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Attilio Regolo - The Upsized Destroyer

Attilio Regolo is the lead ship of the Capitani Romani-class light cruisers, built for the Regia Marina in the late stages of World War II. Arriving in War Thunder naval forces as part of the incoming major update, Attilio Regolo will be the first cruiser vessel awaiting eager captains in the upcoming Italian naval tree!

Briefly: A late war Italian light cruiser, featuring destroyer-calibre weapons and exceptional mobility, though lacking armor.

Note: Those who have purchased relevant early access packs will have instant access to the Italian Naval Tech Tree CBT in the upcoming major update.

Attilio Regolo, light cruiser, Italy, rank IV.


  • Versatile weapons arsenal
  • Superb mobility


  • No hull armor

During the 1930’s, the Regia Marina was looking into building a type of ‘ocean scout’ vessel. Initially, the design work took inspiration from the Condottieri-class cruisers, but was soon abandoned in favor of a more compact and modern design. By the end of the decade however, the need for ‘scout’ vessels became somewhat redundant thanks to the advances in aviation and radar technology. As a result, the design was reclassified as a light cruiser and would serve as a flotilla leader.

Plans were made for the construction of 12 vessels of the ‘Capitani Romani’ class of light cruisers, all of which were laid down in various Italian shipyards in September and October of 1939. However, only three ships of the class would actually see completion while the others either had their construction cancelled or were later on captured in drydock by German forces.

One of the ships which did see completion is the Attilio Regolo, which entered service with the Regia Marina in May 1942. However, the ship’s didn’t see extensive service not only due to joining the war late, but also because it was hit by a torpedo from British submarine HMS Unruffled in November of the same year, getting severely crippled.

Postwar, Attilio Regolo was handed over to France in 1948 as war reparations and subsequently entered service with the French Navy as ‘Châteaurenault’. The ship went on to serve with the French Navy until the early 1960’s, before being decommissioned and sold for scrap in the 1970’s.


In War Thunder, Attilio Regolo is coming to naval forces as part of the upcoming Italian naval tree, arriving to the game with the release of the next update. Being the first light cruiser captains will unlock in the Regia Marina tree, Attilio Regolo stands out from other light cruisers in the game by being distinctly uncrusier-like when it comes to its general characteristics.

For starters, Attilio Regolo is armed with eight 135mm cannons, split between four twin turrets with two superfiring turrets being found on either end of the ship. Unlike the usual 152mm cannons found on most other light cruisers, Attilio Regolo’s guns may be smaller in calibre but make up for this by possessing a higher rate of fire and very good ballistic properties. As such, Attilio Regolo is ideally suited to take on destroyers, while also being able to help its allies take down larger vessels by providing effective supporting fire.

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Furthermore, Attilio Regolo is also armed with eight single 37mm and four dual 20mm cannons, comprising its anti-aircraft complement. However, these will likely find good use in engaging smaller surface vessels too - an opponent which the ship may frequently confront in battle. In addition, the ship also comes fitted with two quadruple 533mm torpedo launchers, possessing good firing angles to both sides of the ship, and 4 spare torpedoes for the bow torpedo launcher.

Fun Fact: As all ships of the Capitani Romani class, Attilio Regolo was named after a Roman general. In this case, one who served during the First Punic War.

While Attilio Regolo is without a doubt well equipped to deal with a number of different threats it may encounter on the battlefield, the ship itself can be considered anything but well protected. In fact, Attilio Regolo does not possess any belt armor, with its only protected parts being the turrets and the bridge with up to 20 and 15 mm of armor plating, respectively. In addition, Attilio Regolo’s complement size of 420 sailors is also on the lower end of the spectrum when pitted against similar vessels of other nations.

However, aspiring captains of the Attilio Regolo won’t be relying on armor to keep them out of harm’s way during a battle anyways. This is not only due to the fact that the ship virtually possesses no armor, but also because of the ship’s excellent mobility. Namely, generating 110,000 hp, Attilio Regolo’s engines can propel the ship up to a top speed of 39 knots (~70 km/h), thus allowing captains to quickly maneuver around on the battlefield to outflank their opponents or dodge incoming fire.

Attilio Regolo is docking in player ports with the arrival of the much anticipated Italian naval tree in the upcoming War Thunder update. In the meantime, be sure to keep a close watch on the news for more information about the next major update coming to the game very soon. Until then, calm seas and happy hunting captains!

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