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CV 90105 TML with Pre-Order Bonuses
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The CV 90105 TML is an experimental light tank, developed in the mid 1990s as part of a joint venture between the Swedish Hägglunds and French GIAT companies. Arriving as part of the Swedish ground forces tree with War Thunder update 1.97 ‘Viking Fury’, tankers can look forward to commanding this unique piece of Swedish ground tech!

Briefly: An experimental light tank made up from the hull of the Strf 90 IFV and the GIAT TML 105 turret, known for its use on the AMX-10RC.

CV 90105, light tank, premium, Sweden, VI rank.


  • Hard-hitting 105mm cannon
  • Two-plane stabilizer
  • Thermal vision and laser rangefinder
  • Premium bonuses


  • Light armor protection
  • Gun depression angle is only -7.5 degree

Pre-order - CV 90105 TML Pack
Pre-order - CV 90105 TML Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • CV 90105 TML (Rank 6 Sweden) - available after 1.97 update;
  • 2000 Golden Eagles;
  • Premium account for 15 days;
  • Pre-order bonus: unique "Viking helmet" decal;
  • Pre-order bonus: unique "Berserker" title.
  • Swedish Ground Forces CBT access - available after 1.97 update.

Development of the CV 90105 TML began in the early 1990s as a joint venture of the Swedish Hägglunds and French GIAT companies. The idea behind the project was to create a capable new light tank as part of the Strf 90 family of vehicles, while using only components which were already available. On one hand, this would keep development time and costs relatively low, while on the other hand make the new vehicle more attractive to customers which already operated some of the CV 90 series of vehicles.

As such, engineers took the hull of the Strf 90 IFV and fitted it with the GIAT TML turret, housing a 105 mm G2 cannon - an upgraded version of the turret used on the successful AMX-10RC.

The first and only demonstrator vehicle was ready in 1994, undergoing various trials. Despite proving the project’s viability, the demonstrator didn’t convince any foreign operators to place orders for the newly developed CV 90105. As such, further development of the project was cancelled, although the idea of creating a 105 mm armed Strf 90 version would remain, resulting in a renewed attempt some time later, but that’s a story for another time.


In War Thunder, the CV 90105 TML will be the top ranking premium vehicle, available at rank VI of the upcoming Swedish ground forces tree with the release of update 1.97 ‘Viking Fury’. Compared to the standard version of the Strf 90, this experimental version of the vehicle features a different turret, housing a bigger caliber cannon as well as offering the usual premium reward bonuses, thus speeding up progress towards acquiring the top tier Swedish ground tech!

Contrasted with the standard Strf 90, also available to tankers in the regular tree under the name ‘Strf 90C’, the CV 90105 is a further development of the vehicle, featuring an upgraded version of the GIAT TML turret. The new turret also houses the vehicle’s second most notable upgrade - the larger 105mm G2 cannon with stabilizer.

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Unlike the fully automatic 40mm Bofors cannon found on the base version of the vehicle, the CV 90105’s 105mm G2 cannon trades rate of fire for gun caliber and accordingly more powerful ammunition. As such, aspiring commanders of this machine can expect to have more success in engaging hostile vehicles frontally and don’t need to rely as much on flanking maneuvers, thanks to the cannon’s excellent ballistic properties, stabilizer, thermal vision and wide range of potent ammunition types, ranging from HEAT-FS over HESH and going up to APFSDS rounds.

As far as the other aspects of the vehicle are concerned, they remain mostly identical to the base version. Thus, the CV 90105 TML inherits the Strf 90C’s excellent mobility, being able to reach a top speed of 70 kph on roads and even managing 45 kph in reverse, thanks to its 550 hp supercharged diesel engine!

On the other hand, the CV 90105 TML also inherits the Strf 90C’s arguable greatest weakness, namely weak armor protection. Being fitted with only 20 and 35mm of armor plating at its hull and gun mantlet, respectively, means that the vehicle is only immune to low caliber cannon rounds, while incoming fire from bigger cannons will need to be actively dodged by commanders, using the vehicle’s superb mobility.

Overall, the CV 90105 makes for a fantastic ‘hit & run’ type of vehicle - striking the enemy hard and disappearing before a counterattack can be mounted against it. Thanks to its excellent combat dynamics, it makes for the perfect choice for tankers who prefer a fast and aggressive playstyle and also wish to speed up their progress to the top rank of the Swedish ground forces tree!

The CV 90105 TML can be purchased via a special bundle in our online store and will become available to all its prospective owners with the release of update 1.97 ‘Viking Fury’. We’ll see you there, tankers!

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