War Thunder background
Following the Roadmap: Updated Economy
We continue to move forward with the plans listed in our roadmap, and the next big news after the La Royale major update is the updated economу that the majority of the community voted for.
Economy Revision - Our Plan in Detail
First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude for your patience during the past few weeks as we diligently worked on outlining the roadmap for the highly anticipated revision of the War Thunder economy.
War Thunder Changes Roadmap
After your feedback and suggestions, we would like to show you the development roadmap of War Thunder for the next few months.
Émile Bertin light cruiser: hit and run
The French Émile Bertin light cruiser lacks protection, but is capable of inflicting deadly damage. The Agile glass cannon of the seas comes to the game in the La Royale update!
Missile duels: fair play
More improvements for SACLOS missiles are coming with the La Royale update to bring more balance and authenticity to missile duels.
M4/T26: a “Sherman” and a half
A US-built experimental M4 tank with a turret and a gun from the T26 will give you the ultimate “Sherman” experience!
Vijayanta: Armour from India
The Vijayanta medium tank comes to the game in the La Royale update. Meet the first Indian tank in War Thunder!
New effects in the La Royale update
La Royale is almost completed! Today we show some visual improvements and new mechanics that will make War Thunder look even better!
Battleship Lorraine: the last French dreadnought
Meet the Bretagne-class Lorraine battleship, the pinnacle of the French bluewater tech tree in the upcoming La Royale update!
Missile Science: new physics with line-of-sight guidance missiles
We present details on the revised physics of guided missiles with line-of-sight guidance in the La Royale update.
Increasing the number of players in top ranked BR ground battles
Based on the feedback from the YouTube community and from content creators, as well as after analyzing the occupancy of players in sessions of specific ranks, we have decided to make changes to how the matchmaking works and will implement them in the near future (without additional announcements).
Freccia VBM: The Spike Thrower
The Freccia VBM is an Italian IFV with a rapid fire cannon and fire-and-forget anti-tank missiles Spike-MR. Meet the new top tier in ground battles in the upcoming La Royale update.
Pz.Kpfw.38 (t) n.A.: The New Type
WWII era experimental light tank Pz.Kpfw.38 (t) n.A. featuring perfect mobility comes to the game in the La Royale update.
Analysing 15 thousand entries of your feedback from the Economy Survey
Ten days ago we asked you to share your key suggestions and complaints about the game in a special survey. As a result, we received 14,562 player submitted entries - many of them being very constructive. It is a very impressive number! Some submissions made a few pages of well organised bullet points. We are very grateful for such active support for the project and a desire to help us make War Thunder better! 
Su-25T and the pre-order of the Su-39: Sergey Strikes Back!
Both researchable and Premium versions of the advanced Su-25 attack aircraft are to be added in the upcoming La Royale major update. Pre-order now to get special bonuses!
J-8F jet fighter and future plans on the BVRAAMs
The new J-8F is an upgraded version of the famous Chinese jet fighter, equipped with helmet-mounted sight and advanced weapons! Meet one of the champions of the upcoming La Royale update!
BTR-80A: Post-Soviet Vibe
The BTR-80 armored personnel carrier is one of the iconic vehicles originating from the Soviet army. Meet the workhorse of the Russian motorized infantry in the incoming La Royale update!
Au F.1: Fire! Fire! Fire!
The French 155mm Au F.1 SPG built on the chassis of the AMX-30 main battle tank and features an autoloader with 36 round mechanized ammo rack!