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Volumetric shells in the "Raining Fire" update

All shells in the game - ground vehicle, aircraft and naval - will now have their own volume. Learn more about damage model improvements brought to you in the recent update.


In addition to new vehicles, a new location and numerous fixes and improvements, in the War Thunder: Raining Fire update we are introducing “volumetric” shells - a very important feature for all game modes. Previously, shells in our game did not have their own volume. In fact, each projectile fired was a material point that reacted with the ballistics of its real life prototype, and upon contact with the enemy, a complex multi-vector simulation of the interaction of the projectile at the point of impact, say, with the point of armor on an enemy tank took place. In this case, the point-shaped projectile in some cases could inflict penetration or damage where a real projectile was not able to fit in reality - for example, a ricochet and flight under the turret ring area, slaughtering all crew members and modules in its path.

We decided to fix this. In the "Raining Fire" update, all shells in the game, from 15mm calibre or more, are now simulated by several rays at once, which indicate the real dimensions of the shell for a more reliable calculation of damage - on armor, in it, and behind it. Large calibre projectiles are additionally modeled with two ray circles. Now the projectile cannot penetrate where it cannot physically fit. The changes affected all ground, sea and air vehicles in the game, both player-controlled and AI vehicles, including AA guns.

Now you are able to more precisely simulate the most diverse scenarios of damage from any shells in the game - we have added functionality for protection analysis not only for tanks, but also for aviation. Welcome to the War Thunder: Raining Fire update! Our favorite game just got better!

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