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Peacock corvette: Coastal show-off
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The Peacock-class, was a class of five corvettes built for the Royal Navy in the mid 1980’s, specifically with the purpose of serving in the Hong Kong region. Soon, British captains in War Thunder will have the opportunity to stand behind the helm of this unique warship arriving with the “Raining Fire!” major update!

Briefly: A specially designed British 1980’s corvette, intended for operations in the tropical waters of Hong Kong.

Peacock, corvette, Great Britain, II rank.


  • Potent 76mm autocannon
  • High rate of fire


  • Lacks secondary weapons

Between 1983 and 1985, British shipyards produced five Peacock corvettes, specially designed for operations in the waters of Hong Kong. To allow for effective service in the tropical climate, the Peacock corvettes were fitted with features such as air conditioning and the ability to remain at sea even during typhoons.

Upon completion, all five vessels were assigned to the 6th Patrol Craft Squadron, operating out of Hong Kong. During their service, Peacock corvettes would, apart from showing a military presence in the area, also successfully aid the Hong Kong Police Force in fighting illegal immigration and smuggling.

However, after Hong Kong was returned to China in July 1997, three of the Peacock corvettes were subsequently sold to the Philippine Navy, where after several modernizations they still serve to this day.

Similarly, two of the Peacock corvettes were sold to the Irish Naval service in 1988, both of which are still in active service with Ireland.


In War Thunder, the Peacock corvette will be a new vessel awaiting all captains at rank II of the British naval tree in the upcoming update. Staying true to the British “slow and steady” approach, the Peacock corvette offers its aspiring captains a much different experience than most other vessels found at the second rank of the British naval tree.

Beginning with the Peacock’s firepower; unlike most other vessels at the lower ranks which captains may have already become familiar with, Peacock is armed with just a single 76 mm OTO cannon in the bow of the ship. This making up its entire weapons arsenal means that captains will need to come up with different ways of taking on different opponents since charging every enemy in this vessel will certainly not always be a viable option. On the other hand, the familiar fast-firing 76 mm OTO cannon has already proven itself in War Thunder naval battles as a reliable and most effective weapon, both when used against surface targets as well as against aircraft. 

The Peacock corvette is powered by two diesel engines, generating a combined power output of 14,188 horsepower, thus allowing the vessel to reach a rather modest top speed of 25 knots (46 km/h). Despite not setting any speed records, Peacock’s mobility is adequate to combat other smaller vessels in more confined naval battlegrounds. Besides, being relatively lightly armed and favoring longer range engagements compared to other vessels of its rank, aspiring captains of this vessel are best advised to keep their enemies at distance. In this case, the ship’s rather modest mobility won’t have such a large impact on its performance in combat.

Lastly, Peacock also features a slightly larger crew complement than most other British vessels found at the lower ranks, ignoring a few exceptions. As a result of having 39 crew members serve aboard the vessel, Peacock has a slightly higher combat endurance than other vessels at its rank, being capable of sustaining a bit more battle damage.

The Peacock corvette is arriving at rank II of the British naval tree as part of the upcoming major update and will be available to research for all captains upon the update’s release. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to the news as we continue sharing what other exciting new things the “Raining Fire!” update for War Thunder has in store for you. Until then, calm seas captains!

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