New location: South Kvarken

It makes sense that major update 1.95 “Northern Wind” should bring with it a Northern location! We accordingly present to you a new arena for War Thunder naval battles - South Kvarken, a seashore of granite rocks and stone forts!

South Kvarken is a new location coming to naval battles in War Thunder, and will be available in the upcoming update 1.95 “Northern Wind”. Our artists chose the coastal sea area of Finland as the basis for this location, and is arguably one of the more difficult areas for naval vessels to navigate. We set out to convey, as closely as possible, the harsh nature of these waters - granite rocks scatter the location, and many islands, differing in size, are interconnected by various bridges and scenic forts.

In total, this location holds as many as 70 islands, as well as structures recreated according to real-life counterparts, such as the Replot bridge, the large Olafsborg fortress, the the small forts of Svartholm and Sveaborg.

Meet the South Kvarken naval location in War Thunder’s upcoming update 1.95 “Northern Wind”!

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