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No.4 Type CH-8: Bomb truck
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No.4 Type CH-8. Submarine hunter, Japan, rank II.


  • Large size equals good vitality
  • Can carry up to 18 depth bombs, plus 4 in side mortars


  • There's no large-calibre weaponry
  • Low speed

The CH-8 is one of the first Japanese ships designed to combat submarines. The ships of this class were produced in the second half of the 30s and used in coastal waters until the end of WWII. Because of their specific role, submarine hunters were not equipped with large, or even medium calibre weapons - the main caliber of this ship is a paired 40 mm cannon, reinforced by turrets with 25 mm autocannons. The main weapons of the hunter were Type 95 depth bombs with an explosive weight of 100 kg, as well as bomb mortars which were installed on later modifications of hunters, such as the CH-8. The CH-8 itself belongs to class No.4, and between 1937 and 1939, there were 9 such units built.

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In War Thunder, the CH-8 is placed at rank II of the Japanese naval research tree and can be researched after the slightly more powerful Kusentei No.13 Type which is equipped with a large 80mm cannon and has a larger displacement and crew. Why? Because the CH-8 carries a record number of depth bombs for its rank - up to 18,160 kg worth of the Type 95! At the same time, bomb weapons can be enhanced - among the researchable modifications, you will find bomb mortars which will add four more bombs that “jump out” on the sides. The CH-8 sports relatively weak weaponry - the main calibre is represented by a pair of 40 mm cannons, and there are a few 25 mm anti-aircraft guns; that's all. This combination makes the CH-8 a role-specific, but interesting battleship.

Depth bombs, while at times difficult to use, are a powerful weapon for ships to take advantage of. The CH-8 is a great chance to master this weapon and will allow one to learn how to use it effectively in battle. The only thing that the Japanese bomb carrier is missing is speed - CH-8 doesn’t go faster than 20 knots, so it will not be able to show tactical initiative against other small ships and boats. However, the large size and relatively large crew allow the CH-8 to withstand short chases, causing the enemy to stumble upon the bombs that it drops.

The Japanese No.4 Type CH-8 is one of the most unique ships at its rank. It's not easy to master - every battle is a new challenge for the commander's skills, but the potential of this ship’s destructive power is enormous! Coming to the battlefield with update 1.89, be sure to take the CH-8 out to sea and master all of her quirks and features!

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