War Thunder "New Power" - Changelog
A new version of the Dagor engine, the first battleships, new aircraft carriers, new sky, vertical take-off aircraft and many other important changes.
17 November 2020
Update 27.11.2020 (
Leclerc engine sound has more sound for a turbine, and less sound for a turbocharger.(...)
27 November 2020
Update 26.11.2020 (
The hull break effect from kinetic round hits on hulls only has been removed for the following vehicles(...)
26 November 2020
Update 25.11.2020 (
A bug with missed hit marks on destroyed ground vehicles has been fixed. 
25 November 2020
Update 24.11.2020 (
A bug which would cause the decals of one vehicle in a player’s vehicle setup to appear on another vehicle from the same setup has been fixed.
24 November 2020
Update (Xbox)
The vehicle menu is now available with the right mouse button. A bug that stopped decal turning with a gamepad in the customization menu has been fixed.
24 November 2020
Update 20.11.2020 (
CPU load has been reduced.(...)
20 November 2020
Server update 19.11.2020
The Award for the achievements in coastal and blue-water fleets of rank II and III has been temporarily disabled.
19 November 2020
Update 19.11.2020 (
M4A3 (76) W — The armour model of the gun mantlet has been fixed.
19 November 2020
Update 18.11.2020 (
A bug where vehicles that were locked in the hangar were shown as available for an upcoming battle has been fixed.
18 November 2020


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