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Update 1.59 "Flaming Arrows" released!
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War Thunder proudly presents

Update 1.59 "Flaming Arrows"

Dear Players!

The wait is finally over, Update 1.59 'Flaming Arrows' is released! More than twenty new vehicles including the first ATGM-equipped tanks, new locations and missions and plenty of improvements are just waiting for you to try out. Below, we've prepared a short selection of items that are available now, but be sure to try out all of the new additions yourself in game!

Find the full changelog here!

Ground Vehicles

The Heroes of 'Flaming Arrows' are the brand-new ground vehicles equipped with ATGMs:

IТ-1  USSR RJpz-2   Germany M551 "Sheridan"   USA Strv 81  Great Britain

Besides those, even more ground vehicles for all tank nations of War Thunder have arrived! The USA receive a new tank in three categories, namely the experimental T29 Heavy Tank, the medium M48A1 Patton and the light amphibious LVT(A)-1 as a reserve. The Soviet Union boasts two new turretless SPGs with the ASU-57 and ASU-85 and receives a powerful modification of the KV-2 with the 105mm ZiS-6 cannon.

German tankers will be more than pleased with their latest modification to the open-topped SPG line, the Sturer Emil, as well as the early Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. B as an new reserve. Furthermore, they have seized valuable war assets in the KV-2 754(r) as well as the T-34 747(r). And last but not least, the British ground forces tree finally also gets a vehicle with unguided rockets, the Cromwell Mk. V RP3!


Update 1.59 sees the first Turboprop machine as well as Community-created aircraft added to the game!

Wyvern S.4  Great Britain He-219-A7  Germany N1K1-Jа  Japan

And of course, there's plenty of new machines for our Pilots as well! Here, Japan receives two new fighter aircraft with the N1K1-Ja and Ki-61-II, while the Soviet Air Force enjoys two new top vehicles in its tree, the Yak-30D jet fighter and heavy Tu-4 bomber, an ingenieus copy of the American B-29. Speaking of which, besides an updated model for the B-29, a much younger brother arrives - the beloved and long sought after B-18 Bolo!

The Royal Air Force now has access to the very first turboprop aircraft in War Thunder, the extraordinary Wyvern S.4 and also receives a new bomber that is sure to be warmely welcomed by British aviators, the Halifax Mk. IIIa. On the other side of the channel, German pilots will also enjoy a truly new addition to the game, with the first Community-created aircraft being introduced - the He 219 night fighter. At the same time, an early marvel of German engineering is now available with the Hs 123 biplane and jet pilots can look forward to the rare modification of the Volksjäger, the He 162-A1!

Locations & Missions

Join the fight for the Caucasus and prepare yourself for a renewed Battle of Britain on 128x128 kilometers!

Combined Arms Location:
Port of Novorossiysk
Aircraft Mission:
[Operation] Boulogne-sur-Mer

Aircraft Location:
British Coast, France &
the English Channel

The war has reached the Caucasus region in the south of the Soviet Union and challenges Pilots and Tankers to fight for the Port of Novorossiysk, a new combined arms location in War Thunder. For our Pilots, we have greatly expanded the size of the Battle of Britain map to a staggering 128 x 128 kilometers, which now includes a large portion of the Western coast of France and the English Channel - all new missions and operations included!

New Hangars

Admire your impressive arsenal of vehicles in all-new hangars for both air and ground vehicles!

But that's of course not all that has changed! If you want to know more:

Check the full UPDATE 1.59 CHANGELOG for all the details!

See you on the battlefield, in Update 1.59 'Flaming Arrows'!

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