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The Fritz-X guided bomb: right on target!

In short: an aerial bomb whose flight can be slightly corrected to hit targets more precisely. A fundamentally new weapon in War Thunder!

The PC-1400X (Fritz-X) isn’t just the first guided bomb in our game, but the first bomb accepted into service that was used in combat conditions to destroy a surface target. The German scientist and inventor, Max Kramer began developing a means to increase the accuracy of aerial bombs back in 1938. The engineer insisted that, to achieve high accuracy, the bomb must be equipped with remote control. After the arrival of Dr. Kramer to the science laboratories of the Ruhrstahl company, the warhead of the PC-1400 Fritz bomb was selected as a basis for the new bomb. By the beginning of 1942, the first prototype models of the experimental Fritz-X guided bomb were delivered to the Peenemünde training ground, and a few weeks later, tests were performed in Italy. The tests showed that the bomb’s variance was under 28 metres, and in 1943, the wonder weapon was put into service.

In total, 1386 PC-1400X Fritz-X bombs were produced, and 108 bombs were dropped in combat conditions. The first was the very famous episode of German bombers using the Fritz-X to attack the Italian navy while it was on its way to Malta to surrender to the allies. As a result of the attack from a height of 4000–5000 metres, the battleship Italia took one hit and one nearby explosion, but survived. The battleship Roma was less lucky: the first bomb broke through the battleship’s deck to the starboard(right) of her main turrets, penetrating right through her hull and exploding below the keel. The second bomb hit the central main gun turret and exploded beneath the bow turbine compartment. As a result, the gun magazines detonated and the Roma was destroyed.


The Fritz-X is a guided armour-piercing bomb weighing 1570 kg, with an explosive content weighing 320 kg. The bomb was equipped with duralumin fins and a stabilizer, it also had a set of radio equipment. The bomb was guided by radio signal from an aircraft using a special joystick. The bomb’s flight could be tracked and its course corrected through the bomb sight. Bright tracing lights lit up in the tail section of the bomb after launch.

In our game, the Fritz-X bomb will arrive with update 1.79 Project-X, and for now it will be accessible on two bombers – the He 177 and the He 111H-6. The guiding system allows the bomb’s flight course to be corrected slightly. It is suitable for destroying larger ships. Particularly skilled pilots can even try to destroy tanks with the bomb – even an indirect hit will be an unpleasant surprise.

You can test out this new type of weaponry very soon – as soon as War Thunder update 1.79 Project X is released!

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