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Type 75 Multiple Rocket Launcher: Explosive Hailstorm

In the mid-60s, the Japanese Military Administration made the decision to boost their Self-Defense Forces’ power with a mobile MLRS on a tracked chassis. As a base, it was suggested that the promising tracked armoured personnel carrier, that was at the time being developed by the Mitsubishi company, be used. The military vehicle was subsequently put into service under the designation Type 73 APC and became a base for a whole series of assault and support vehicles of the Japanese army. In order to equip their army with a modern multiple rocket launcher system, the Japanese used an APC as a base to develop the brand new Type 75 MLRS, as well as two other support vehicles – a mobile weather station and a command vehicle – to ensure the launcher’s combat readiness. The Type 75 was put into service in 1975 and built up serially to 1985 inclusive. The vehicle fired at its opponents using its 130 mm rockets located on 30 launching tubes inside a rotating pod (the horizontal guidance angle was 50 degrees). The Type 75 had a three-man crew and could reach a speed of 50 km/h.


In our game, this MLRS will be a premium support vehicle in high-rank combined battles. Such an unusual addition to medium and main battle tanks will provide new, interesting combat opportunities for the Japanese tankers. Each one of the 30 rockets in case of a direct hit deals significant, and often fatal damage to the majority of ground targets. Light vehicles fitted with bulletproof armour will literally “pop,” while the best-armoured tanks will also suffer some serious damage – amazing, right? Just make sure you hit those targets. However, there are a number of factors you have to consider before deciding to take the Type 75 into your next battle. The rocket pod cannot fully rotate horizontally, meaning that any leftward or rightward angle over 25 degrees can only be achieved by rotating the hull. Furthermore, it’s impossible to achieve a negative angle when aiming vertically – we recommend practicing with the Soviet Katyusha in order to learn to use uneven terrain surfaces to reach the desired negative tilt angles.

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The vehicle itself might be quite mobile, but it has weak armour – the aluminum alloy widely used at the time is only strong enough to resist machine gun fire and small shrapnel. Basically, it’s never a good idea to rush ahead of your whole squad right into the enemy line of fire. The premium status of this MLRS will not only let you earn decent rewards, but it will also significantly speed up the research process of any vehicle of the Japanese tech tree at the same or lower rank.

The Type 75 is a truly unpredictable vehicle for high-rank battles. It will definitely please its owner and cause quite a lot of trouble for their opponents. Players will be able to give the new vehicle a go with the release of the new update 1.83 titled “Masters of the Sea”! We will see you there!


Those that purchase the Type 75 MLRS, from the 23rd of October until 13:00 GMT on the 6th of November, will also receive the Emblem of the 2nd Combined Brigade JGSDF.

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