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New sounds in update 1.77
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In the coming major War Thunder 1.77 update, we’re planning to introduce a whole host of tweaks and additions to sound in the game. Today we’re going to talk about part of the main changes.

We have completely overhauled how weapon firing sounds for all vehicles are formed – now each shot is made up of several “layers” of sound, which form peak (attack) and residual (reverberations) effects for each salvo. We have assembled brand-new firing sound effects for all weapons, ATGMs, automatic cannons, and machine guns on ground vehicles, including sounds that the player hears from the opponent’s weapons. Reverberatory “tails” have been added for all ground vehicle weapons (cannons, howitzers, anti-tank rockets, machine guns), so that the player can identify a weapon’s calibre by the sound it produces when fired. We have also added a global reverberation effect for interiors (tank turrets or armored vehicle cabins) and exterior sounds (fields, areas with few buildings). For ultra-low frequencies, we have added separate layers representing the rumble of large-calibre shots, the operation of a tank’s suspension or the crash of collapsing buildings.

Now the sounds of battle heard by players in a clash of ground vehicles will be significantly different depending on the chosen view. We have added details to the interior sounds - empty casings dropping, loading mechanisms, breech shutter. By controlling from the gunner or commander view you will be able to hear how these sounds are reflected from the walls and details of the habitable space of the tank turret, while the external sounds will be muffled and contrastingly, from 3rd person view the sounds of battle will be heard in all their glory. Depending on the player's view (driver, gunner or commander) the surrounding situation will be heard differently. For example: a “Marder” driver in the closed cabin will hear reduced sounds of battle and in less detail than a gunner or commander who is in the open area of the vehicle.

Also, sounds of machine guns and cannons of ground vehicles now depends on the density of the terrain. In open field the shot sounds dry, almost without the typical “tail” because the sound wave quickly dissipates without encountering obstacles. In cities or in ruins, debris and amongst rocks, the sound of the shot is saturated with low and ultra-low frequencies, and the reverb "tail" is long and heavy.

In combined battles, the audibility of aircraft has been changed – from the ground, aircraft sound loud and thunderous, and you will be able to make out an aircraft by the sound of its engine, such as a dive bomber making an attack. The sound of the engine reverberates off the surface of the ground and other objects on the battlefield, enhancing the battle’s realism. From the cockpit the sound of enemy aircraft engines and allied aircraft is now much quieter which correspond to the observations of pilots in real flight conditions.

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