Update 16.10.2018 (
Changes in economy, research points gain and module unlocks.
16 October 2018
Server update 10.10.2018
A bug related to the working mechanics of the referral system has been fixed.
10 October 2018
Server update 08.10.2018
Numerous changes in Aircraft Flight Models.
8 October 2018
Update 04.10.2018 (
Correction of a marker bug with ATGM helicopter, collision fix in Italy location (...)
4 October 2018
Update 01.10.2018 (
A bug where when restarting an engine on aircraft, excessive torque was created has been fixed (source).
1 October 2018
Update 27.09.2018 (
American desert bug fix, sound improvement
27 September 2018
Server update 26.09.2018
New decals with “eyes” images have been added to the “Nose art” group.
26 September 2018
Update 25.09.2018 (
Various bug fixes, changes to the respawning costs in Ground Realistic Battles and FM changes for aircraft and helicopters.
25 September 2018
Update 20.09.2018 (
A bug when some players had no trees and bushes displayed after 20m distance has been fixed; A missing fence animation bug has been fixed.
21 September 2018
Update 19.09.2018 (
Helicopter research tree display fix, settings, Spitfire camera issue.
19 September 2018


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