Unguided Brits!

We’re pleased to introduce new cool mounted weapons for British aircraft. Mighty rockets suitable for both sinking ships and blowing up tanks!

New cool stuff for British pilots - three new extremely powerful rockets to mount on British aircraft. These rockets will be available for RAF aircraft, such as the Hawker Sea Fury, the Mosquito FB Mk 6, the Avenger Mk II, the Firebrand, and the Wyvern.

Triplex R.P.

Triplex R.P.

Well-known to War Thunder pilots, British RP-3 rockets were among the first aviation rockets in the game. But they can still surprise you! “Triplex” is a fancy design of three RP-3 rocket engines with a single warhead. The hit of such a rocket is approximately equivalent to the hit of three RP-3s at once. Triplex R.P. forgives some mistakes in aiming and is perfect for destroying tanks that might survive after being hit by a regular single RP-3.

Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom

Three rockets in one? Why only three?” - British engineers probably thought this, developing Uncle Tom, an experimental anti-ship rocket, the continuation of the idea of the ​​Triplex project. The nominal weight of the rocket is 1,000 pounds, but in reality it is slightly more. There are as many as 6 RP-3 engines. Now they are not just combined with clamps, but are enclosed in a cylindrical metal chassis. Each engine has an external cone-shaped nozzle. The warhead of “Uncle Tom” is an armour-piercing high-explosive, designed to explode after penetrating the armoured belt of a ship - a destroyer or cruiser. Of course, in mixed battles against tanks, such a rocket will also come in very handy!

Red Angel

Red Angel

The most advanced design in the experimental series with the RP-3 engines. The 1,000 lbs Red Angel - it has folding wings that deploy after launch. The warhead is similar to the Uncle Tom rocket: the projectile was supposed to destroy heavily armored naval targets, in particular, Sverdlov-class cruisers (for this, however, it would take at least 6 hits). Red Angel was tested on the Wyvern turboprop fighter, one rocket under each wing mount. For war at sea, rockets were recognized as ineffective due to the short range. In addition, by that time, guided  missiles were already appearing. The project was closed, "Red Angel" had never sunk a single ship. But in War Thunder, you can now not only easily try out Red Angel rockets against cruisers, but also against tanks.

All three new rockets will be available in the British aircraft tech tree with the upcoming content update in War Thunder. See you soon!

The War Thunder Team

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