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Type 3 Chi-Nu II - Crouching Tiger
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After experiencing Japanese ground forces with the recent release of the 1.65 update, players will immediately notice this tank as the Chi-Nu’s successor. The Chi-Nu II was Japan’s attempt to mass produce a tank with the capability to withstand the imminent arrival of an Americans through the invasion of the Japanese homeland. ​

In 1942, Japan had begun development of new tanks to deploy onto the battlefield. However, these new tanks would take considerable time to produce, and Japan needed a quicker solution. As a result, the Chi-Nu would undergo many design changes. All of these changes had the single goal of mounting the Type 5 75mm cannon on a chassis that was easily mass-produced and which would require little or no change of existing production capability.

The Type 3 Chi-Nu was designed with a Type 3 75mm tank cannon, derived from the dated Type 90 field artillery. While it proved sufficient against armoured targets such as the M4 Sherman, it was barely acceptable and needed to be replaced. At the time, tanks such as the Chi-To and Chi-Ri II, both of which players have received a taste of, were designed to use a new, long barrelled 75mm gun: the Type 5. Japan installed a prototype turret from the Chi-To onto the chassis of the Chi-Nu for testing purposes, labeling it the Chi-Nu Kai, with the tank performing a series of tasks at the Iyo Lake shooting grounds in Japan. The prototype proved successful in these trials and was accepted for use. The Chi-Nu turret was also re-designed for the Type 5 75mm gun, and this variant would become the Chi-Nu II. Only a few units with the gun had been produced by the time the war ended, however, none saw service.

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In War Thunder, players will be very familiar with the Chi-Nu II after experiencing the Chi-Nu in the research tree. The armour is thin, staying the same as the Chi-Nu, however, unlike the standard tank, this premium is given the Type 5 75mm tank gun. This gun is exceedingly deadly in the field, continuing the Japanese custom of giving armour piercing shells a large explosive filler. This can give any unsuspecting target a nasty surprise with its great post-penetration explosive effect.

The strategy for using this deadly tank in combat is to be stealthy. In order to use the benefit of having such a powerful cannon you should support teammates from the rear by using the gun’s accuracy and deadly armour-piercing high explosive shells to the best ability. The tank has fairly decent mobility, which will allow players to perform flanking maneuvers in combat. An electrical turret traversing gear, adapted from the Chi-Nu, also allows for rapid targeting. Players will find this feature helpful as many low tier tanks have slow, manually traversed turrets.

The Type 3 Chi-Nu II will be an excellent addition to the premium line-up in the Japanese Ground Forces tree. It will be available for purchase with Golden Eagles when rank 3 of Japanese ground forces is unlocked for everyone.

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