War Thunder "Hot Tracks" - Changelog
Additions to the Dagor Engine that include updated gunfire for naval and ground vehicles, 3 new helicopters for Italy and 30 new war machines for other countries and many other important changes.
18 December 2020
Update 04.03.2021 (
Bug fixes and changes for battle tasks.
4 March 2021
Server update 24.02.2021
The requirements for completing battle tasks have been changed
24 February 2021
Update 20.02.2021 (
A bug that caused raindrops to not be displayed has been fixed.
20 February 2021
Update 19.02.2021 (
Numerous bug fixes
19 February 2021
Update 17.02.2021 (
Bug fixes
17 February 2021
Server update 02.02.2021 (Planned BR changes)
Planned BR changes are live.
2 February 2021
Update 02.02.2021(
Bug fixes
2 February 2021
Update 28.01.2021(
Bug fixes
28 January 2021
Update 27.01.2021(
A bug where a vehicle would receive a camouflage from another vehicle of a similar model has been fixed.The basic respawn cost of heavy tanks in RB mode has been reduced from 220 to 180 respawn points.
27 January 2021


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