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Lago I: The Medium From the North
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The Lago I was an early 1940’s medium tank, developed by the AB Landsverk company and represents the first true Swedish medium tank to be constructed. Soon, tankers in War Thunder will have the chance to take out the Lago I into battle, following its introduction to the game as part of the new Swedish ground forces tree, coming with update 1.97!

Briefly: A 1940s experimental Swedish medium tank design, primarily used as a testbed during the development of subsequent more advanced Swedish tanks.

Lago I, medium tank, Sweden, II rank.


  • Good frontal protection
  • Quick-firing cannon


  • Average mobility
  • Tightly packed crew

During the 1930’s, the Swedish Landsverk company, like many other European arms manufacturers, wished to capitalize on the growing tensions on the continent in order to secure new production and licencing contracts. Among the most profitable markets was the one for new armored fighting vehicles. As a result, Landsverk began developing a whole range of new combat vehicles during the 1930’s, aimed solely at the export market.

Among them was the L-60 light tank, whose basis Landswerk used to develop the larger and heavier Lago tank. While the L-60 saw some commercial success, the Lago tank received little interest from foreign customers. However, after some time passed, the Swedish military changed their doctrine and sought to procure a medium tank themselves. Given that Landsverk already developed the Lago, Swedish military officials turned to the company with the orders to further develop the design.

In the end, the Lago tank went through multiple prototype stages and was ultimately used only as a testbed for the development of the subsequent Strv m/42 and Pvkv m/43 tanks. The vehicle never had any production orders and didn’t take active part in any conflicts. Due to its design however, the Lago I can be seen as the first true domestically built Swedish medium tank.


In War Thunder, the Lago I will be amongst the first vehicles waiting for players in the lower ranks of the brand new Swedish ground forces tree, coming as one of the highlights of the upcoming 1.97 update. Offering surprisingly effective armor protection, a quick-firing cannon and high-penetrating APDS rounds as an additional ace up its sleeve, the Lago I has everything a tanker might wish for, for a successful start down the ranks of a newly added research tree!

Like many vehicles of the early ranks in War Thunder, the Lago I is equipped with a 37mm cannon, forming its primary offensive armament. Featuring a high rate of fire, common for cannons of this caliber, the Lago I is able to fire its gun every 3.1 seconds under ideal circumstances. Additionally, the Lago I is able to fire both solid shot AP as well as APHE rounds, sporting penetration values comparable to those of other nation’s counterparts.

However, aspiring commanders of this machine will also occasionally find themselves in the unpleasant situation of facing more heavily armored adversaries, in which the standard AP and APHE rounds might not be powerful enough to pierce their armor. In these cases, the Lago I has a unique ace of up its sleeve - high-penetration APDS rounds, capable of punching through close to 90 mm of armor at 500m!

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In terms of protection, the Lago I is shielded by 34 mm of armor plating on the front portions of its hull and turret, respectively. Despite seeming once more quite comparable to other nation’s counterparts in this aspect as well, the frontal armor of the Lago I is in places highly sloped and angled, giving it a good chance of simply bouncing off incoming shells, which haven’t been carefully aimed. 

However, it’s also worth noting that the conditions inside the Lago I are rather cramped, leading to its 5 crew members being very tightly packed. As a result, a single penetrating shot from a larger caliber cannon may well be enough to put the Lago I out of commission for good.

Lastly, a few words on the Lago I’s mobility. Being powered by two Scania-Vabis 1664 petrol engines, producing a total of 285 hp, the vehicle is able to reach a top speed of 45 km/h on paved roads, with its top speed slightly decreasing in off-road conditions. As a result, commanders of this machine will have no trouble getting their machine of war to wherever it’s needed on the battlefield.

The Lago I awaits all eager tank commanders at Rank II of the brand new Swedish ground forces tree, coming soon to War Thunder with the upcoming update 1.97. Until then, be sure to stay tuned for more news regarding the next major update coming to the game. Happy hunting, tankers!

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