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Minefield Ahead! Try out the VS-8!

Insidious traps, equally dangerous for fast boats and for huge cruisers - naval mines! Today War Thunder commanders have a chance to learn more about a potential enemy weapon.

This is the first appearance of Naval Mines in War Thunder! In using the VS-8 "Schell I" you will help us test the mechanics of mines in real battles.

From 12:00 GMT on the 15th of November till 07:00 GMT on the 19th of November

Win 7 times with a battle activity of 50% or higher in naval battles whilst controlling a ship and get a 24 hour rental for the minelayer hydrofoil VS-8 "Schell I".

Event features:

  • Vessels of all ranks are able to participate in the event.
  • You can follow progress by clicking on your nickname → Achievements → Achievements → Special.
  • You can only receive the VS-8 for rental once.
  • The rental begins from the moment the task is completed and the boat is received.
  • To participate in battle with the VS-8, the boat must be allocated to a crew slot. After the rental is finished, crew skills will not be reset and can be used in the future for any battles with the VS-8.
  • Any RP and SL earned during the use of the VS-8 will not be reset after the rental is finished.
  • In case of problems being found during testing, both the action itself and the possibility of using VS-8 "Schell I" may be suspended.

Please share your suggestions on this type of weaponry in War Thunder in our dedicated forum topic!

The War Thunder Team


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