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AMX-32: Further Improvements
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The AMX-32 is an improved variant of the French AMX-30 main battle tank, primarily developed for customers on the export market. Standing out from the base model with better protection and a higher caliber gun, the AMX-32 will soon reinforce the French top ranks and will await all seasoned tankers in the upcoming update 1.97!

Briefly: A further development of the 1970s AMX-30 MBT, featuring a new, better protected hull and turret as well as a more powerful 120mm smoothbore cannon with gun stabilizer and thermal vision!

AMX-32, main battle tank, France, VI rank.


  • Gun stabilizer
  • Hard-hitting 120mm cannon
  • Thermal night vision
  • Laser rangefinder


  • Average mobility
  • Insufficient protection

Development of the AMX-32 began in 1975 as a private venture of AMX, in hopes of attracting the interest of foreign customers, which are already using the AMX-30. The new vehicle was intended to offer better protection than the base model, in addition to several other improvements in various areas in order to spark the interest of international customers.

The first prototype of the AMX-32, fitted with a 105mm gun, was unveiled in 1979, followed soon after by the presentation of the second prototype in 1981, armed with a 120mm cannon. However, despite the improvements offered over the base model, the AMX-32 attracted no interest from neither foreign customers nor from the French military, the latter of which more favored the notion of modernizing its existing fleet of AMX-30s, rather than procuring a new vehicle. 

After only a handful of prototypes were built, further development was soon afterwards cancelled due to lacking interest. However, although the AMX-32 never became a success itself, many of the features that it incorporated and experiences gained during its construction were carried over the subsequent projects, such as the AMX-40 and modernization projects of its predecessor - the AMX-30.


In War Thunder, the AMX-32 will be a new main battle tank, arriving soon as part of update 1.97 to Rank VI of the French ground forces tree. Further expanding upon the arsenal available to seasoned French tankers, the AMX-32 offers its future commanders improved protection over the regular AMX-30, as well as substantially improved firepower, courtesy of the lethal new 120mm smoothbore cannon with stabilizer, thermal vision and laser rangefinder!

Being based on the AMX-30, it comes to no surprise that the AMX-32 shares a great deal of visual similarity with its older brother. Visual similarities aside though, those who come expecting a mere face-lifted AMX-30 will inevitably leave empty-handed, but this doesn’t automatically mean that they’ll be left disappointed too.

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The most recognizable difference found on the AMX-32 is its all-welded steel turret. Unlike the cast turret found on the base AMX-30, the welded turret on the AMX-32 isn’t just different in shape, but also in the level of protection it offers. Namely, the turret on the AMX-32 doesn’t just feature thicker armor in general , but also a spaced armor construction on the hull front and gun mantlet  thus offering improved protection against chemical rounds.

Furthermore, the AMX-32 received a substantial improvement in its firepower department. Although initial prototypes were armed with 105mm cannons, similar to that found on the regular AMX-30, later units were fitted with the more powerful 120mm smoothbore cannon with stabilizer, similar to that found on the AMX-40 - a familiar vehicle to seasoned War Thunder tank commanders. As such, tankers can comfortably go up against even some of the tougher opponents they may meet on the battlefields, thanks to the presence of excellent sub-caliber rounds carried by the AMX-32.

However, the AMX-32 does come with a notable drawback, which its aspiring commanders should be aware of before going into battle. Being powered by an 800 horsepower engine and weighing in at 40 tons, the AMX-32 will only achieve average levels of mobility, especially in off-road conditions, meaning that it will more often than not lag behind some of the more mobile vehicles found at the top ranks.

Although the AMX-32 never had the chance to prove its mettle in the heat of combat in the real world, War Thunder tankers will soon have the chance to do so on the virtual battlefields in the game. To do so, make sure to add the AMX-32 to your vehicle collection upon its arrival to the game as part of update 1.97. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

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