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New location “Campania”: re-visited “Italy”

We have thoroughly remade the location “Italy” and would like to show you the updated map “Campania” for mixed battles.

Hello everyone! Not so long ago, we introduced a “black list” option for locations and missions, in which each player can add maps that are the least enjoyable to them for play. One of the front runners in dislikes was the location "Italy" for mixed battles. We analyzed those aspects that the players did not like in this location, and worked heavily on the issues. Today we would like to introduce you to the updated location that we called “Calabria”, and the changes that will happen there with the release of the next major update of War Thunder.

City planning

The small houses of old “Italy”, connected by countless fences and small gardens, formed a complex labyrinth in which it was sometimes difficult to understand where the enemy was shooting at you from, even if it was sitting a dozen metres away. We have ruthlessly bombed the old town! Now the layout is clear and understandable, split into quarters. There are no more labyrinths, at the same time, through-shooting corridors from the suburbs have also disappeared. Amongst the smoking ruins, it has become easier to navigate, and camping will now be more difficult.


Fences, fences ...

Fences and barriers are beautiful indeed. But in a tank battle it’s quite difficult to get through the fence jungle, especially when you need to quickly capture strategic points. In addition, the HEAT shells that are popular with players are often primed by interfering fences and obstacles, and do not reach their final target. Get off the fences! We removed most of the fences from the location, those that have remained usually did not interfere with driving and shooting.


How’s that?!..

Alas, the through shooting of the town from fields close to the respawn of both teams was a real plague for “Italy”. Moreover, you might have been shot throughout the entire map, directly from the enemy respawn base. The campers’ paradise is over. The landscape of the “Campania” has been corrected to exclude through shooting in the town, and reduce the possibility of camping from the surrounding fields. We have also protected the respawn points of both teams from distant hits.

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