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Type 93: Breaking Barriers and Airframes

The Type 93 is a Japanese 1990’s wheeled SAM vehicle, developed for the JGSDF as a modern replacement for conventional gunned SPAA units. Coming soon to War Thunder with update Starfighter, the Type 93 will reinforce the top ranks of the Japanese ground tree and provide lethal anti-air cover for its allies on the ground!

Briefly: An early ‘90s Japanese light SAM vehicle, equipped with eight lethal Type 91 IR-guided surface-to-air missiles.

Type 93, SPAA, Japan, VII rank.


  • Excellent mobility
  • Deadly ‘fire & forget’ SAMs
  • Fastest ground vehicle in game!


  • Lightly armored
  • Low survivability

Development on the Type 93 mobile SAM platform began in 1990 after the Japanese Department of Defense tasked the Toshiba Heavy Industries company with modifying the already in service military version of the Toyota Mega Cruiser (designated BXD10) to carry the Type 91 surface-to-air missiles with the aim of creating a contemporary replacement for conventional gun-armed SPAA units.

Given how all necessary components were already more or less readily available, the actual development time for the new vehicle was fairly short. As a result, shortly after the order was issued in 1990, a prototype of the Type 93 was built and underwent successful testing. In 1993, the vehicle was officially accepted into service with the JGSDF and mass production commenced. In total, 113 Type 93s were built between 1993 - 2008, with all produced units serving exclusively with the JGSDF even until this day.


In War Thunder, the Type 93, apart from being a deadly Japanese 610mm torpedo in naval battles, will now also take on the form of a no less lethal surface-to-air missile platform in ground battles, following the release of the upcoming update. Although SAM vehicles have been a part of War Thunder ground battles for some time now, Japanese tankers had to wait a little longer before getting their hands on such advanced tech, but the Type 93 now aims to make this wait worthwhile!

The Type 93 can be considered a prime example of a so-called ‘one-trick-pony’. Armed solely with an 8-barreled SAM launcher, firing Type 91 IR-guided missiles, the Type 93’s one and only task on the battlefield is to keep the skies clear of any unwanted aerial intruders.

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Fortunately, this task is made rather simple thanks to the Type 91 missiles. Being able to take down targets within a 5 km range and accelerating up to speeds close to twice that of sound during flight, the Type 91 SAMs are more than effective means of dealing with pesky helicopters or fast moving aircraft. If their high speed didn’t make the Type 91 missiles dangerous enough, these missiles have another trick up their sleeve that makes them even more formidable. Namely, the Type 91s aren’t easily fooled by countermeasures, allowing them to more consistently score killing blows against aerial targets, even those with more advanced countermeasures, including flares.

However, while the Type 93 excels at countering aerial targets, its effectiveness against ground targets is extremely limited. Not only does the Type 93 not have access to any other weaponry, but its missiles require a lock in order to be fired - something that can only be achieved on aerial targets.


Furthermore, the Type 93 is only lightly armored and thus capable of deflecting just rifle caliber fire as well as shrapnel. Cannon fire as well attack from aircraft is bound to make short work of the Type 93 and its two-man crew.

On a different note, weighing in at just 2.6 tons and being powered by a 150 horsepower diesel engine, the Type 93 offers its aspiring commanders unparalleled mobility, being able to achieve a top speed of 125 km/h on paved roads. As a result, the Type 93 will become the new record holder for being the fastest ground vehicle in War Thunder upon its arrival to the game with the next major update Starfighters!

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