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We are pleased to present another heavy hitting boat that will appear in the War Thunder naval warfare closed beta test very soon: the Project 122bis!

The large Project 122bis submarine chaser was developed in the Soviet Union on the eve of the Great Patriotic War. Unfortunately, the war prevented large-scale production, but immediately after the war ended, military command decided to increase the production of Project 122 boats, at the same time performing important modernization efforts.

The factories of the USSR turned out to be capable of producing Project 122a and Project 122bis at an impressive pace – enough to even export them to countries friendly to the Soviet Union.

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In War Thunder, we present to you the Project 122bis of the post-war production series. The boat has decent artillery armament: its main caliber is the universal 85 mm K-90 with armor-piercing and high-explosive shells – successfully backed up by a pair of 37 mm automatic cannons and several high-caliber machine guns.

The main features of the Project 122bis in War Thunder are depth charges and a special jet-powered bomb thrower for them. This is the first boat in the game with armament like this – the bombs can not only be dropped behind the boat, but also launched ahead and even to the sides! The bombs don’t fly very far, but their steep trajectory allows them to be thrown very accurately. The delay on the explosion of the depth charges will also add significant variety to gameplay – a small area in front of a moving enemy can be quickly mined to send the opponent to the bottom! It’s worth a go!


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