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War Thunder "Starfighters" - Changelog
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WAR THUNDER PRESENTS Major Update "Starfighters"

Introducing War Thunder: Starfighters, a brand new major update that introduces the Italian Fleet, Japanese helicopters, several iconic jet aircraft, including the famous F-104 family! New ground vehicles, reworked maps as well as many improvements, fixes and a plethora of other surprises awaits!

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Ground vehicles



  • Kampfpanzer M48 Super

Great Britain

  • Stuart I
  • Stuart III
  • Challenger 2F (UK)




  • Strf 9056



  • M4 Hybrid (Premium)
  • M3A3
  • M24
  • M4A4
  • Sherman Vc
  • M18


Swedish ground vehicles are now available to all players for research and purchase.




  • F-86K
  • G.91 R/4 Premium
  • F-104G

Great Britain


  • B6N1 Model 11
  • B6N2 Model 12
  • B6N2a Model 12Ko
  • F-104J
  • Ki-27 otsu Tachiarai (Premium)
  • Ki-44-I 34 (Premium)
  • Ki-61-I hei Tada’s (Premium)



  • F-104S
  • Re.2001 gruppo 22 (Premium)


New cool mounted weapons for British aircraft!

New cool stuff for British pilots - three new extremely powerful rockets to mount on British aircraft. These rockets will be available for RAF aircraft, such as the Hawker Sea Fury, the Mosquito FB Mk 6, the Avenger Mk II, the Firebrand, and the Wyvern.



  • AH-1S early
  • AH-1S
  • AH-64DJP
  • UH-1B

Naval Fleet - New nation Italy

We are starting the CBT for the Italian Navy. The research and purchase of the Italian Naval Forces is available only to owners of the Naval early access packs and testers (players who perform special tasks to get access). Don’t miss more info and terms for the CBT in the news.

  • MAS 555
  • MS-15
  • VAS 201
  • Stefano Turr
  • MS-53
  • Vosper 70' GIS 811
  • MS-472
  • MV-611
  • MS-473
  • Folgore P-490
  • Saetta P-494

Naval Fleet - other nations


  • Pr. 56 Spokoinyy

Great Britain

  • HMS York (90)


Examples of bugs corrected by player reports

We want to thank you for correctly creating bug reports! Below you will find some of the bug fixes that were possible with your help. You as usual, continue to assist us to make War Thunder better!

  • Issues with the sound of the rocket reload on the Begleitpanzer 57 have been fixed.
  • Discrepency in several flight technical specification values of the Ki-100 concerning data in the vehicle passport on the forum has been fixed.
  • Efficiency of the air brake on the Saab fighters like  B18A, B18B, T18B-1 has been improved.
  • Caernarvon’s armour model in the area of the turret turning mechanism has been fixed.
  • Incorrect draw distance of the ground vehicles when viewing from aircraft in the locations Mozdok, Jungle, 38th parallel, Karelia has been fixed. 
  • The thickness of the armour behind the gun mantlet of the Strv 101 has been changed from 152mm to 139mm according to the Centurion Mk.10 for Sweden, Acceptance of first production vehicle at Messrs. Vickers-Amstrongs, Ltd., Newcastle, November 1959.
  • The armour model for the hatch for expended C1 Ariete spent cartridges which didn’t generate accompanying fragments upon penetration has been fixed. 
  • Anti-aircraft gun has been removed from the runway in Finland.
  • The thickness of the front armour of the Nb.Fz. has been changed from 13mm to 20mm according to the Tanks of the Second World War. P 61. Panzer Tracts No.4.
  • Self-destruct parameters of the 28mm shell on the Somers (DD-381), Porter (DD-356), USS Atlanta (CL-51), USS Trenton (CL-11) have been fixed.
  • Fire rate of the Soviet naval 70-K 37mm cannon has been fixed according to the internal documentation.
  • The inclination angle of thr IJN Tone armoured belt has been changed to 20 degrees

New locations and missions

New location “Campania”

New location “Campania”
  • Kursk - changed based on player's feedback
  • Italy - changed based on player's feedback. Renamed "Campania" to avoid confusion.

Location and mission updates

  • Rock collision has been fixed for the location “Finland”.
  • Locations “Ash River”, “Carpathians”, “Korea” - Known camper positions which are not provided in the location design have been closed.
  • Location “Poland” — The height of the rocks on the cliff on the western side of the lake has been reduced.
  • Changes in aviation RB missions:
    • “[Operation] Smolensk“ — mission has been removed.
    • “[Operation] Smolensk. 1941“ — new mission.
    • “[Operation] Smolensk. 1943“ — new mission.
    • “[Operation] Battle for Bastogne“.
    • “[Operation] Berlin“ — mission has been reworked completely.
    • “[Operation] Battle of El Alamein“.
    • “[Operation] Guadalcanal“ — mission has been reworked completely.
    • “[Operation] Hürtgen“.
  • Changes for the above specified missions:
    • Base models for bombing have been changed to the correct ones, their functionality is now similar to “Enduring Confrontation” mode. After destruction, bases may respawn randomly in certain positions, designed for every mission. 
    • Airfields have been removed from the target list, they can not be destroyed now. 
    • Airfield models and their location towards the centre of locations have been standardised. In low-tier battles they are located 12 kilometres from the location's centre; mid-tier - 20 kilometres; high-tier - 26 kilometres. Previously, all tiers had airfields located 20 km away from the location’s centre. 
    • The size of an airfield now depends on the battle’s rank.
    • Mid-tier missions now have stage airfields, located 12 km away from the location’s centre.
  • Aviation Arcade battles change list:
    • Ground strike “Mozdok”.
    • Ground strike “Port Moresby”.
    • Ground strike “Ruhr”.
    • Ground strike “Sicily”.
    • Ground strike “Korsun”.
    • Ground strike “Abandoned factory”.
    • Ground strike “Frozen Pass”.
    • Ground strike “Mountain Ridge, China”.
    • Ground strike “Grave Robbers' Cliffs”.
  • Changes for the above specified missions:
    • Base models for bombing have been changed to the correct ones.
    • Airfield models have been changed to a new, 1700 metres long.
  • Change list for all above mentioned  AB and RB missions:
    • Destruction of player-controlled aircraft now gives victory points.
    • AI vehicle counters have been disabled. In fact, previously they duplicated the victory point lines, but might not depict the actual required number of vehicles for victory, for example when bombing zones are destroyed. Now the only indicator is the victory points scale. 
    • All AI ground vehicles now affect the victory point scale, the number of AI vehicles has been increased. Previously, destruction of light vehicles didn’t affect victory points. Players are now free to destroy any targets of their choice, both light (artillery, trucks, AA guns) and heavy (tanks and bunkers).
    • The automatic feature in the destruction of AI vehicles has been disabled. New AI vehicles will appear - ground attackers, which spawn for every team and destroy the AI ground vehicles.
    • AI ground vehicles distribution has been improved. Vehicles now appear all along the 10 km frontline, or split into 3-4 zones along the frontline. Previously, AI vehicles were grouped in a single 2-4 km zone, or the distance between groups of vehicles was too long. 
  • Changes and fixes in missions for ground battles:
    • “[Battle] Alaska” — A bug where the respawn zone of the southern team appeared with one icon has been fixed.
    • “[Conquest] Karelia” — Unnecessary respawn zones have been removed from the mission briefing. The position of the respawn point which was located in front of the tree has been fixed.
    • “[Conquest] Fulda” — The size of the battle zone has been fixed in the mission briefing for RB.
    • “[Conquest] Poland” — The positions of the capture points and respawn points have been fixed in the mission briefing for RB and SB.
    • “[Conquest] Vietnam” — Respawn points have been moved closer to the capture point in the RB and SB.
    • “[Conquest] Second battle of El Alamein” — Unnecessary respawn zones have been removed. The size of the capture zones has been enlarged.
    • “[Conquest] Fields of Poland” — Respawn points have been moved closer to the capture point in RB and SB.
    • “[Battle] Fields of Poland” — The position of the capture points in the mission briefing has been fixed.
  • Changes and fixes in missions for naval battles:
    • “[Domination] Fuego Islands” — The position of the respawn zone protection has been fixed.

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • Aerial weapon detection and locking has been implemented for missile SPAA’s. These vehicles are now able to lock on rockets, missiles and bombs. The radar now also displays a player’s own missiles. All laser rangefinder distance has been increased to 9999 metres.
  • Default sight scale distance has been increased for all ground vehicles. The maximum optic sight scale is now 6000 metres.
  • The following vehicles have received the Ostketten (“eastern tracks”) modification to change the default tracks to special tracks with increased width:
    • Jagdpanzer IV
    • Nashorn
    • Panzer IV/70(V)
    • Pz.IV Ausf.E
    • Pz.IV Ausf.F
    • Pz.IV Ausf.F2
    • Pz.IV Ausf.G
    • Pz.IV Ausf.H
    • Pz.IV Ausf.J
    • StuG.III Ausf.F
    • StuG.III Ausf.G
    • StuH.III Ausf.G
    • the modification increases mobility and insignificantly increases durability in damage. 
  • BMP-3 - ATGM reload time has been reduced from 2 to 3 rounds per minute. Source: Вестник бронетанковой техники, 1991, Комплекс вооружения БМП-3.
  • Т-10M - Fire rate of the cannon has been changed from 3.9 to 4 shots per minute. Source: Руководство по материальной части и эксплуатации танка Т-10М, 1960.
  • Object 268 - BR-540B shell initial speed has been increased from 750 to 760 m/s. Source: Источник: Отечественные бронированные машины. XX век. Том 3. 1946-1965, Солянкин А.Г, Желтов И.Г., Кудряшов К.Н
  • BMP-1, Spz BMP-1, Type 86 - gun depression angle has been specified (reduced) from -5 to -4 degree. Source:: Боевая Машина Пехоты БМП-1 Техническое описание и инструкция по эксплуатации. 
  • Type 60 SPRG - Hull break mechanics has been added. 
  • Type 89 - MG ammo has been specified (reduced) from 2000 to 1000 rounds.
  • Type 61 - MG ammo has been specified (reduced) from 4900 to 4000 rounds for 7.62mm, and from 2175 to 500 for 12.7mm. 
  • Type 74 / Type 74G - MG ammo has been specified (reduced) from 5500 to 4500 for 7.62mm, and from 1000 to 600 for 12.7. 
  • Leopard 2A5 / Strv 122 - The preset of the thermal image unit has been fixed. The gunner now uses the first generation thermal imager and the commander the second generation. Previously both used the second generation thermal imager. Source: 12 cm kanon strv 121/122. Skjuttabeller. // PRZEGLĄD SIŁ ZBROJNYCH nr 6/ 2014 // Vehicle Optronics, HENSOLDT brochure. 
  • Pz.V Ausf.D/A/G/F, Panther II, Tiger H1, Tiger E, Heavy Tank No.6, M4A3E2, M4A3E2 Kobra King, M4A3E2 76 (W) - Armour on the gun mantlets has been clarified. Gun mantlet armour has been changed to volume armour. 
  • M1A2 - thermal vision preset has been changed from Gen. 2 to Gen. 1. Source: Center for Night Vision and Electro-Optic, Common Modules, A Success Story, June 1988, AD-A195 937 // The M1A2: Current and Future Program Plans, 1997. 
  • KV-1S - tank weight has been increased from 41,400 to 42,500 kg. Source: Инструкция по эксплоатации танка КВ-1С, издание завода, 1943.
  • XM-803 // MBT-70 - fire rate has been increased from 6 to 8 rounds per minute. Source: HEARINGS before COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, part 5 RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, TEST AND EVALUATION December 1969 // ARMOR magazine july-august 1970 // HEARINGS on MILITARY POSTURE AND HR 3818 and HR 8687 July 1977
  • QF Ram AA - hull material has been corrected from rolled homogeneous steel to 19.05mm structural steel, except elements left from the basic chassis. Source: Canadian Microfilms, Project 14 SP 3.7 on Ram chassis
  • Sd.Kfz.234/1 — camera position has been specified for SB mode.
  • Lvkv 42 - Controlled suspension functionality has been added. The ability to turn in neutral gear has been added. Armour thickness has been changed from 8 to 10mm. Source: Blad nr 39, Upprattat 29/08 1955.
  • M3 Bradley - ATGM launch permitted driving speed has been reduced from 11 to 5 kph. The depression of the gun over the engine compartment has been limited by -1 degree. Source: TECHNICAL MANUAL TM 9-2350-252-10-2
  • Type 90, Type 90B - vehicle weight has been specified (reduced) from 51.6 to 50.2 t. Source: Japan Defense Agency (August 6, 1990) "Format Outline, Type 90 Tank, D9003 // Japan Defense Agency (August 6, 1990)(Modified March 12, 1993) "Format Outline, Type 90 Tank (B), D9003B"
  • Strv 74 — vehicle class has been changed from “Medium tank” to “Light tank”. Light tank modifications have been added: “Scouting”, “Improved optics”, and “Airstrike”. 
  • Chieftain Marksman - driver’s Night vision modification has been added. 
  • 100-mm OF-412 (D-10T) shell - initial speed has been increased from 880 to 900 metres per second. Source: Наставление по стрельбе из танков. Основы стрельбы из танков. Издание второе, стереотипное. 1984 // 100-мм танковые пушки Д10-Т, Д10-ТГ и Д10-Т2С. Руководство службы. 1971
  • BMP-1, ZBD86, SPz BMP-1 - engine rpm has been specified (decreased) from 2880 to 2600. Source: БМП-1 - Техническое описание и инструкция по эксплуатации. 1979
  • T29, T30, T34  — first stage ammo rack mechanics have been added.
  • T14 (USA) — smoke shell M89 has been added.
  • Ru 251 — smoke grenades action type has been changed to instant.
  • Stormer HVM — thermal vision resolution adjusted to third generation.
  • ASU-57 - traverse and elevation aiming angles have been specified: 
    • Vertical: -4/+12 to -5/+12
    • Horizontal: -7/+7 to -8/+8
    • Source: 57-мм самоходные пушки Ч-51М и Ч-51П. Руководство службы. 1956

Aircraft characteristics, damage model, and weapon improvements:

  • J35D — RB 24J missiles have been added.
  • B17A, B17B — turret aiming angles have been fixed, firing through tail has been removed.
  • B-17 (all series) — upper turret elevation angles have been corrected to 85 degrees. (report)
  • Swordfish Mk.I — elevation and traverse angles of the turret have been corrected. (report)
  • B17A, B17B, B3C — turret ammo belt type has been corrected  from Offensive to Turret. (report) (report)
  • A21RB — separate rocket launch has been added.
  • Hornet Mk.III — modification data regarding the possibility of the RP-3 rocket mount has been corrected.
  • Yak-4 — ammo has been increased  to 1000, turret elevation angle has been increased to +70 degree. (report)
  • Su-2 TSS-1 — turret aiming angles have been corrected, traverse increased to +/- 90 degree, elevation changed from -32/+50 to -30/+70 degree. (report)
  • B5N2 — turret aiming angles have been corrected, traverse increased to +/- 50 degree, elevation  to -40/+80 degree. (report)
  • P-39Q-5, P-39Q-15 — wing machine gun ammo has been increased to 300 rounds. (report)
  • P-39N — wing machine gun ammo has been decreased to 300 rounds. (report)
  • F-100D — AGM-12B Bullpup launch button has been reassigned to air-to-surface missiles button for preset AGM12b bullpup x2+750lbs m117 cone 45 bomb x4, same as in AGM12b bullpup x2 preset.
  • Ki-100, Ki-100-II — incorrect data with missed protected fuel tanks has been fixed.
  • Sea Fury FB.11 — Modifications of the 20mm cannons have been redistributed to 1st and 3rd tier. Triplex R.P. rockets have been added. Modification with GRC mk8 has been distributed to the 3rd tier.
  • Avenger Mk.II — Uncle Tom missiles have been added.
  • Firebrand TF.Mk.IV — Modifications of the 20mm cannons have been redistributed to 1st and 3rd tier. Uncle Tom missiles have been added. Modifications of the rocket and bomb armament have been redistributed to 1st and 4th tier.
  • Mosquito FB.Mk.VI — Modifications of the 7mm machine guns have been redistributed to 1st and 3rd tier. Uncle Tom missiles have been added.
  • P-51K (China) — The appearance of the aircraft on aircraft carriers has been fixed.
  • S.O.4050 Vautour IIA - In some presets the rockets have been changed from T10 121 to T10 140.
  • SA.341F Gazelle — Double launches of the Mighty Mouse rockets have been fixed (report).
  • UH-1C — visualization of the auxiliary 40mm grenade launcher and its damage model in the x-ray. (report)
  • BO 105 CB-2 — night vision has been added to the gunner’s sight. (report)
  • H-34 — Mk 4 Mod 0 gunpod ammo has been increased to 750 rounds.
  • AH-64A, AH-64A Peten — Guided AIM-92 Stinger air-to-air missiles have been moved to the wing ends and different types of suspended weapons have been added to the pylons. 
  • BGM-71 TOW, BGM-71 TOW-2 — The minimum launch range has been changed from 30 to 65 metres (report).
  • Mk.13 torpedo — has been changed to Mk.13-1,  weight and range characteristics have been specified. (report)
  • Mk.XII torpedo — weight and range characteristics have been specified.
  • Wrf.Gr.21 rockets — self-destruction fuse has been corrected for distances up to 500 metres. (report)
  • M430 40mm grenade — hull break effect has been removed. (report)
  • 13mm Type 2 machine gun — fire rate has been increased to 936 rounds per minute. (report)
  • 20mm Ho-5 cannon — fire rate has been increased to 950 rounds per minute. (report)
  • Mk 4 Mod 0 gun pod — fire rate has been reduced to 4000 rounds per minute, alternative fire mode with rate of fire of 700 rounds per minute has been added. Shell characteristics have been fixed. (report)
  • Hо-203 37mm cannon — fire rate has been increased to 300 rounds per minute. (report)
  • DEFA 552 30mm cannon — The weight of the cannon has been adjusted to 81kg.
  • Aiming point for homing missiles on aircraft and helicopters has been fixed. Now it is always in the middle of the fuselage. Previously it could be located slightly higher so the air-to-air missiles without non-contact fuse (such as AIM-92 “Stinger”) often missed the target.
  • The autopilot and steering mechanics of guided missiles (air-to-air, guided ATGM’s) have been reworked. Missiles now maneuver more precisely, without crabbing, properly maintaining requested lateral acceleration.
  • The display of the maximum speed and lateral acceleration of the Р-60/Р-60М and AIM-9L missiles in the card has been corrected. The maximum speed of missiles is given for the higher launch speed (M=1.0) and the maximum lateral capability is now specified as maximum achievable (at high speeds, i.e. M=2.0 and higher), not as an average during the time of the controlled flight to the M=1.0 target at sea level launched on M=1.0 at maximum range. For other missiles these overloads are numerically the same.
  • The cases when the full information hasn’t been displayed in the ATGM card have been fixed.

Flight Model changes:

  • A-4B - A bug which leads to incorrect maximum speed and climb values in the vehicle card has been fixed.
  • Ki-44 (all modifications) - Flight model has been completely updated according to the current capabilities of the physical model. The wings, fuselage, fins and elevator and propeller blades have been recounted and refined. Moments of inertia have been updated.
  • Me-163 (all modifications), J8M1 – A bug which leads the aircraft to shift in releasing the landing ski has been fixed. A bug causing slower acceleration at runway in take-off by using a support trolley has been fixed (acceleration became faster).
  • Arado-234 B-2 - A bug with difficulties while taking off of the aircraft with full load has been fixed. Jet accelerators to facilitate take-off have been added.
  • F1M2 - Flight model has been completely updated according to the current capabilities of the physical model. The wings, fuselage, fins and elevator and propeller blades have been recounted and refined. Moments of inertia have been updated. Seaworthiness has been improved.
  • SAAB A21-RB – A bug which led to increased parasitic resistance of the rocket launchers has been fixed.
  • A6M2-N – Seaworthiness has been improved. Controllability in water during take-off and landing has been improved.
  • I-15 (all modifications) - Flight model has been completely updated according to the current capabilities of the physical model. The wings, fuselage, fins and elevator and propeller blades have been recounted and refined. Moments of inertia have been updated. Take-off mode (WEP) has been added for the I-15-M22 and I-15K. Detailed characteristics can be found in the aircraft passport on the forum.
  • Ta-152-H - Restriction on flap release in take-off position has been added according to the aircraft passport. Inertia of the propeller unit (start/stop of the propeller) has been clarified (reduced). High gain (climb) on the long term engine mode (90%) has been clarified (accelerated). Efficiency of the brakes has been improved. It requires now more careful use of brakes during take-off and landing. Efficiency of the ailerons at extremely low speeds (less than 140 km/h) has been significantly reduced.
  • Firefly Mk.5 - Maximum fuel volume has been reduced.
  • F-4C - Ballistic computer for bombs and rockets for ground targets has been added.
  • F-4EJ - Maximum speed at the medium altitudes has been increased. The wing sock animation has been fixed.
  • F-4E/EJ, Phantom FGR.2 - Bomb CCRP sight to randomly selected point on the ground or enemy base has been added.
  • Ki-61 (all modifications) / Ki-100 (all modifications) / Ki-96 / Ki-102 - Flight model has been completely updated according to the current capabilities of the physical model. The wings, fuselage, fins and elevator and propeller blades have been recounted and refined. Moments of inertia have been updated. Engine operation modes have been clarified. Fuel distribution by fuel tanks has been corrected.
  • Il-2 with AM-38F (all modifications) engines - A bug in the thermodynamics which leads to constant use of the forsage mode (WEP) without limitations has been fixed.
  • Il-2 (all modifications) - The operation of the landing plates has been changed. Now at speeds above 260 km/h on ias the plates can not be released. At speeds below 245 km/h on ias the plates will be deflected to the required angles completely.
  • Hunter (all modifications) - A bug which caused the air brakes being used when the chassis is released has been fixed. Now, if you will try to release landing gears (chassis) while your air brake is turned on, the air brake will be switched off automatically and the air brake can not be released if your landing gears (chassis) are released.
  • P-51 (all modifications) - Dashboard lighting during the night flight has been corrected.
  • Re.2005 serie 0 - Climb rate has been changed to the values of serial vehicles (6000 meters in 6’30”). Time of the execution of the established bend at 1000 meters has been increased by 1 second (19 second on wep, 20 second by 100%). Battle rating has been changed to 5.3.

Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

Naval weaponry:

  • HMS Southampton - First order ammunition shells have been removed for the main calibre cannons.
  • SGB 309 - The maximum number of 40mm ammunition rounds in battle has been corrected.
  • HMS Kent (54) — The guidance angles for the 102mm cannon have been corrected.
  • 28mm Mk.1 Chicago piano - Self-destruction distance of HE shell has been corrected.
  • 37mm/67 70-К automatic cannon - Fire rate has been increased to a theoretically possible rate: 180 shots per minute.
  • Technical characteristics of the (weight and amount of explosive mass) 25mm/60 shell of the Type 96 automatic cannon have been fixed:
    • 25mm HE: 250g, 17g tetril
    • 25mm HEF-T (self-destructive): 243g, 8,5g TNT
    • 25mm HEI: 255г, 5,52g TNT
    • 25mm AP-T: 283g.
  • The firing range of AI guns has been clarified depending on the weapon calibre:
    • 7 mm — 1000 m;
    • 12.7 mm — 2000 m;
    • 20-25 mm — 3500 m;
    • 30 mm —  4000 m;
    • 40 mm — 5000 m.
  • The TNT equivalent of Ledditt explosives has been corrected to 110%.
  • Jaguar-Klasse (140), Köln F220 - For the 40-mm/70 MEL58 launcher the following shells have been changed:
    • AP and HE shells have been removed.
    • M-DN51 HEF-T shell has been added.
    • HEF-T shell with radio fuse has been added.
    • Game currency and RP for researched removed modification have been returned to the account.
  • 40mm Bofors Flak 28 canon - British HE shell has been changed to the German 40mm HEF-Т Sprgr. Patr.
  • 283mm Spgr L/4,4 Bdz PB - Armour piercing has been corrected.
  • 152mm HE-VT shell on HMS Belfast — The operation of the radio fuse that previously triggered at the wrong distance has been corrected.
  • IJN Tone — Traverse angles of the low calibre units have been corrected.
  • Leipzig — Accuracy of the 37mm artillery has been corrected.
  • HMS York (90), Nürnberg — The issue with the incorrect rotation of the 20mm guns on the main calibre turret has been resolved.
  • Type 4 Model 4 — Display of the depth bombs has been corrected.

Naval modifications and crew skills:

  • Type 1924 Jaguar - The modification of the targeting speed of the auxiliary artillery has been fixed from anti-aircraft to the auxiliary one.

Naval characteristics, physics and damage model:

  • Hull break - Naval vessel hull break parameters have been revised. It can now be done by shells with sufficient blast force. For small boats it is therefore dangerous to be hit from 100mm calibre and higher HE shells. Hull break parameters are directly dependent on the size of the boat, so the larger the hull, the greater shell will be required to break it. It should also be noticed that some weak 100mm HE shells may not be able to cope with this.
  • USS Helena (CL-50) - Number of crew has been increased from 868 to 1188.
  • Shrapnel - The damage model of damage made by shrapnel has been fixed. Shrapnel distribution diagrams for all ship shells have been reworked. Calculation of armour penetration. Damage and radius of shrapnel hits has been recalculated for more realism. The total number of fragments that one shell can produce has been fixed.
  • HE shells - A bug where the HE shell could blow up the magazine of almost any undamaged ship has been fixed. The impact of an HE shell to the ship has been reworked to be more realistic. HE shells have received a greater ignition property and the shrapnel damage has been corrected.
  • Ship construction - Due to everything described above changes were made to the characteristics of the ship’s construction. The thickness of the unarmored sides, superstructures, bulkheads and interior partitions have been corrected so that the explosion and secondary fragments can interact with them correctly - can penetrate in accordance with their energy and deal adequate damage.
  • Krasny Krym, Krasny Kavkaz - All mounts that have shields or turrets, a bug where it might receive damage from HE shells which don’t have sufficient armour penetration has been fixed.
  • IJN Mogami, IJN Suzuya, IJN Mikuma - The guidance speed of the 25mm mounts with electric motors have been changed to 18-12 degrees per second.
  • USS Atlanta - Armour of the main calibre turrets mounted on the sides has been fixed (was previously missing).
  • HMS Kent (54) and HMS London (69) - Armour for the steering has been added.
  • IJN Ayanami — Number of crew has been increased by 221.
  • USS Brooklyn (CL-40), USS Helena (CL-50) — armoured mantlets for the main calibre guns have been added. The conning tower armour thickness has been fixed. The ammunition elevator armour thickness has been fixed.
  • IJN Mogami, IJN Suzuya, IJN Mikuma — unarmoured bulkheads of the internal bulges have been added.
  • Admiral Hipper — main armour belt has become more detailed.
  • MBK pr. 186 — main calibre turret armour now corresponds to turrets on T-34-85 tanks.
  • USS Phelps (DD-360) — the damage model of the quadruple Bofors AA guns has been specified.
  • IJN Kako — armour has been reworked completely in accordance with additional new historical data.
  • USS Portland (CA-33) — ship hull material has been changed to 19mm armour, main armour belt thickness has been changed (from 83 to 76,2mm), upper side armour model has been changed.
  • IJN Furutaka — deck armour has been specified (from 35 to 34,925mm).
  • Isuzu — the scale of the damage model for the funnel has been corrected. 
  • VS-10 — the scale of the damage model of the water pumps has been corrected.
  • Type T-14 (Mod. 01) — the scale of the damage model of the water pumps has been corrected.
  • MBK-161 (1943), MBK-161 (1944), MBK pr. 186, MBK pr. 186 (MK 85), Pr.191M, Pr.191 — compartments position has been specified, bulwarks have been divided. 
  • Pr. 1204 (late) —the armour element size which did not correspond to the visuals has been corrected.
  • HMS Belfast — ammo magazine position has been specified. 
  • PGH-2, PG 02 — the hydrofoil physics have been changed. 
  • HMS Tiger — air radar has been added.

Naval Visual models and visual parts:

  • For large calibre guns, an animation for the automatic ejection of the spent casings has been implemented where it was on turrets in the historical prototype:
    • Albatros-Klasse (143), Köln F220, Chikugo, Ikazuchi, HMS Tiger, Asheville (PGM-84), USS Brooklyn (CL-40), USS Helena (CL-50), USS Atlanta (CL-51), USS Pensacola (CA-24), USS Portland (CA-33), USS Phelps (DD-360), Porter (DD-356), Bennion (DD-662), Cowell (DD-547), Fletcher (DD-445), Somers (DD-381), Sumner (DD-692), Chapayev, Sverdlov, Pr. 41 Neustrashimy, Pr. 56 Spokoinyy, Pr. 35, Pr. 159.
  • Ikazuchi - Ship texture has been improved.
  • Köln F220 - Ship texture has been improved.
  • HMS Kent (54) -  The display of the ammunition magazines when pointing with a mouse cursor has been fixed.The display of the torpedo textures has been fixed.
  • HMS London (69) - Bugs where the 102mm cannon and crew parts could rotate separately have been fixed. The Display of the torpedoes on the torpedo launchers has been fixed.
  • MPK Pr.122bis, MPK-163, MPK pr. 122A - Bugs where the cannon and crew parts could rotate separately have been fixed. 
  • SGB (S309) - X-Ray view model has been fixed.
  • Ya-5M and G-5 TKA 106 - The display of the materials on the rocket launcher has been fixed.
  • Prinz Eugen, 165 ft PC-451, Type 1939 (T31)  - Issues in the flag animation have been fixed.
  • HMS London (69) — A bug with the level of detail where the objects were displayed suspended in the nearer part of the ship has been fixed.
  • Albatros-Klasse (143) — Radar rotation axis has been fixed. 
  • МО-4 — Wrong position of the commander’s arms have been corrected. The axis of the vertical aiming of the 12.7mm DShK machine gun in the X-ray has been corrected.
  • Elco 80 ft PT-556 — Incorrect position of the gunner’s feet on boat bow during traverse has been fixed.
  • Class Isles (T-285) — The pipe LOD (level of detail) error has been fixed.
  • Pr. 41 Neustrashimy — The discrepancy between the visual model of the torpedoes and x-ray view on the second torpedo launcher has been corrected.
  • Köln F220 — X-Ray model of the depth bombs has been selected according to the visual model.
  • Albatros-Klasse (143) — The animation of the barrel recoil when shooting has been improved.

Economy and research

  • T-55AM-1 - BR in all game modes has been changed from 8.7 to 8.3
  • KPz-70 - BR in all game modes has been changed from 9.0 to 9.3
  • XM-803 - BR in all game modes has been changed from 8.7 to 9.0.
  • MBT-70 - BR in all game modes has been changed from 9.0 to 9.3
  • Re.2005 serie 0 — Battle rating in all game modes has been changed from 6.0 to 5.3.


  • “Helmet” decorations for China and Sweden with the possibility of receiving them for performing tasks and purchase for GE have been added.
  • Achievements for Italian fleet have been added.
  • Decals for Swedish aviation and ground vehicles with the possibility of receiving them for performing tasks and purchase for GE have been added.
  • Player icons for Swedish crew with the possibility of receiving them for performing tasks have been added.


  • In the hint for most air-to-air missiles the maximum speed has been fixed.
  • In the main menu in the “Help” section you can now see the changelog.
  • For Windows and Mac OS:
    • When activated, “Multifunctional menu” full control over your vehicles is now available.
    • In the “Multifunctional menu” are not available (gray) points which can not be applied to the current player’s vehicle.
  • The suspended weaponry menu has been reworked.

Game mechanics

  • New game mechanics have been added - target designation inside a squad. You can specify a point on the surface through a third person view, by using sight or binocular for your squad members. The target designation will also be duplicated on the minimap. You can do it when using aircraft or ground vehicles. To do this you need to assign the specific key in the control settings in general. The target point will be now displayed to your squad members with a small random accuracy deviation which varies depending on the distance to the point. The maximum error value is 15metres.
  • Cycle launch options for flares has been added. Number of  flares in one cycle, period of a cycle, and period between cycles can be set in options.
  • Flare launch can be enabled/disabled in MAW (missile approach warning system) mode.
  • New mechanics for locating the last enemy vehicle has been added to air RB mode. It will activate after 15 minutes from when the mission begins and only a single (last) player is left. It marks a sector on the map corresponding to the position of the last player for the opposing team. This indicator will be updated every 20 seconds.
  • Invulnerability at the respawn point will be disabled when you use artillery strike.
  • In ground battles in RB game mode the parameters of active scouting have been changed:
    • Delay between successful uses: 10 → 6 seconds.
    • Delay between failed uses: 60 → 45 seconds.
    • Duration of the marker for the spotted enemy: 30 → 45 seconds.
  • The basic costs for respawn (in respawn scores) for ground RB has been changed for following vehicles:
    • OTOMATIC: 220 → 150
    • ADATS: 220 → 130
    • WZ305: 110 → 150
    • M24 Chaffee (all modifications and nations): 90 → 110
    • PT-76B: 90 → 110
    • BMP-3: 150 → 110
    • Object 685: 150 → 110
    • Type 89: 150 → 110
    • PT-76 (China): 150 → 110
    • Type 63-I: 150 → 110
    • Type 62: 150 → 110
    • ZBD86: 150 → 110
    • AMX-13 (FL11): 150 → 110
    • Ikv 91: 150 → 110
    • Strf 90C: 150 → 110
    • CV90120: 150 → 110
    • Strv 74: 150 → 110
    • CV90105 TML: 150 → 110
    • Strv m/31: 150 → 80
    • Strv m/38: 150 → 80
    • Ho.229 V3: 750 → 600

Changes specific to the PlayStation®4 platform.

  • Initial support for touchpad gestures has been added. “Tap”, “Flick Left/Right/Up/Down” gestures can be assigned to various in-game actions like any other button.
  • Touchpad tap no longer conflicts with LMB click making it an independent action bindable in controls settings. (Double Tap should be used to activate objects in GUI.)
  • “Pinch to Zoom” can now be used to zoom the view in the hangar.
  • Toggle “Use touchpad for aiming” has been added to Common Controls for those who prefer legacy touchpad behaviour (it disables Flick gestures).
  • New option “Cross-platform gameplay” has been added that, when disabled, will limit matchmaking to PlayStation®4 players only.
  • New option “Only PlayStation®4 players in leaderboards" has been added. 
  • The option to disable cross-platform communication has been added. Users who have chosen this option will only see text messages from other PlayStation 4 users. In-game voice chat will disabled - these players can use the PlayStation 4 “Party” functionality. 
  • PlayStation 4 players who linked an email to their account and entered the PC version of the game can no longer spend Golden Eagles in the PC version of the game. The Premium account included in the PlayStation Store packs will also not be transferred to the PC version. However premium accounts purchased in the game and also purchases for Golden Eagles made in the PlayStation 4 version will be transferred to the PC version as before.

Changes specific to the Xbox One platform.

  • PlayStation®4 and Xbox One players can now meet each other in battles.
  • Simulator Battles and World War game mode (during the current season) are now available for Xbox One players.


  • The mechanism of the indication on the HUD (head-up display) of modern battle helicopters has been improved. Now the indication will be displayed according to the physical principles of such devices.


  • New sound events for all machine guns for ground vehicles and naval vessels have been created. The principle of sound formation in burst fire has been changed. Now it is a sequence of single shots and in the past it was a pre-render of the whole burst.
  • Changes in the direction of greater sound integrity and increasing dynamics have been made to the sound events of ground vehicle engines.
  • Authentic sound for the engines and tracks of the T-34 tank modifications have been added.
  • Authentic sound for the engines and tracks of the T-72 tank modifications have been added.
  • The shock wave from supersonic aircraft flying over sounds now more obvious. Previously it wasn’t sufficiently distinguished among other engine sound events.
  • New sound event for the suspension of wheeled vehicles has been added.
  • The dynamic sound system for wheel/track friction on a surface depending on its type (dirt, sand, snow, etc) has been added for ground vehicles.
  • The following aircraft cannons have received new sound design: M61, M61A1 and JM61A1.


  • Slider “Cursor control speed” has been removed from “Options -> Gamepad options” - it has had no effect for some time already but was still visible in the UI.
  • “Mouse smoothing” toggle has been moved from Aircraft controls to Common controls since it affects all vehicles.
  • A bug that caused the “Mouse Aim” control mode to be forcibly selected when loading a previously saved control preset has been fixed.

The War Thunder Team