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Location “Ice Fields” and new Naval mission “Convoy”
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Dear players, 

You will be happy to hear that you have already helped us greatly with the development of naval battles during the pre-beta game sessions. The tests we had allowed us to gather an impressive list of suggestions and we are continuing to develop the naval part of the game.

Right now we are running internal tests on a new mission type, this will be unique and unlike any other we already have in the game and at the beginning of 2017 we will continue the tests with those who participated in the Naval battles testing. Wish us luck. And all ahead full!

We are proud to present to our players, a new location and mission for naval battles. Head to the high seas to the north and be the first to try the new larger and better armed ships.

As a part of navy pre-beta we present you a new mission and new warships. A new location and mission that is quite different from those already proven by our players and has slightly different gameplay. The location “Ice Fields” offers a naval operation in open sea conditions, where players can try out new larger and better armed ships - the German MZ1 and the Soviet Project 122bis. These vessels have far superior firepower and survivability over torpedo boats, but they are slower and have less maneuverability, so commanders should be very aware of torpedoes moving in their direction. 

The new mission objectives are also different. Here you must destroy enemy transport ships and protect yours. In the mission “Convoy” we use the already familiar SP (Spawn Points) system: at the mission’s start all players have light boats - Soviet Project 183 or German S100 boat; if a player acts effectively on the battlefield destroying or damaging enemy ships or convoy vessels, he gains SP to spend on heavier ships or attack aircraft. Light boats do not require RP to respawn.

Destroy all vessels in the enemy convoy and keep your convoy safe to win. Sounds easy, but the fleet of ships is a hard nut to crack, and even transport ships have defensive armament, so be aware of their automatic cannons. A successful raid is possible only by the joint efforts of several players at a time piloting craft of different types and classes, both naval and aerial. 

We’re looking forward to your feedback on the new mission and ships and be sure we read all your comments. See you in battle! 

The War Thunder Team!

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