Re.2000: The Italian Falcon
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In War Thunder update 1.77 Advancing Storm, we are launching the long-awaited branch of Reggiane Italian fighters. Say hello to the first model – the Re.2000 serie 1!


Entering the Italian Royal Air Force contest to design a new fighter with a radial engine and large-caliber armament was a new experience for Reggiane. This Italian engineering company had previously only worked on large bombers. However, engineers Roberto Longhi and Antonio Alessio were confident that they could bring something new to the table. The construction of the monoplane fighter they designed for the contest was made from aluminum alloy and inspired by the American Seversky P-35 project. The Re.2000, as its creators called it, underwent extensive testing at the end of the summer in 1939. The fighter demonstrated superb flight and speed qualities compared to the other contest entries. When pitted against the Bf 109 E, the landmark German fighter of its time, the Re.2000 proved more maneuverable. Surprisingly, the metal monoplane even outflew the agile Fiat CR.42 biplane in testing! However, the Re.2000 ultimately lost the contest for serial production for the Italian air force – testing revealed leakage problems in the fuel tanks. Foreign customers expressed keen interest in the aircraft – the British ordered 300 units for the RAF (of course, the order was canceled when Italy joined the war), and Finland, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, and Portugal were also interested. Sweden purchased 60 units of the model and Hungary purchased 70 units and a production license (the Hungarian versions were given the designation “Héja”). The design of the first Re.2000 fighter series was the basis for future developments at Reggiane, being more successful than its ill-fated predecessor.


In War Thunder, the Re.2000 serie 1 fighter will appear at rank I in the Italian air force tech tree and opens the Reggiane fighter branch. It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that, at its rank and battle rating, the Re.2000 is one of the undisputed leaders in the game. It reaches 530 km/h on the horizontal, has excellent maneuverability for a monoplane, and its metal construction makes the aircraft extremely robust. The fighter is armed with two large-caliber Breda-SAFAT machine guns with 600 rounds of ammunition – this may not be enough to take out a bulky bomber, but it's sufficient to claim a few smaller trophies.

You've got to try this pleasingly responsive aircraft in War Thunder update 1.77 Advancing Storm! We are definitely going to keep adding to the Reggiane fighter branch in coming updates. See you on the battlefield!

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