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Magach 3: New Defensive Abilities

In short: Blazer explosive-reactive armour and smoke grenades are coming as new modules for the Magach 3. No increase in BR is currently planned.

Great news for owners of the Magach 3 premium tank – with the release of War Thunder update 1.79, this tank will receive a set of modules that increase its survivability and defense capability on the battlefield.



The Blazer set of explosive-reactive armour will help the tank withstand HEAT shells, including anti-tank guided missiles. 55 containers of various shapes and sizes cover the front hull, the gun mantlet, the top and sides of the turret. ERA neutralizes HEAT stream, but does not provide additional defense against kinetic shells (armour-piercing, APCR, armour-piercing-high-explosive, etc.). Read more about what explosive-reactive armour is and how it works in our Devblog.

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In addition, all owners of the Magach 3 will receive smoke grenades, which hide the tank with a smokescreen while it repairs or maneuvers on the battlefield.

All owners of the Magach 3 will get these modules completely free. New buyers of this premium tank will also get the defensive modules in the set. We don’t plan to change the tank’s BR after introducing these additional defenses, although it is possible that it may change if our statistics show that the tank has received too great an advantage.

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