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Explosive Reactive Armor for the T-80B
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We would like to present you a new researchable module for one of the top tanks of the USSR/Russian armored vehicle tech tree – an explosive reactive armor set for the T-80B.


In the previous War Thunder update, we introduced T-80B, a top main battle tank of the USSR/Russian tech tree. In update 1.83 Masters of the Sea, we will introduce a new researchable module for this vehicle – the Kontakt-1 add-on explosive reactive armor. It will significantly boost the tank’s defense against HEAT projectiles, such as chemical rounds and anti-tank guided missiles. In combination with the main passive armour of the vehicle, this will provide increased anti-HEAT protection of up to 850-900 mm, helping it to withstand fire from even the most powerful ATGMs.

You can read about explosive armor and how it works in our devblog.

Explosive Reactive Armor and Composite Armor

Check the previous devblogs:


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