Minefield Ahead! Try out the VS-8!
Insidious traps, equally dangerous for fast boats and for huge cruisers - naval mines! Today War Thunder commanders have a chance to learn more about a potential enemy weapon.

15 November 2018

Special Fleet
Naval forces for all players and CBT of the Royal Navy!
With the release of update 1.83 “Masters Of The Sea”, fleets in War Thunder will go into the OBT stage and will become available for all players! From now on, every daredevil will be able to try on the commander's tunic and lead their ship into battle!

23 October 2018

Has decal
Fleet News
HMS Grafton (H89): The spirit of self-sacrifice
HMS Grafton is a G-class destroyer built for the Royal Navy during the 1930s, which saw limited action in the early stages of WW2 before meeting her fate. The destroyer HMS Grafton will await all aspiring captains in the CBT of War Thunder’s Royal Navy !

19 October 2018

Fleet Development
HMS Armada (D14): Keeping The Birds at Bay
The British Battle-class destroyer was Britain’s last wartime destroyer design and represented a radical shift in design philosophy compared to previous classes.

18 October 2018

Fleet Development
Flower-class Corvette: The Convoy Guardian
The Flower-class is a British WW2-era corvette, designed specifically to escort Atlantic convoys and protect them from German U-boats. HMCS Brantford will soon be available in the game as part of the CBT of the Royal naval forces!

17 October 2018

Fleet Development
Reset of research progress for fleet. Awards for CBT participants.
Hello participants of the Naval Forces CBT. Tomorrow, on the 17th of October, we will do the planned reset of the research progress in naval forces that we told you about previously at the start of CBT.

16 October 2018

Has decal
Naval mines in War Thunder
We are excited to introduce a new armament type for Naval battles in War Thunder - naval mines and in this devblog we will describe using them in game.

12 October 2018

Fleet Development
HMCS Haida - Commonwealth Veteran
HMCS Haida is a Tribal-class destroyer of the Royal Canadian Navy, which served not only through WW2, but also took part in actions in the Korean War.

12 October 2018

Fleet Development
SGB 304 Grey Fox: Old Technology, New Era
The Steam Gunboat (SGB) is a steam-powered British WW2 gunboat, developed to combat the German S-Boat threat. War Thunder captains will have the chance to command this highly interesting vessel during the CBT of the Royal Naval forces!

11 October 2018

Fleet Development
HMAS Nepal (G25): Air Raid Survivor
HMAS Nepal is a British N-class destroyer which served with the Royal Australian Navy in WW2 and operated primarily in the Indian Ocean and Pacific. HMAS Nepal will be available to all Testers in the CBT of the Royal Naval forces in War Thunder.

10 October 2018

Fleet Development
What awaits us in update 1.83 “Masters of the Sea!”
In the upcoming War Thunder update 1.83 “Masters of the Sea!” we present to you Naval Forces OBT, a Royal Navy CBT line-up, new vehicles and locations.

9 October 2018

Fleet News
Locations for naval battles: “Mediterranean port” and “Green mountains gulf”
We would like to present to you two locations for naval battles which are coming to War Thunder with the release of major update 1.81 “The Valkyries”: “Green mountains gulf” and “Mediterranean port”

4 September 2018

Fleet Development


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