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Rocket's new chant: new sounds for the MLRS

In update 1.77 “Advancing Storm”  we are updating the sounds for all the MLRS vehicles in the game. Recently, we talked about the major work we have done on the sounds for ground vehicle weapons and the whole sound panorama in ground battles in the upcoming update 1.77 “Advancing Storm”.

Today we would like to let you hear for yourself the reworking of sounds for rocket launcher systems. We have completely reworked the sound of the launching of rockets to make it more realistic. We have updated the sounds for the launching of rockets in all vehicles with MLRS including the famous Katyusha, the deadly Calliope and the magnificent Panzerwerfer 42.

You will be able to compare the sound of your Katyusha which you know from the military newsreels with the in-game sounds very soon in War Thunder update 1.77 “Advancing storm”!

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