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T-14 Class torpedo boat: Single-Engine Seafarer
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The small T-14 Class torpedo boat used by the Japanese commanders will be one of the first vessels in War Thunder naval battles.

During wartime, a range of problems were revealed in the industry of Imperial Japan. For example, the Japanese did not have the necessary infrastructure to produce modern petrol engines and thus were incapable of manufacturing powerful torpedo boats, even though there was a great need for this class of vessel. The Mitsubishi company proposed a design for a small single-engine torpedo boat that was equipped with a 920 hp petrol engine. In spite of its small size and low power, this engine was capable of carrying two torpedoes. By decreasing the weight and dimensions of the design as much as possible, the Japanese were able to mass-produce these little torpedo boats. And so the T-14 Class torpedo boat was born – an entirely wooden design, just 15 meters long, and with a displacement of 14-15 tons.

This little Japanese boat was nonetheless well prepared for an encounter with the enemy. Shipbuilders mounted two torpedo tubes, housing Type 44 torpedoes (450 mm caliber). In the stern, there was enough space for six depth charges weighing 160 kg each. However, the boat’s anti-air armament was weak: all she had was a high-caliber 13.2 mm machine gun with a 30-round magazine. The subsequent modifications received the Type 96 25mm Gun. Its magazine could only hold 15 rounds, but a cannon is a cannon. The machine gun had a hard time effectively defending the boat.

In War Thunder, the early-series T-14 Class torpedo boat is at rank I in the Japanese naval tech tree. The boat is definitely small, even in comparison to her contemporaries – for perspective, the Soviet G-5 is 19 meters long, but even she is significantly larger than the 15-meter Japanese boat 

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The boat has one engine and one screw propeller, so her speed is relatively low: her top build could only reach 33 knots. The single magazine in the boat’s machine gun can be changed every 30 shots relatively quickly, but you have to fire very carefully and accurately. Admittedly, this machine gun does work quite well against aircraft, often causing fires when it does hit. The torpedoes are an undeniable advantage on the boat. The torpedoes are launched from the boat’s sides directly in her line of movement, making them very easy to aim! And don’t forget about the depth charges – they can give the enemy a nasty surprise.

The T-14 Class torpedo boat will take part in the first battles of War Thunder’s naval warfare closed beta test. Start exploring the Japanese naval tree with this exciting small torpedo boat. See you on the seas!

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