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Messerschmitt Bf 110 model updates, new modifications


The Messerschmitt Bf 110 owes its most valuable asset - versatility - to the development of countless modifications which were adapted to fit nearly every imaginable combat role. With update 1.79 "Project X, fans of German aviation will have the chance to better experience that renowned versatility with the addition of some new modifications on the Bf 110. Let’s take a closer look!

The first new modification we will talk about is a close relative of the Bf 110 already present in War Thunder, namely the Bf 110 C-7. Entering service with frontline troops in 1941, the C-7 was a further developed fighter-bomber version of the Bf 110 intended to increase the aircraft’s efficiency when used as a tactical bomber. This was achieved by expanding the Bf 110’s payload options; giving it the ability to carry an increased bomb load under the fuselage as well as adding additional 50 kg bomb racks underneath the wings. To cope with the added weight coming from these changes, more powerful Daimler-Benz DB 601N engines were installed, increasing the power of each engine up to 1,175 horsepower.


By early 1942, the Luftwaffe had planned to replace the dated Bf 110 with one of Messerschmitt’s new designs - the Me 210. However, with severe performance and mass-production problems arising during testing, it quickly became clear that the Me 210 wouldn’t be ready in time for the scheduled deployment to frontline troops. In response to this, the Luftwaffe issued an order for the development of a new Zersörer (Destroyer) version of the Bf 110, resulting in an unexpected prolonged service life of the aircraft with the development of the Bf 110F.

The Bf 110 F-2 that will make its appearance in War Thunder with update 1.79 "Project X will most notably bring with it a set of improvements that will allow the aircraft to perform better in the heavy fighter/interceptor role. Increased armor protection, a strengthened airframe and the ability to mount a dual 20mm MG 151 gunpod underneath the fuselage will all contribute to the Bf 110 receiving an even more formidable reputation with its opponents. As with the previous version, German engineers decided to also fit the Bf 110Fs with a set of more powerful DB 601 E engines in order to compensate for the additional weight of the applied changes.

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Almost immediately after the Bf 110F was commissioned into service, work on further improving the rapidly aging design of the Bf 110 continued. The work started off in spring 1942 and ended with the creation of a whole new version of the aircraft in December of the same year. The Bf 110G, as it was designated, was not only the most powerful and versatile modification of the aircraft ever developed, but coincidentally also the last. No doubt the highlight of this modification was the installation of the DB 605 engines, which boosted engine output to 1,475 horsepower per engine.

However, another aspect of the aircraft which was greatly improved upon was firepower.  For starters, the increasingly obsolete 20mm MG FF/M cannons were replaced with newer MG 151/20s. These, as many pilots already know, offer an increased rate of fire as well as improved ballistic properties over the MG FF/M, making them ideally suited to the hard-hitting nature of the Bf 110.


In the later stages of the war, versatility in particular was becoming an increasingly important trait for more and more German aircraft. Keeping that in mind, Messerschmitt engineers conceived the Bf 110 G-2 with several additional firepower upgrades which could be applied in the field, if needed. Thanks to this, the Bf 110 G-2 had the option to switch and change between different weapon loadouts, being able to carry a combination of 20, 30 and 37mm autocannons, depending on the upgrade package.

These upgrade packages will also be represented in the game as researchable modifications, allowing pilots to customize their Bf 110 G-2 to their personal taste or simply optimize it for the mission at hand. If you’re fan of attacking ground targets, then the Bf 110 G-2 has one final ace up its sleeve for you. In addition to bristling with guns, the Bf 110 G-2 can also carry four 21cm unguided rockets, ideally suited for cracking those tougher nuts on the battlefield.

Of course, by adding all these new modifications of the Bf 110 into the game, we haven’t forgotten about the one that’s been part of War Thunder since the very beginning either. So with that said, players can also expect to see the old Bf 110 C-4 in a new light in update 1.79 "Project X as we have decided to completely rework the 3D model, in order for it to meet our latest quality standards. We hope you will enjoy it!

Meet some of the most anticipated modifications of the Bf 110 heavy fighter in the upcoming update 1.79 "Project X. In the meantime, be sure to keep a close eye on the news to stay up to date with the most recent development news regarding the next major update for War Thunder. Until then, happy hunting pilots!

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