The T1 Type Motor Torpedo Boat: The Early Stages
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The T1 Type Motor Torpedo Boat is a standard representative of the mosquito fleet, possessing all the defensive and offensive capabilities that one might expect of her tier.

Briefly: The T1 Type MTB 1941 is a multifunctional boat that is the perfect solution for all first-rank naval battle assignments. She has lightweight small arms, two torpedoes, and a few depth charges.


Boats of this type were developed in 1939 as part of the fourth construction program for the Japanese fleet. They were based on the experimental Type B boat, which in turn was based on the British Thornycroft CMB boat captured in China in 1938. The first boat was put into operation in 1941. In total, six boats of this type were constructed, only one of which survived. In 1942, she was badly damaged and used for training after restoration. The other five boats were lost in conflicts during the years of 1943-1944.c

T1 Type Motor Torpedo Boat, Japan, Rank I.


Do not expect anything too special from the T1 Type Motor Torpedo Boat. However, she does make for a decent beginning level boat for the Imperial Japanese Navy and is capable of undertaking any assignments at her tier. A pair of turrets with 7.7mm machine guns work well against lightweight enemy boats and aircraft. For larger targets, she has two 457mm torpedoes capable of delivering 110 kg of explosives to a distance of up to four kilometres. Anyone tailing the T1 will quickly make the acquaintance of her Type 95 depth charges. Although it won’t be easy, the boat is equipped with three petrol engines (two primary and one cruising engine) with a total of 1,860 horsepower, and can reach speeds of over 38 knots, making her a difficult target.


With update 1.89, you will be able to take to the seas on the T1 Type Motor Torpedo Boat and begin your exploration of the Imperial Japanese Navy!

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