New location: Aleutian Islands

Welcome to a new location for naval battles - "Aleutian Islands", that we plan to add to the game with the release of the War Thunder: Raining Fire

The volcanic Aleutian Islands archipelago, located between Alaska and Kamchatka, became the target of Japan's diversionary operation to capture Midway during World War II. It is here, with the release of the Raining Fire update, battles between naval vessels and aircraft of War Thunder will begin. The harsh northern climate has made this archipelago almost lifeless with only the sea, rocks and rare vegetation. Amongst this grim beauty you will find a small naval base with a maintenance dock, a lighthouse and a few rare buildings.

The relief of the interior of the archipelago is replete with rocks and small islands, where only smaller motor boats can pass. Destroyers feel comfortable at some distance from the main group of islands - from there they can attack both the coastal zone and targets out at sea.

You will be able to meet the challenge in the new and interesting location "Aleutian Islands" very soon with the release of the War Thunder: Raining Fire.

The War Thunder Team

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