New Location: Abandoned Factory
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This production equipment has stood for a long time, a giant abandoned manufacturing complex overgrown with young trees and grass. Perhaps it was one of the strategically important production facilities evacuated behind the lines, or maybe it was simply shut down when it was no longer needed, its workforce redirected to far more important ‘military needs’ – we don’t know. All we know is that it was abandoned in a hurry. Nowadays, the clanking of the machines has been replaced by the roar of tank engines. We are pleased to present the Abandoned Factory.

A labyrinth of production facilities, kilometres of concrete, loading platforms, pipelines and plenty of cover. You have to be more attentive than ever on this map – armour blends in with the environment perfectly, and you might not notice an enemy right under your nose. The Abandoned Factory is truly rich with all kinds of scenery! Apart from the facility itself, the battles unfold on its outskirts, and the land of the factory itself will be an object of careful study over many months even for experienced tankers.

The rows of plant machinery quickly changes into open-air loading zones, and then your sides are no longer protected by safe brick walls. The loading railway platform turns into a trap when an anti-tank SPG takes up a position ahead out of your reach. Attentiveness is your main weapon. You’ll be distracted by the strange shadows of buildings ravaged by time, unusually shaped equipment and an abundance of manufacturing waste.

In spite of the location’s richness and abundance of destructible objects, the battles will be smooth even for those with less powerful computers thanks to our work on optimization.

An enemy behind every piece of machinery, heaps of coal and train cars, but you’ll push through to the target and become the victor!

Click here to see the topographic view of new map : Aircraft Battles, Ground Forces Battles.

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