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Naval mines in War Thunder

Greetings! Mines are an important part of the naval arsenal  and we hope that they will make naval battles even more interesting. Today we will tell you how mines will work in our game.


For those that will - it will be possible to choose mines as an armament preset before a battle after the respective modification has been researched. You will be able to select the mine depth (how deep it sits in the water) before launching your chosen vessel in a battle - there will be several variants suitable against different enemy vessel types. If you choose a depth of less than 1 metre, it will explode no matter what vessel runs over it, but it can be easily spotted on the surface.

A mine floating on the surface can be destroyed easily with guns and if it is placed deeper than 1 metre, it won’t be visible, however vessels with smaller draughts will not receive any damage from it. Like torpedoes, mines will display a marker at a specific radius - at the moment it is set to 100m but the distance might change dependant on testing.


Naval mines need some time to arm after being deployed, and at the start of the test the arming time will be set to 3 seconds. Mines also have a self-destruction timer - after 2 minutes the mine will blow up.

During the first stage of the test, mines will be available as a modification for the premium German VS-8 boat. We plan to test the armament on this vessel first, so that we can use the experience and test results when we decide how to implement mines in our game.

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