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La-200: The High-Speed Kite

The La-200 is a Soviet prototype jet interceptor that was developed to carry a new type of radar system. Although just one of several competing designs, the La-200 was never mass-produced. But now, War Thunder pilots will be able to prove the merits of the La-200 when it soars into War Thunder with update 1.77!


In 1948, Soviet high command issued a requirement for a two man, all-weather, twin -engined jet interceptor that would be capable of carrying a new type of radar system called “Toriy” (Thorium). All three Soviet design bureaus (Lavochkin, MiG, and Sukhoi) developed a prototype for testing.

Lavochkin’s design, the La-200, had a long fuselage to accommodate its two turbojet engines, swept wings, and a large cockpit for two men. The La-200 took its maiden flight on September 9th, 1949. It was the only aircraft of the three designs to pass initial trials.

By the early 1950s, the La-200 was ready to enter production under the official designation La-17. However, due to the appearance of the Yak-120 (later known as Yak-25), which surpassed the La-200’s performance in testing, the La-200 order was cancelled in favor of the Yakovlev design.

Only a single prototype of the La-200 was ever built, and it was modified several times during development to improve performance, correct flaws, and test other radar systems.


In War Thunder, the La-200 will become available as a rank V jet fighter in the Soviet aviation research tree. Although the La-200 never left its prototype stage and didn’t see active service, War Thunder pilots will be able to test this unusual-looking fighter jet against its contemporaries.

The La-200 has an unusually long fuselage (uncommon for fighter jets of the era) designed to accommodate its two Klimov VK-1 turbojets. One turbojet is mounted on the front of the La-200 and the other is mounted on its rear. An interesting aspect of the La-200 design is the placement of the front  engine exhaust, which is underneath the fuselage instead of behind it. Conversely, the rear engine’s exhaust is fitted directly behind it as is more common for fighter jets.

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Regardless of its unusual design characteristics, the La-200’s dual-engines enable it to reach speeds exceeding 1,000 km/h! In addition, the La-200 was well-armed. Three 37mm N-37 autocannons were installed in the nose section—two on the right-hand side and one on the left. With such heavy armaments even a short,  well-placed shot is more than enough to send an opponent spiraling to a fiery doom.  

However, there’s a price to pay with such high-caliber weapons: limited ammunition. Don’t shoot carelessly. Make every shot count!

The La-200 is on final approach and expected to arrive in War Thunder 1.77 update. Stay tuned to find out more. Until then!

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