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New onboard aviation systems

New mechanics for pilots: ground target search radar, flares and automatic correction for target marker (ballistic calculator). 

Modern military vehicles are dependent on many high-tech systems which are designed to improve its efficiency and survival on the battlefield many times over. Implementing such vehicles in War Thunder we can also not forget about this feature and in update 1.97 “Viking Fury” it is time for pilots to get acquainted with the new features.

All the described mechanics that are being implemented for those vehicles with which they were actually used in real life by taking into account the peculiarities of each particular system.


An effective method of counteracting heat-seeking missiles will be available for aircraft pilots of for example such vehicles as the Phantom F-4E.

Firing flares will allow most air-to-air missiles to be directed in the wrong direction but don’t forget that such a trick will not work with missiles launched from surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems which are guided by laser beam.

A Constantly Computed Impact Point (CCIP)

Pilots of modern attack helicopters will be able to shift part of the “work” of pointing with the automatic system which displays on your screen with high precision not only the sight of the automatic cannon or unguided rockets but also a specific point where shells or unguided rockets will impact based on current speed and heading!

For aircraft pilots, this fire control system will also calculate the point of impact of a bomb and display it on your screen.

Ground target detection radar

Radar stations are not the sole prerogative of self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and SAM’s - they can also be found on more and more vehicles from aircraft to naval vessels. If you are not familiar with this mechanic it is probably the right time now to discover it as helicopters have learned how to detect ground targets with their radars!

Some variants of aircraft radars can even distinguish wheeled vehicles from tracked vehicles. They are already embedded in the new mechanics and are only waiting for the appearance of suitable vehicles.

Advanced radars will mark the detected ground vehicles on your radar and clever systems will point the sighting optics in the direction of the selected target at your very first command. 

New radial menu

We have also implemented a new radial menu which conveniently groups all the key functionality of such a radar for more user friendly control of the noticeably complex detection and guidance systems. 

With all its advantages even such impressive mechanics can not become an absolute weapon. Radars that are implemented in War Thunder are based on honest physical laws and will not allow reflected signals through buildings, massive shelters and even vegetation. Therefore in order to detect the enemy armoured vehicle you will need to take a risk with being  spotted on enemy radars.

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