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The Fairmile D motor torpedo boat: Dog Boat
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We begin our acquaintance with the British naval forces with the
famous early-series Fairmile model D motor torpedo boats.

Throughout 1941, engineers of Britain's Royal Navy were busy developing and testing new types of gunboats and torpedo gunboats in order to design a countermeasure against the German Schnellboots – fast torpedo boats that were interfering with the operations of British military and merchant vessels in the English Channel. The requirements advanced for the vessel were perfectly clear – the boat was intended as a universal platform to carry powerful armaments of various types, and it also had to possess a speed of no less than 30 knots, so as to at least stand a chance of  counteracting the fast-moving German naval predators. In the course of testing, the shipbuilders came to the conclusion that the perfect platform would be a boat with an angular bow and stern, but also with a rounded bottom that could house four screw propellers. This design was also compatible with military manufacturing of the time – boats of this series were being produced and upgraded from earlier Fairmiles at small wharfs along the shores of Great Britain. And so the Fairmile D universal (gun/torpedo) boat was born, and immediately dubbed ’Dog Boat‘ by the sailors. This nickname was clearly inspired by the model letter, but as it turned out, the Fairmile became a true guard dog of the English Channel.

The Fairmile D was one of the most widely produced boats of the Second World War. The various production series differed primarily in their armament – the cannon and machine-gun weaponry was soon significantly improved, torpedo tubes and depth charges began to appear on the boat, and many gunboats were modernized into torpedo gunboats. Today's guest is the Fairmile D early-series motor torpedo boat. It is a rather large vessel measuring 35 meters in length, equipped with four engines with a combined power of 5,000 hp, providing a maximum speed of 32 knots (a little less than 60 km/h). The boat was armed with one automatic 40mm 2-pdr QF Mk IIc cannon on the bow, twin 20mm Oerlikon Mk V machine guns on the stern, two twin high-caliber .5 Vickers Mk III machine guns and two twin rifle-caliber .303 Vickers No. 5 Mk I machine guns on the bridge. This version of the boat carried no torpedoes, but had a pair of Mk VII depth charges.

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In our game, the early-series Fairmile D is a floating gun battery. Her main strength is her automated cannons, whose ammunition almost completely consists of high-explosive fragmentation shells. Her three cannons provide good fire coverage and maximum efficiency when firing at boats' sides. The machine guns also provide decent support to the cannons – there are a whole 8 of them. The boat has average speed, low maneuverability and no armor (only the gunners have bulletproof defenses), so the Fairmile's captain has to take care of the safety of the crew and the vessel as a whole. On the War Thunder battlefield, the Fairmile takes the role of a heavy fire support boat. Take care of the Brit on your team, and the cannons and machine guns of the Fairmile will save you and your teammates when you need it most.

The Fairmile D is ready for battle and will be available to all
participants in the War Thunder closed beta test. Welcome aboard!

The War Thunder Team!

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