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The LVT(A)-1 (short for Landing Vehicle, Tracked (Armored) Mark I) is a light amphibious tank based on a troop carrier specifically designed for US Marine missions. The turret from the M5A1 tank was installed on the chassis of an amphibious armoured personnel carrier along with two aft machine guns on simple ring mounts. The driving and troop compartments received an extra armoured roof. The vehicle went into production in California in 1943 and was deployed in 1944. A total of 510 vehicles of this series were produced.

In War Thunder the LVT(A)-1 Light Tank will be a reserve vehicle in the US armoured vehicle branch and will be available to all players in the normal vehicle tree. The LVT(A)-1 is the game’s second amphibious tank after the Soviet PT-76.

In combat the LVT(A)-1 performs as a classic rank one light tank. The tank’s weak armour is incapable of protecting it from cannon fire but, on the other hand, its M6 37mm Gun is capable of piercing almost any opponent that the LVT(A)-1 may encounter in a random battle. Its large crew of 6 provides the tank with excellent survivability, and the ability to swim opens up many opportunities for the most unusual action in locations featuring open water.

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Come see the LVT(A)-1 in combat in War Thunder 1.59: Flaming Arrows. See you on the battlefield soon!

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