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Su-7B: new doctrine

The Su-7B was developed as a new type of ground support aircraft, a fighter-bomber. We introduce a new strike aircraft for the USSR, the first jet vehicle in the glorious Sukhoi attack aircraft family!

Su-7B, attack fighter, USSR, VI rank


  • Good horizontal flight speed
  • A variety of mounted weapons


  • Mediocre controllability
  • No guided weapons

With the development of jet aviation, piston-engined attack aircraft quickly became an anachronism; a need arose for a new class of front-line aircraft - a fighter bomber. In the USSR, the MiG-15 and MiG-17 fighter jets were used to replace the piston-engined IL-10 to support the ground forces from the air, but it was quite obvious that a specialized machine was needed to fulfill the tasks of the fighter-bomber. The most suitable candidate was the Sukhoi Su-7 fighter jet, taken as the basis for the Su-7B fighter-bomber project. By the end of 1958, the first prototype was ready with the new AL-7F-1 engine. For almost two years, the aircraft underwent intensive testing and refinement, and in 1960 the new fighter-bomber went into mass production. Of the 431 planned, 344 Su-7Bs were built to equip up to 25 combat units. From the beginning of the 70’s, the Su-7B aircraft began to be replaced with more modern modifications and models.


In our game, the Su-7B will appear in the next update of War Thunder: Starfighters at rank VI in the USSR combat aviation tech tree. With this model we begin the addition of the Sukhoi attack aircraft to the game, well-known combat machines that took part in a number of armed conflicts of modern times.

The Su-7B is a supersonic attack aircraft, capable to quite effectively support ground forces in mixed battles, destroy enemy helicopters, but devoid of air-to-air guided missiles to battle the fighter-interceptors. The Su-7B reaches a maximum speed of almost Mach 2 (more than 2150 km / h), but the Su-7B has obvious problems with maneuvering at high speeds. The offensive armament of the aircraft is a pair of 30mm NR-30 cannons with a stock of 80 shells per barrel. These are well suited for the destruction of helicopters or even light vehicles - SPAAGs, IFVs, or ATGM carriers.

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Mounted weapons are what is definitely worth developing in this aircraft. The overall payload is relatively small - up to 2 tons, but the armament is quite diverse. There are bombs in the presets of 4x250 kg and 4x500 kg, S5K rockets in containers (64 in total), and new to the game, S-3K armor-piercing high explosive rockets (28 at once), as well as huge S-24 rockets (4 rockets maximum). This aircraft was designed to inflict quite a lot of damage at high speed on one or two targets in one fire raid. Hit, climb, hide from anti-aircraft guns - hit again!

In general, the Su-7B is a very good aircraft for combined battles or ground attack missions at the high ranks of aviation game modes. It is not perfect, but has its own useful and distinctive role in the game. The Su-7B will appear in our hangars with the release of the next update of War Thunder: Starfighters very soon. See you there!

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