feisty Flanker!
One of the world’s best jet fighters, the Su-27 has arrived to War Thunder in the Air Superiority major update for the USSR and China, and today we’ll be explaining it all.
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  • 14 December 2023